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Date of publication:2012-11   Press: Shi Enjun, people's Medical Publishing (2012-11)   Author:Shi Enjun   Pages:476  

The copyright page: 21 Yang and Yin Recipe and enema (composition and usage) Yang and Yin Decoction gardenia, Zhu Ru, Radix Aconiti Lateralis Preparata, Fructus Mume, Schisandra chinensis, licorice root each 10g Ophiopogon japonicus, Adenophora, polygonatum odoratum, white peony root, wild jujube seed 20g 15g Angelica ginger 3 water simmer in water, daily 1 agent 3. Enema Rhubarb decoction of Astragalus 40g 120g 200ml, sooner or later the 1 retention enema. (attending) in patients with chronic renal failure. (analysis) of chronic renal failure, oliguria, edema, dizziness, vomiting, anemia, nitrogen retention, heart failure of various syndromes, Yu believes that the spleen and kidney failure is the Yin and Yang, turbid Yin cohesion is also this, although is virtual reality, Xie's Yin and Yang, regulating by the evil is the fundamental treatment. The acid Ganhua Yin, Xin Wen 通阳 supplemented with enema laxative to uphold, and chronic renal failure spleen, warming kidney and eliminating water turbidity method is different. At present, there are also many scholars think Yin sour and sweet or yin and yang balance rule, compared with the simple application of Tonifying Kidney Yang or the simple application of nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney is better. Since when because of illness, the clinical efficacy, but have a choice, not generalize. Enema dosage slightly larger, take a half amount. 22 Jianpi Huazhuo Decoction (composition and usage) 15g dangshen Astragalus 12g coke with 12g 15g 10g Zhigancao Poria cocos fried Fructus Amomum villosum 6G 10g 15g 10g 12g from Alisma Plantago 12g Salvia Angelica 10g, water simmer in water, daily 1 agent 3. (attending) with chronic renal failure or adapt to more stable. (analytic) a variety of chronic kidney disease, or damage of Yang and Yin, or sinister and Yang, to chronic renal failure, already formed Yin and yang deficiency, deficiency of Qi and blood in chronic renal failure in two, the total is false side, and body fluid can not deck, wet and muddy difficult to discharge, voicing interblend, abnormal movements, will a stranded wind phlegm heat stasis, the treatment should be. If the patient is in compensatory or adaptive better stage, yin and Yang Qi and blood is false and can coordinate with each other, and the body wet turbidity of evil also heavy, temperature compensation is stagnation, bitter cold, discharge, is not appropriate. When focusing on the spleen and stomach, with Replenishing Qi and blood, carambola detoxification, Qushi Huayu method and into, is the Party of Italy, seemingly dull, but it had to advance and retreat, when the value of. But the evil which is more important in clinical tradeoffs, and also changed.
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"Guizhou doctors were parties of" in writing style more unique medical monographs, to sum up an important historic section of this area of Guizhou traditional Chinese medicine academic prosperity, and to provide valuable practical and scientific data for clinical medicine. "Guizhou doctors were parties of hospitals and doctors" Department of internal medicine surgery, orthopedics hospital, scald, hospitals, 9 parts of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, pediatric hospital, Department of Dermatology Hospital, ENT doctors, oncology hospital, choose the first all 789 (including with the tube static, He Qian, Wang Liang, Dr. Yang Shuo co the first 34), in which 464 prescriptions, surgery, Department of internal medicine 75 prescriptions, 39 prescriptions of Orthopaedics and traumatology, scald, 14 prescriptions, 57 prescriptions of Obstetrics and Gynecology, pediatric department of Dermatology 40 prescriptions, 24 prescriptions, ENT 35 prescriptions, 7 prescriptions in Department of oncology, rich contents, and storing the resolution Jane is numerous, the reader should appreciate carefully.
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Number of postgraduate students, following Xu Yuming, Shi Enquan, Yuan Jiaji, Li Changyuan and other famous study, in 1982 graduated with a master's degree in medicine, the same year the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, engaged in clinical medicine today, twentieth Century at the beginning of the 90's was the Ministry of Health designated as the national first batch of famous professor Shi Enquan academic heirs, not from around, the best the biography, with family, self, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine system and teacher learning and learning from the long-term practice, never separated from clinical experience. Has in the "Journal of traditional Chinese medicine" and other professional journals dozens of papers, participate in "medical Lin diocesan", "Guizhou Journal of traditional Chinese medicine old record", book, and wrote "the academic thought of Professor Shi Enquan summary" one book, a more in-depth study and rich clinical experience of Gynecology and pediatrics. The students, "Shi Enjun clinical medicine experience" - the book by the Hunan science and Technology Publishing House, reflect the academic thought and clinical experience.
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