The human body meridian point diagram

Date of publication:2012-11   Press: China Press of traditional Chinese Medicine   Author:Sui River, Bao Yanyan   Pages´╝Ü63  

Sui River, professor at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine School of acupuncture, teacher teaching level, teaching theory of meridians and acupoints, acupuncture and moxibustion courses. In Chinese Medicine published "the new national standard of acupuncture points chart" "graphic acupuncture point manual" and the other seven books, by the majority of readers, the acupuncture and moxibustion circle peer recognition. In 2012, Wang Hua president of Hubei University of traditional Chinese medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine College of acupuncture Dean Zhao Baixiao, Secretary Liu Qingguo asked for the Chinese medicine industry, higher education "1025" planning materials "acupuncture" and "theory of meridians and acupoints" making full live version of meridians and acupoints diagram.
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A, lung meridian and acupoint two, hand Yangming large intestine meridian and acupoints of Foot Yangming Meridian and acupoints in three, four, spleen meridian and acupoint five, heart meridian and acupoint six, small intestine meridian and acupoint in seven, bladder meridian and acupoint eight, kidney meridian and acupoints nine and the pericardium meridian and acupoint ten, triple energizer meridian and acupoint eleven, gall bladder meridian and acupoint twelve, liver meridian and acupoint thirteen, Du Meridian and acupuncture point fourteen, point fifteen, Ren and common point sixteen, ear seventeen, foot reflection area of common diseases of acupuncture treatment for 1:120 point 2: point index @##@ attached "The human body meridian point diagram (full-color live version)" from the higher institutions of Chinese medicine acupuncture expert demonstration, more authoritative, professional, accuracy. "The human body meridian point diagram (full-color live version)" features: 1 the use of models and marked the meridians and the material completely consistent. 2 in a picture at the same time the meridians circulation and location of acupoints, corrections to meridian meridian line instead of the error, so that readers at a glance in learning. 3 a succinct description of the indications of acupoints and acupuncture points, with the form of induction and attending the location of acupoints, enable readers to learn more easily.
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"The human body meridian point diagram: the most authoritative experts explain (full-color live version)" pictures by higher institutions of Chinese medicine acupuncture expert demonstration, more authoritative, professional, accuracy.
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