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Illustration: the basic concept of rehabilitation medicine, second section a (a) of rehabilitation medicine rehabilitation (rehabilitation) is intended to restore to the original state. WHO Expert Committee on 1981 on the rehabilitation of the definition is: "rehabilitation refers to the application of a variety of useful measures, in order to reduce the effect caused by disability factors or conditions, and make the disabled will return to the society. Rehabilitation is not the purpose but training disabled so that they can adapt to the surrounding environment, but alsoTake measures to put their environment appropriate transformation, so as to help them return to society." Various methods of modern rehabilitation refers to a comprehensive, coordinated application of medicine, education, society, occupation, make the disease, injury, disability (including congenital disability) has lost the function as soon as possible, can the maximum extent possible to recover and rebuild, make their ability in the physical, mental, social and economic recovery as much as possible, make them back to life, back to work, back to society. Rehabilitation not only for disease and focus on the comprehensive rehabilitation of the people, from the physical, psychological, social and economic ability, it includes medical rehabilitation (by medical means to promote rehabilitation), education and rehabilitation (through special education and training to promote rehabilitation), occupation rehabilitation (recovery of employment ability to obtain employment opportunities) and social rehabilitation (take related measures in social life, social hierarchy to the disabled can return to society), the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities, the ability to recover their independent living, study and work, make the disabled can in the family and society to live a meaningful life. (two) rehabilitation medicine rehabilitation medicine refers to the rehabilitation for the purpose of service, and to solve the disease, injury, disability and rehabilitation of medical science and technology. That is to say, it refers to all kinds of dysfunction caused by disease or injury of various congenital or acquired, adopt a variety of measures, targeted therapy, in order to restore or improve its function, improve the quality of life, to return to the society for medical purposes. Rehabilitation medicine is the disease, injury, disability and rehabilitation in physical function, mental and occupation on the subject, the goal is to eliminate or reduce disease, injury caused by functional damage, help disease, wounded in the range of physical conditions permit, according to the actual need, the greatest degree to restore its life and work ability. It is a science and psychology, sociology, engineering and the infiltration into the edge science and interdisciplinary science. In foreign countries, rehabilitation medicine and referred to as the "rehabilitation" or "physical medicine and rehabilitation" (Physical medicine and rehabilitation, PM&R).
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Sports rehabilitation @##@ third day after cardiac surgery operation Sports is to enhance the people's physique, promote the health of the people as the theme. With the development of economy and society, the progress of civilization, it is people-oriented function has been further strengthened. Sports rehabilitation as a branch of sports science, is a financial sports medicine and rehabilitation in one of the professional disciplines, refers to the use of various means of disease, injury, sports make the disabled has lost the function as soon as possible, as far as possible to recover. It is based on the sports activities as the core means to play a role in the treatment of medical treatment and processing, follow the pattern of disease, solve various causes physical and mental dysfunction, in order to reduce the pain of patients, promote functional recovery and return to society to.
to trace the history, application of long-standing sports rehabilitation, Mawangdui from the unearthed cultural relics of the Han Dynasty is recorded in detail the process of Wuqinxi healthy and treatment; Tai Chi is also people delight of traditional sports. So far, the research and application of the Taijiquan is enduring. In the west, the horse riding, mountain climbing, the game less physical discomfort, increase physical strength, promote interpersonal communication records are a thousand years of history. However, the measures for all kinds of sports and reasonable, lawful into the medical system, and as an important part of rehabilitation medicine and the treatment of diseases is only more than half a century. After 50 years of development, sports rehabilitation has gradually formed a set of more systematic treatment system, from theory to practice and perfect and mature. In the treatment of ideas, sports rehabilitation from the medical diagnosis and treatment of diseases, curative effect evaluation method, set up their own independent of a history, physical examination and a functional evaluation of a physical rehabilitation and evaluation and curative effect observation of a corrected treatment mode. Professional function evaluation methods and specific physical rehabilitation treatment methods are also gradually standardized and unified, greatly promoted the exchange and its application.
modern rehabilitation medicine in China only about twenty years, but it is very rapid speed of development, to meet the increasing demand of social rehabilitation. Promoted by governments at all levels, medical rehabilitation agencies around the country, and the comprehensive hospital rehabilitation department has begun to take shape. But because the rehabilitation education lags behind the rehabilitation medical practice, not present rehabilitation therapists lack of China to ease. Therefore, in the good sports knowledge and skill based sport colleges and universities "sports rehabilitation" elective course is very necessary and feasible. This is not only the basic theory and method for college students to understand and master the physical rehabilitation, and the "national fitness program outline" further promotion and implementation.
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