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Date of publication:2004-1   Press: Chinese medicine science and Technology Press   Author:Zhou Xin   Pages´╝Ü344  

The book is divided into three parts, in,, the foot basis, this paper introduces the basic knowledge of Chinese medicine theory, the normal human anatomy and physiology and reflection area location, foot points, medical and health care knowledge. The article introduces the treatment to cure disease, surgery, Department of Internal Medicine Department of orthopedics disease, nervous, mental disease, gynecological diseases, pediatric diseases, male disease, disease of facial features division, Department of Dermatology disease, tumor and so on more than 130 kinds of common diseases, frequently occurring disease diagnosis, prescription, foot note. The second part is the foot health care article, mainly introduces the foot care, foot bath. It has a strong practical significance in the foot health care personnel, can be used as a foot training institutions in the professional teaching.
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The first part of foot basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine basic knowledge of the first chapter the whole concept of the second chapter of treatment based on differentiation of the third chapter of Yin Yang and the five elements theory of fourth chapter viscera second part of normal human anatomy and physiology and reflexive region locating Chapter 1 introduction of sports system and sports system related reflection District second chapter neural system and neural system related reflection District third chapter blood circulation system and circulatory system related reflection District fourth chapter respiratory system and respiratory system related reflection district chapter fifth digestive system and digestive system related reflection District Sixth urinary system and urinary system related reflection District seventh chapter reproductive system and reproductive system related reflection region of the eighth chapter of endocrine system and the endocrine system related reflection District ninth chapter the lymphatic system and lymph system related reflection district chapter tenth sense organs and sense organ reflection area third parts related to foot points, the origin and the development of the two foot, foot of definition three, foot massage, pedicure four mechanisms of the indications and contraindications of five, foot note six, foot massage techniques used, the characteristics of seven foot eight, the nine foot foot, effective factors, ten foot is Often, the operation of twelve reaction of eleven foot, thirteen foot reflexology room layout, diagnosis, therapy, and fourteen corresponding to fifteen reflection District of the special nature of the sixteen foot professional, medical record writing fourth part of medical and health care knowledge the first chapter sterilizing immunity technology in the second chapter, third chapter symptoms of the disease knowledge of medical tests and clinical significance of physiotherapy technology in the fifth chapter, fourth chapter knowledge of first aid knowledge seventh chapter sixth chapter drug nutrition and diet knowledge's foot treatment department of internal medicine disease first chapter second chapter third chapter nerve surgical department of orthopedics disease, mental illness gynecological disease fourth chapter fifth chapter sixth chapter male diseases, pediatric diseases of Otorhinolaryngology eighth chapter seventh chapter ninth chapter tenth chapter Department of Dermatology disease tumor diseases the foot health care article the first chapter is the foot health care law chapter second foot bath appendix using reflexology check disease diagnosis experience reference afterword
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