• On clinical misdiagnosis and mistreatment of Dr.

    The book is composed of twenty clinical medical doctor misdiagnosed for various diseases in the clinical work of mistreatment were reviewed and summarized and the note on written records, and academic and literary enlightenment in one, is multi-faceted, practicability and maneuverability, for large numbers of medical workers and the medical graduate students,

  • Magnetic resonance imaging

    "Introduction of magnetic resonance hydrography" content: magnetic resonance imaging is the imaging diagnostic methods of emerging. "Magnetic resonance imaging", "modern Chinese Medical Association clinical imaging radiology" editorial committee jointly organized and scientific publications, books, by Zhang Xuezhe Lu Yan, Professor of the Department of radiology of China-Japan Friendship Hospital of the lord,

  • Evidence based medicine

    This book tries to inside limited space, as far as possible to reflect the China evidence-based medicine and the panorama of the development. Clinical epidemiology for evidence-based medicine occurrence, development provides a methodology and talent support. Evidence based medicine is still in its early stages of development, there is no ready-made answer, there are,

  • Practical Handbook of general practitioners

    The medicine was introduced into China in 1988, has caused the Chinese government, the medical community and the broad masses of the people's attention. The basic strategy of family medicine content and our national health care very well. This book is written to meet the requirements of this situation, which is based on the clinical features, and strive to be concise and to the point, focus,

  • Clinical medicine outline of

    "Essentials of clinical medicine (Ⅰ for vocational nursing and midwifery test pharmaceutical health care rehabilitation oral process imaging technology and other related medical professional" according to research group of Ministry of education on the new mode of guidance scheme "training project" nursing occupation education training technical talents and national health occupation education requirements to write, content,

  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation treatment

    The book includes: function evaluation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, rehabilitation aids, cognition and perception disorder rehabilitation, common symptoms of physical therapy and rehabilitation etc.. ,

  • In terms of the diagnostic tests English Seventh Edition

    This book is about the clinical examination methods, technical manuals of a classic. The whole book to system, organ for the skeleton, which is composed of three parts of 12 chapters. The first chapter introduces the clinical diagnostic method and train of thought; the second chapter introduces the symptom and body and neck, chest reproductive organs etc.. ,

  • GPS Handbook

    The book consists of twenty-one chapters, respectively on the GPS duties, role, General Administration of medical institutions, health records of residents, family sickbed, community health plan, epidemiology, community prevention, child health, adolescent health care, elderly care, women's health, community rehabilitation and community common Department of internal medicine, external,

  • The modern medical diagnosis and treatment

    "The modern medical diagnosis and treatment" is the ordinary Department of internal medicine manuscript Yearbook thirty-ninth volumes, its readers are practicing physicians working in a hospital or mobile medical institutions. "The modern medical diagnosis and treatment" covers all the range of Department of internal medicine, and taking into account the needs of nursing staff in primary care and specialist, added some,

  • Practical diagnostics

    This book systematically describes the basic theory and basic methods for the diagnosis of disease, its content covers not only the experience of previous diagnosis of diseases, but also includes the application of contemporary medicine laboratory tests new and other auxiliary examination. The book consists of 9 chapters (Chapter 51), respectively is the inquiry, symptomatic diagnosis, physical diagnosis,

  • Clinical infusion

    This book introduces a comprehensive system of water, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders and clinical infusion of other important problems, collate and summarize the relevant information at home and abroad. This book focuses on the clinical utility. Each chapter in the book are closely combined with the clinical, clear, easy to remember, and a systematic theoretical knowledge and update the basic,

  • The new theory of disease prevention

    This book summarizes the results of previous studies, from the new perspective, the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine theory, analyzed by modern scientific knowledge, discusses the scientific basis, research methods of disease prevention, and through clinical practice without disease, reveal the various forms of disease not to use and sub healthy relationships in plain, simple,

  • The utility of biomedical technology of electron microscopy

    Electron microscope technology has become a research tool and method in the field of scientific research indispensable, plays an important role in scientific research. Research in the field of life science, one of the electron microscope technology is the most important, the most commonly used technique. This book describes the principle of refining the electron microscope, and in twentieth Century 80,

  • General practitioner Handbook

    This is a comprehensive reference book, is the military version of the best-selling book. The book consists of 11 sections and 81 chapters, introduces the basic knowledge of common diagnosis, emergency treatment technology, suggesting the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, all kinds of instrument examination, treatment technology and medical theory and community health services,

  • Rapid diagnostic utility of ECG monitoring

    The book details the method of clinical ECG monitoring of fast, accurate direct reading of dynamic electrocardiogram. According to the characteristics of clinical ECG monitoring, the common arrhythmia in the dangerous degree classification arrangement. On this basis, methods using ECG, clinical and electrophysiological combination, on 474 different amplitude,

