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Date of publication:2003-10   Press: Shanghai science and Technology Press   Author:Wang Fangrun   Pages:39   Words:30000  

Color is one of the human visual features, color is normal or not, directly affect learning, work and life of people. Colour vision is to understand the health status and clinical work important content. With the development of medical science, people more understanding of color vision has been designed and developed, and some new detection methods. But through long-term practice shows that, from the practical point of view, color test chart in a certain range, can rapid qualitative color vision, especially suitable for large-scale physical examination, so at home and abroad, is still in common use. This can be used in the prevention and treatment of eye disease. Selection of health workers and patients and other reference.
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Wang Fangrun was born in October 1961 in male in 1936 and graduated from Shanghai First Medical College of the Shanghai Medical University Department of Ophthalmology director Jinshan Affiliated Hospital, professor.
academic expertise: clinical vision and refraction, has made a number of results, published more than 60 papers, published "myopia", "color vision inspection map" and other monographs. And to participate in the "book", "Chinese Department of ophthalmology medical encyclopedia", "fight @##@ Department of Ophthalmology "Color vision inspection map" for eye disease prevention. Selection of health workers and patients and other reference.
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Use reference used in human macular function check check color color plots
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