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Spastic paraplegia patients Digest serious, no matter how hard is sometimes difficult to prevent contracture. The most serious person can form a flexion paraplegia, often occur in hip flexion contracture, hip adduction, flexion contracture of the knee to knee, drooping, hip extension contracture etc.. (2) the contracture secondary barriers: on spinal cord injury patients, requirements to maximize its residual strength function. If the joint contracture, the residual motor function disorder, even on ADL that are not completed. For example: 6 patients with cervical spinal cord injury, 60% can complete the movement between bed and wheelchair, 80% can change the coat, but if the elbow and forearm contracture occurs, will be unable to complete the operation. 3 joint contracture prevention should be carried out in early rehabilitation after spinal cord injury. First of all to often change positions, at the same time in order to keep the limb function to the early use of the splint, slightly over a period of time to carry out joint activities passive, and at the same time extension method of limb. (1) the early passive joint activities: to passive joint activities within the scope of all the joints, must put all the joint activities over every day, every joint repetitive activities 5 times. Exercise try not too fast, so as not to cause stretch reflex, be patient and gentle manner. The residual strength of parts to the patients themselves exercise, physical therapists can guide its movement. Pay attention to the preservation of important joint range of activities, such as the shoulder joint flexion and extension, pronation and abduction; elbow flexion, extension; wrist palmar flexion, abduction and flexion and dorsiflexion; thumb finger; the hip flexor, extensor; knee joint flexion, extension and flexion and ankle and toe joints to stretch etc.. (2) maintain splint use and limb functional position: after spinal cord injury, early attention should be paid to the joint in the functional position. This is because when the joints in the middle range of activities, can cause muscle atrophy and joint capsule contracture and adhesion to overcome to a minimum. Rehabilitation common splint is to keep the limb function as the goal, and should not use in the event of a joint contracture after. Application of splint joint daily routine ROM practice. The splint is commonly used to prevent foot drop foot care and prevention of hand wrist deformity forearm. Treatment of 4 joint contracture (1) correction method (Shen Zhanfa): this method is to improve has been limited range of motion and implementation, including the correction by the therapist manual, using the appliance Machine rectification, the limb body weight, body position He Qiang movement activity correction, collectively referred to as the extension method. The application of this method should pay attention to prevent the occurrence of fracture after correction, need to continue after the application of preventive method to achieve the desired effect. (2): invalid conservative treatment and surgical treatment of apparent contracture and life can not take care of themselves, the surgical treatment. For example: tenotomy, lengthening of tendon, joint capsule release, but be careful not to aggravate the damage to remaining a little strength to lose....... Digest 1 five, speech therapistsUlation therapist) in rehabilitation group or according to the physician referral requirements, with manipulation and massage therapy after examination, in order to promote the movement and sensory function recovery, alleviate pain, adjust the internal organs function, and prevent secondary disability. Eleven, sports therapist therapist (recreation therapist) style through the organization of patients (especially the elderly, children with disabilities) in proper sports activities, promote the physical and mental rehabilitation and social reintegration.......