  • The practitioner medical handbook

    The practitioner medical handbook, edited by Liu Wenqin, Gansu science and technology press,

  • Intracranial lesion precise positioning and operation design

    The book according to the specific parts of the brain lesion and properties, introduces in detail the precise preoperative localization, individual design incision position, length, position, size of the bone window, dural incision scope, and introduces how to make full use of the brain tissue of normal anatomic space, protect the arachnoid and nerve, blood vessels, reduce the brain lead pull,

  • Exfoliative cytological diagnosis and color atlas

    Exfoliative cell examination, has very important significance in diagnosis and treatment in malignant tumor. It can provide diagnostic clues and basis is very powerful for clinical. The clinical common to serous cavity effusion due to various reasons, many because the incidence of malignant tumors misdiagnosed due to the concealment or delay, this time off fine,

  • The differential diagnosis of fever of unknown origin

    "" Introduction to differential diagnosis of fever of unknown origin: the contents of the book is divided into 10 chapters, the basic concept, not only in the differential diagnosis of fever, diagnosis, diagnostic procedures and fever symptoms were introduced in detail, and special populations of common concern on clinical subjects such as immune suppressed patients, the patients stay in foreign countries,

  • Modern intensive care diagnosis and treatment

    "Modern intensive care in diagnosis and treatment of critical illness" can meet the needs of physicians, especially those with special needs, respiratory department of Internal Medicine Department of internal medicine, surgery or anesthesia professional background of critical physician, provides a unified solution for encountered in critically ill adult medical problems in practice. The book beyond disciplinary boundaries,

  • Gene therapy

    This book systematically introduces the basic principle, the study of gene therapy and its clinical application, reflects the new progress in the current international research on gene therapy, showed the Chinese scholars in the field of gene therapy result. ,

  • Physical diagnosis

    Physical diagnosis by interrogation, physical and other physical methods (such as ECG, ultrasound), basic theory, to study the diagnosis of disease of basic skills and clinical thinking method. The book consists of four chapters: physical diagnosis; case writing; ECG diagnosis and ultrasound; heart and lung function examination. ,

  • Objective diagnostic manual.

    "The goal of the diagnostic manual" is a pocket type diagnostic manual, detailed, clear structure, clear thinking, for hundreds of the most common diseases in clinical medicine, etiology, clinical features, according to diagnosis, laboratory tests are briefly described, which helps clinicians make correct diagnosis, judgement,

  • The Merck Manual

    The Merck Manual (SEVENTEENTH EDITION) (Century Edition), (United States) Beals (Beers, M.H.) editor in chief, Xue Chunliang, people's Medical Publishing house,

  • Introduction of family medicine

    "Brief introduction of general medicine": the "introduction of general medicine for clinical medicine specialty", "at the present stage of China's Adult Education in family medicine specialized training in the use of". Basic editor at the Capital Medical University 10 years of general medical services and education, research and related literature at home and abroad,

  • GPS Handbook of psychotherapy

    "The dominant ideas manual" general medical therapy is: adapt to the characteristics of general medicine, the medicine and psychology practice; psychology and medical psychology knowledge, combined with the family medicine and community health service characteristics, clarify the problem in general medical health services in the psychology; GPS to master in community health,

  • Foundation treatment of chronic pain

    "Modern chronic pain therapy series" from the creative, planning, writing, editing and publishing, according to medical requirements (calls) and needs and pain medicine development. Chronic pain has become a kind of disease damage people's health, which has a lengthy duration of the disease, high incidence, etiology, disease, disease complex,

  • The utility of Clinical Medical Encyclopedia

    With the rapid development of medical science, clinical medicine is more and more thin. New medical knowledge, new theory, new technology and new method increases rapidly, the new diagnostic methods widely used in clinical application. Medical personnel to adapt to the development of modern medicine, not only need to master the professional knowledge and skills, but also should be familiar with,

  • Clinical diagnosis of 300 cases of strategy

    The book consists of twelve chapters, covering all systems, neural, Department of internal medicine, Department of Ophthalmology and skin, bone and joint disease, a total of more than 300 medical record writing format, unlike the traditional method, were introduced the system check strategy before each chapter, each record according to the following sequence of discussion: inspection requirements -- let the reader understand key,

  • The modern medical diagnosis and treatment English original

    Medicine is an ever.changing science.As new research and clinical experience broaden our knowledge,,

  • Handbook of clinical utility of fluid

    "Manual" clinical utility of rehydration is to introduce the clinical treatment of intravenous transfusion and infusion practical manual. The content includes the basic theory of fluid infusion, water electrolyte balance, clinical treatment of various diseases, Department of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and pediatrics, intravenous infusion, infusion method and conventional dosage. This book is suitable for primary hospital,

