Patients with osteoporosis in community and home rehabilitation training manual

Date of publication:2012-9   Press: Huazhong University of Science and Technology press   Author:Edited by Liu Qi   Pages:99   Words:53000  

"Patients with osteoporosis in community and home rehabilitation training manual" by Liu Qi, edited by Ma Yan, is one of the community and home rehabilitation guide series.
the book includes the basic knowledge, osteoporosis, clinical diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention etc, using a large number of life terms, illustrated, easy to understand.
"patients with osteoporosis in community and home rehabilitation training manual" for osteoporosis patients and families, community rehabilitation instructors, rehabilitation therapists and clinicians use.
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Basic knowledge of
A, bone (a) the basic structure of bones is what?
(two) according to the morphology of bone can be divided into different types?
(three) what is the main function of the skeletal?
(four) of bone tissue is how to form?
(five) what is the main component of bone tissue?
(six) which hormones can affect the growth and development of bones? Basic knowledge of

two, osteoporosis (seven) what is osteoporosis?
(eight) causes osteoporosis and good people?
(nine) osteoporosis is how to type?
(ten) skeletal structure what changes will happen osteoporosis?
(eleven) what is the connection and difference between osteoporosis and bone hyperplasia?
three, osteoporosis clinical manifestations and diagnostic program
(twelve) what are the clinical manifestations of the patients with osteoporosis?
(thirteen) what are the characteristics of patients with osteoporosis pain?
(fourteen) what is osteoporosis diagnosis procedure?
(fifteen) normal serum calcium is not osteoporosis?
(sixteen) what is the measurement of bone mineral density?
(seventeen) patients with osteoporosis do X-ray check what is the meaning?
(eighteen) patients with osteoporosis are prone to fracture site?
four, the treatment of osteoporosis.
(nineteen) rehabilitation doctor how making rehabilitation treatment planning reasonable?
(twenty) what needs to be done to prepare activities of osteoporosis patients before?
(twenty-one) in patients with osteoporosis should be how to exercise?
(twenty-two) how to osteoporosis patients with upper extremity exercise, can effectively prevent the fall?
(twenty-three) patients with osteoporosis in lower extremity how to practice?
(twenty-four) patients with osteoporosis is not suitable for sports?
(twenty-five) patients of osteoporosis may take physical therapy?
(twenty-six) patients with osteoporosis "massage"?
(twenty-seven) patients with osteoporosis and how to take calcium?
(twenty-eight) what is the estrogen replacement therapy?
five, daily life and osteoporosis.
(twenty-nine) daily life in osteoporosis patients should pay attention to what?
(thirty) how to patients with osteoporosis were nursing home?
(thirty-one) how to effectively improve the family environment, to avoid falling down in elderly patients with osteoporosis?
(thirty-two) patients with osteoporosis need to notice on food?
(thirty-three) why happy mood can improve the osteoporosis?
six, the prevention of osteoporosis.
(thirty-four) focus on prevention of osteoporosis and why?
(thirty-five) what is the most effective method to prevent osteoporosis?
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: 2 nutrient imbalance in the structure of modern nutrition physiology studies have shown that calcium is the most abundant inorganic elements of the human body, accounting for 1.5% ~ 2%, of which 99% calcium exists in the bones and teeth. The main reason for the lack of calcium intake: some people are not used to drinking milk or drinking milk lactose can not be digested, decomposition and absorption; the dietary structure is not scientific, malnutrition cause human intake of protein, fat and other nutrients. China's national diet generally insufficient calcium intake, reach a standard only 40% of the volume, low calcium diet long on bone formation and bone mineral content increased very unfavorable. In daily life, we often mentioned as a person suffering from osteoporosis, sneezes lumbar paralysis in bed fracture, so that everyone on this disease with dread, also doubt whether osteoporosis. A long-term study found some people susceptible to the disease. I hope the reader will take a positive attitude to face, self-examination, eliminate pathogeny, healthy life. 1) alcoholic drinking lead to a decrease in bone density, so that the function of osteoblast inhibition, inhibit bone growth factor, that testosterone levels drop, easily lead to osteoporosis and fractures. Expert advice: drinkers daily alcohol intake to 11 ~ 29 mL should be higher than 30 mL is excessive, harmful to health. 2) and high salt diet and high salt diet is high risk factors for osteoporosis, because sodium excretion and calcium excretion will increase, which lead to calcium loss. 3) long-term partial eclipse partial eclipse will make calcium, protein deficiency, leading to insufficient bone matrix protein synthesis. 4) lack of exercise to stay at home, watching TV a long time playing computer, sports activities too little, also easy to suffer from osteoporosis. 5) smokers smokers bone loss rate for normal 1.5 ~ 2 times. Smoking can cause reduced intestinal calcium absorption, increased urinary calcium excretion, inhibit bone formation. Smoke have anti estrogenic effect, make the female smokers premature menopause, resulting in reduction of bone resorption and bone loss and increased risk of fracture. 6) premature menopause and ovariectomized mainly estrogen decrease, the activity of osteoblasts decrease, increase the activity of osteoclasts, bone matrix formation to reduce bone loss accelerated. 7) family history research found that postmenopausal women with early and have a family of hip fracturePatients with a history of the occurrence of the risk of hip fracture increased 3.7 times than the average person. 8) the long-term use of drugs affecting bone metabolism such as often use of corticosteroids, heparin and anticonvulsant drugs patients prone to osteoporosis.
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