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Date of publication:2012-11   Press: Liu Guantao China Press of traditional Chinese medicine (2012-11)   Author:Liu Guantao   Pages:268  

Kong Bohua, (1885 - 1955), Chinese medicine experts, Shandong Qufu. Learn their. With Wang Fengchun, Xiao Longyou, Shi Jinmo and Beijing four doctors. Beijing city early official hospital medical officer. In 1929 was elected to the National Pharmaceutical Association interim chairman rate delegation to Nanjing, forced the Kuomintang government to recover the "banned Chinese medicine" retreat. And Xiao Longyou joint medical college and Dean of Beijing country. After the founding of new China, as the Ministry of health consultants, Chinese Medical Association Deputy Director of Chinese and Western medicine academic exchange committee. Technically, that this will seek medical treatment, clinical attention to moisture and heat. Taking good governance febrile famous, more use of gypsum used for medical faculty, admired.
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The copyright page: concha haliotidis one or two and a half (research first decoct) mother of pearl one or two (the research first decoct) ruddle three students Anemarrhena Sanqian Cizhu 丸四 money (cloth first decoct) gentian two money Kawa Ko three Phellodendron chinense three green bamboo shavings five Mint five money two money Chuan Yu Zhu mix by Jin Sanqian inula flower a money five points (cloth fried) bile Arisaema rhizome root two money nine money five Caulis Polygoni Multiflori six money making water three money (two times red) ten fragrances soul Dan a particle (four angle, each one angle) two agent two diagnosis: March 18th. As a letter to the stagnation of liver qi and phlegm disturbance, has a long history, the orifices righteousness to obstruct, not that complex, according to the front and corrosion diagram. Students: a money five (first decoct) magnetic ink 丸五 money (Bao Xianjian) mother of pearl one two five money (the research first decoct) raw abalone one two five yuan (research first decoct) gentian a money five lotus seed heart a money five bile Arisaema a money money five bamboo shavings Zhishi six money dried lily two money (Su Yeyi money together) Curcuma Sanqian Caulis Polygoni Multiflori one two nine rhizome root of a money five bamboo water three money (Branch Chong) ten fragrances soul Dan a particle (four corners, each angle) two agent three diagnosis: March 21st. Liver depression and phlegm are all involute, was better, afternoon hair nor before like drama, still feel restless, sleep at night is not an, Yu in front, and in front of the alternative treatment. After six money nine rhizome root three dragon's teeth five money (research first decoct) Caulis Polygoni Multiflori one or two gentian two money two money turtle (first decoct) Albizzia flower five money ruddle three mother of pearl one two five money (the research first decoct) Cortex Lycii Sanqian Costus root seven Inula Sanqian (fried Fructus Trichosanthis cloth) leather three Dendrobium Sanqian Cizhu pill three money (cloth first decoct fry Sichuan Bai Qian) Saline Brine fry a tangerine peel a money five Bureau Zhibao Dan (four times) ten fragrances soul Dan a particle (four times) two agent into male phlegm heat in July 27th, treated by warming, orifices occlusion, words can not flexibly, funny, pulse number and slippery, evil potential on the envelope of the heart is heavy, should understand Ditan, with 以芳 through reduced thermal products. The nine section calamus root of a money Chen bile Arisaema two money gypsum eight money (research first decoct) bamboo shavings one or two ephedra shoot two Li lotus two money two money gentian of Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae three walnuts mud of a money five almond mud three full Trichosanthes eight money Rhizoma Anemarrhenae three bamboo water three money (two times red). Treasure Dan a particle (two times) two agent two diagnosis: July 30th. The original and rhinoceros horn a five per cent (the other fried two times service), Bai Zishuang two money, gentian is changed to the two money five. Three agent. Three diagnosis: in August the third day. Jin clothes ahead after the drug was omitted, the envelope of the heart are closed for phlegm heat, have not been able to pass, this service is warming caused by goods too, according to a change of front.
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Doctors in a Beijing one of the four famous doctors Kong Bohua special sickness treatment cough lung carbuncle palpitations insomnia mental diseases stomach pain and vomiting diarrhea constipation hypochondriac pain jaundice accumulation of headache and dizziness stroke malaria edema spermatorrhea blood drinking water Xiaoke rheumatism sore ringworm of mastitis is appendicitis dysmenorrhea amenorrhea menstruation menstruation irregular menstruation, menorrhagia and metrorrhagia and metrostaxis pediatric cough vomiting in children with diarrhea infantile convulsion were more than the "Yang often I yam often inadequate" heat is "Shen Nong's herbal classic" I see doctors "typhoid and miscellaneous diseases" general knowledge with experience and seasonal febrile disease and discrimination of typhoid fever wet warm of temperature change on exogenous hyperthermia etiological theory of traditional Chinese medicine and education outlines six to not flat a king 静斋 about tuberculosis of gypsum resistance identified a central Ministry of Health asked about drug use gold foil I see features commonly used medicine legislation @##@ chronicle Chronicle "China's 100 years of clinical Chinese medicine books to every physician independent volume per book biography, special disease according to the medical treatment, diagnosis, four more than the chronicle written in part. Among them, a brief introduction of doctors doctors life and the road to success; special disease treatment to disease of unification, on the case and case series, is a disease associated with wonderful medicine theory, medical records, medical words to the system arrangement, is convenient for clinical study and reference; diagnosis is read more than on the book of notes, can also be learned medicine experience, and so on; the chronicle part shows the important events in the life of a turning point or doctors. "China's 100 years of clinical medicine series: Kong Bohua (Second Edition)" is one of China's 100 years of clinical Chinese medicine books, "China 100 years of clinical medicine series: Kong Bohua (Second Edition)" from the hole old lifetime clinical experience and academic thought to income, and internal and external. Subjects, contents of tangential to the clinical utility.
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"China 100 years in clinical medicine, Department of internal medicine experts: Kong Bohua (Second Edition)" is one of China's 100 years of clinical Chinese medicine books, "China 100 years in clinical medicine, Department of internal medicine experts: Kong Bohua (Second Edition)" has old clinical experience of hole lifetime income and academic thoughts, relates to internal and external children subjects, contents of tangential to the clinical utility.
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