  • Primary care doctors' clinical comprehensive treatment of practical book

    Integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment is an important means of modern clinical treatment, a variety of treatment methods of disease control of grassroots medical workers, and in clinical use, can significantly improve the cure rate of the disease. This book mainly grass-roots medical workers to write, is a comprehensive introduction to the latest clinical therapy method,

  • A practical handbook of general practitioners

    A practical handbook China doctors of medicine science and technology press,

  • Eent Department of Stomatology diagnosis and treatment skills diagram

    Basic clinical skills is a licensed doctors and nurses should be skilled in operating technology and reasonable use. In order to facilitate the clinical medical workers to master the technology, the book details the eye, ear, nose, pharynx, larynx, oral and maxillofacial, skull injury treatment operation technology steps from 11 aspects, each,

  • Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of diseases in Department of Urology

    "The diagnosis and differential diagnosis of diseases in Department of Urology" (Second Edition) based on the development requirements of the readers of science and technology, combined with advances in basic and clinical department of Urology in recent years to the first edition, conducted a comprehensive revision. The second edition from the clinical needs, focus on the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of common diseases in Department of Urology clinical,

  • Stereoscopic pixel CT image

    "Stereoscopic pixel CT image" in map form, introduces the application of multi-slice spiral CT in clinical diagnosis, according to the human anatomy is divided into 7 chapters, a total of more than 200 cases, more than 1400 pictures, all the patients began using axial images, and then use the three-dimensional image into different parts, not,

  • Pain medicine

    Version fourth: English reprint edition, "pain medicine (Fourth Edition, English photocopy edition)" is the world's most famous pain textbook, edited by Professor PatrickD.Wall St. Thomas Hospital in London, readers are Department of Anesthesiology, neurologists and surgeons and oncologists. The book from the laboratory to the clinic, a systematic introduction,

  • Handbook of clinical differential diagnosis

    In the clinical work every day, symptoms, signs and laboratory examination the doctor will encounter a variety of. As a result of each kind of clinical manifestations, laboratory findings were correlated with a series of diseases, we must do is to cause a series of disease or cause of the above differential diagnosis. For the different clinical disease,

  • Hormone insensitivity syndrome and hormone hypersensitive syndrome

    Hormone insensitivity syndrome and hormone hypersensitive syndrome refers to the body of the hormone insensitive or overly sensitive due to endocrine metabolic disorder syndrome. With the hormone gene, hormone receptor gene and its related gene mapping, sequencing, culling, directed mutation research and molecular biology, molecular genetics,

  • Clinical guidelines and anesthesia.

    "Clinical guidelines, anesthesia:" a total of 22 chapters, covering all aspects of Anesthesiology work, including the establishment of Anesthesiology, tasks, work systems and management, preoperative selection and implementation method and preparation as well as a variety of anesthesia, monitoring, fluid management and blood transfusion, oxygen therapy during anesthesia recovery room, after operation,,

  • Handbook of clinical blood transfusion efficiency

    This book seeks to start from the basis, system and briefly introduces the properties of blood and blood components and clinical application, providing a basis of clinical blood transfusion and transfusion has the problem of transfusion medicine books for clinicians. In the transfusion of blood components, the author has carried on some research useful. ,

  • Methods the clinical medical laboratory science

    "A brief introduction to the main contents of clinical medical laboratory science": medical experimental method as a means for disease diagnosis and clinical research, with the rapid development of disciplines, is no longer as usual, only in the face of clinical cases. Scientific research more cutting-edge force experiment method to study the application of the most advanced. For the,

  • Modern abdominal imaging (, 2)

    "Modern abdominal imaging (volume one)" points, 5 volumes, including 39 chapter. First, expounds the principle and development of abdominal imaging technology. Second, the diagnosis of the gastrointestinal tract. Third, the diagnosis of liver, bile, pancreas, spleen and adjacent parts of the. The fourth part is the diagnosis of genitourinary system. ,

  • 500 kinds of common diseases essentials of diagnosis and treatment

    Fast access to important information through the book, easy to adapt to clinical work. Brief description of the diagnosis and treatment of more than 500 kinds of diseases, after each kind of disease with clinical essentials. A page of a disease, easy to find, coverage of outpatient and inpatient treatment, relates to the Department of internal medicine and a number of departments, residents, medical students,,

  • Rehabilitation medicine

    Rehabilitation medicine, ISBN:9787117042666, author: Wang Maobin, Wang Yulong, [and] series,

  • Handbook of clinical practical examination

    This book has the advantages of novel structure, classification and content according to the system, a comprehensive introduction to the general inspection and special inspection of the system diseases. In addition, the contents be concise and to the point, combined with clinical situation, strong practicability, for young medical workers, reference reference. ,

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