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The first chapter first chapter general introduction of China's modern rehabilitation medicine development in chapter second, the twenty-first Century international rehabilitation in the third chapter, the fourth chapter of rehabilitation medicine rehabilitation medicine theoretical basis. The fifth chapter the rehabilitation institution construction and management of the sixth chapter of international function, disability and health classification chapter seventh disabled Hu diseases and prevention of the eighth chapter community second chapter ninth rehabilitation rehabilitation rehabilitation medical records tenth chapter function defect children with neurodevelopmental assessment chapter eleventh elderly patients with functional rehabilitation assessment twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter strength determination of joint function were measured in Fourteenth chapter balance ability were measured in fifteenth chapter gait analysis chapter sixteenth adult speech communication capacity assessment of neuropsychological assessment of seventeenth chapter eighteenth chapter electrical diagnosis in use of rehabilitation medicine in Chapter nineteenth, chapter twentieth functional independence measurement of quality of life in use of rehabilitation medicine twenty-first chapter rehabilitation medical quality assurance and rehabilitation outcome assessment third rehabilitation technology and auxiliary equipment used in Chapter twenty-second rehabilitation services integrated management of the twenty-third chapter China traditional rehabilitation therapy in the twenty-fourth chapter of exercise therapy the twenty-fifth chapter massage for twenty-sixth chapter joint mobilization techniques in Chapter twenty-seventh, electrical, optical, acoustic The twenty-eighth chapter work or hydrotherapy treatment and independent living ability to promote the twenty-ninth chapter to improve the technology and methods of language communication ability in Chapter thirtieth neuropsychological disorder rehabilitation...... Treatment of fifth rehabilitation index of common injury and disease @##@ special issue fourth articles in medical rehabilitation "China rehabilitation medicine" (Second Edition) is a comprehensive, system, content rich and profound professional reference books, is a book to a certain extent, on behalf of rehabilitation medicine in China, higher level of large monograph, the book has 5 sections and 89 chapters, a total of 200 words, consists of about 100 in their respective fields have rich knowledge and experience, Professor of experts to write. The first book systematically introduces modern rehabilitation theory and principles of organization and management, rehabilitation, prevention of disability and rehabilitation; second chapter introduces various methods of modern rehabilitation assessment; third systematic introduction and use of various methods of modern rehabilitation treatment and training; fourth chapter introduces clinical rehabilitation treatment of some special problems in common. Fifth introduction; rehabilitation of common injury and disease, including in the field of neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary and metabolic, spiritual, intellectual and sensory system consists of 36 types of disease, injury and disability rehabilitation. This book follows the combination of theory and practice, advanced and practical combination, a combination of Chinese and Western medicine principles into writing, not only pay attention to the introduction of rehabilitation medicine theory and technology and foreign advanced, also pay attention to summarize the method and experience to create community medical rehabilitation in China. Practical reference book of this book can be used as a guide for clinical rehabilitation, can be used as the training rehabilitation professionals with an advanced textbook. This book for the majority of the physiatrist, therapist, management personnel, medical rehabilitation agencies related to clinical physicians, community general practitioners, and other professionals and students of rehabilitation medical rehabilitation professional reading reference.
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Order a rehabilitation medicine as a new discipline, the rise in China and the development of nearly 20 years of history. China conforms to the trend of modern medicine development, in the implementation of science policy and health reform, and actively promote the development of rehabilitation medicine, has laid a good foundation; in the discipline development, rehabilitation medical institutions, rehabilitation training, medical rehabilitation service, rehabilitation techniques on the other hand, there are remarkable achievements. Rehabilitation medicine is medicine, preventive medicine, clinical medicine, in order to protect people's health and improve people's quality of life, play a huge role. In the new century, rehabilitation medicine is facing new opportunities and challenges. In the "people's Republic of China National Economic and social development in the Tenth Five Year Plan", clearly put forward the "reform and improve the security and health services, medical and health supervision system, the development of the basic medical, prevention and health care, medical rehabilitation". This shows that state solemnly of rehabilitation medical and preventive health care, basic medical compound, into the overall national development plan, to promote the development of rehabilitation medicine put forward a clear policy orientation. Like other health, medical rehabilitation development mode must be of high quality, cost-effective development, therefore, must rely on progress of science and technology, improve the healing quality of medical staff, improve the technical level of rehabilitation in the rehabilitation, so as to improve the work quality and efficiency, promote the physical and mental function of the patients and the disabled rehabilitation. "China rehabilitation medicine" (Second Edition) published, is to adapt to the current needs of the development of rehabilitation medicine. The book based on the first edition, made a number of changes and additions, reflects the international on the subject of new developments and concepts, summarizes the achievements and experiences of China in recent years, medical rehabilitation in practice and Research on the progress; compared with the first edition, new edition of the book expands the content range, increase the depth of content, the lineup has expanded to the mainland than the first edition, experts and professors, and hired a group of experts in Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and lived in USA Chinese scholars wrote for the book. All rivers flow to the sea, tolerance is a virtue, the authors of the present director, All flowers bloom together., created a rehabilitation medical monographs this large-scale comprehensive, for the majority of medical personnel training reference. I look forward to the publication of the book is to promote the development of rehabilitation medicine in China in the new century will play its due active role. Zhang Wenkang Gui Wei Spring Moon
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