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The copyright page: illustration: fourth transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy to specific low frequency pulse current by the skin effect on the human body without injury analgesic effect produced by the electrical stimulation to treat therapy mainly with pain disease. (a) TENS instrument equipment 1 pocket battery power supply, a single channel and dual channel output two, current, each channel of the pulse width, frequency adjustable. This instrument can carry and use. 2 large TENS instrument, 4 - more than 8 channel output, for use in hospital. The 3 electrode for carbon - silicon materials, can be made into different shapes and sizes, in order to avoid skin stimulation, electrode area of not less than 4cm2, and the application of polymer self-adhesive electrodes, disposable electrode. (two) 1 treatment method method of electrode contact agent or the use of low-frequency impulse electrotherapy common electrode through, can the juxtaposition, opposed, cross placed on the pain point, moving point, trigger point, acupuncture, nerve, and to focus the paravertebral. 2 doses (1) general TENS high frequency, low intensity, 70 ~ 100Hz, pulse width is less than 0.2 milliseconds, power to produce a comfortable sense of tremor is preferred, but not cause muscle contraction. (2) the acupuncture type TENS low frequency, high intensity, 1 ~ 4Hz, width 0.2 ~ 0.3 ms, the strength of the current in the patients tolerated and cause the corresponding muscle contraction is appropriate. (3) stimulate the type of strong TENS frequency and intensity are higher, commonly used frequency is more than 100Hz, pulse width 0.15 ~ 0.25 MS, current intensity of patients tolerance limit. (4) the frequency and intensity of intermittent type TENS is higher, the frequency of 70 ~ 100Hz square wave with frequency of 1 to 4Hz square wave modulation. (5) modulation type TENS therapeutic instrument with intermittent type similar, but also by the low-frequency square wave modulation, the modulated wave is wide ranging in size. The 3 time, treatment time for the general 15 ~ 30 ~ 60 minutes. (three) procedures 1 patients take comfortable position, before treatment, explain to the patient treatment emergent Ma fibrillation, thrill or muscle pumping action and so on should feel. 2 compliance will be fixed on the corresponding position of electrode.
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second DC medicaments ion introduction therapy.
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fourth chapter
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fifth diathermy
sixth high frequency electrotherapy safety and protection of
A, high frequency electrotherapy equipment safety technical measures of
three, technical requirements of high frequency radiation protection of
fifth chapter electrostatic therapy.
sixth chapter light therapy
the first infrared therapy.
second visible phototherapy
third ultraviolet therapy.
Fourth photosensitive therapy.
A, skin UV photosensitive therapy
three blood photodynamic therapy PDT, lymphocyte
five bone marrow photodynamic therapy, photodynamic therapy, Tumor Photodynamic Therapy of mucosal
fifth infrared light therapy
sixth laser therapy.
A, He Ne laser irradiation therapy.
...... Physical therapy and rehabilitation @##@
Second Medical Rehabilitation
third common symptoms and diseases "Peking Union Medical College Hospital medical routine treatment: Department of physical medicine and rehabilitation routine treatment (Second Edition)" in our hospital clinical departments of the system as the foundation, expand the range of subjects. All the writing staff to "Three Basics" (basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills) and "three strict" (a serious attitude and strict method, strict requirements) style into the work, in order to make the "conventional" content reflects clinical technology and the level of contemporary concorde.
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