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Date of publication:2004-2   Press: Shanghai Science and technology   Author:Qian Minjie   Pages:590   Words:264000  

Author Qian Minjie, word ground, Jiangsu Taicang county people, settled in Kunshan County in the south of Luozhuang Jing cun. At the end of the Qing Dynasty in Taicang, Kunshan in the vicinity of the famous Jiangsu. The father of money art, word LAN Gai, late, hidden valley, in the light of eleven years, died in Xuantong three years. The money from his uncle's art youth Jiading study medicine. After graduation, Yu Jia, too good at practicing medicine, Department of internal medicine. Qian Minjie brother gagaku, word rhyme; brother matter and light, the word, and the word slowly. The three brothers are from the parent money 艺学 medicine. Each medicine Mu Qian's physician, Qiuzhi bustling. The case is attached to the father of "Shen 五堂 prescription book" after. "The doctors 洯 degree" three volumes, containing 261 prescriptions, each party 均标 provenance, indications, decocting law, stationery. To study and learn the prescription be of great advantage, but its characteristics in methodology. Citing 300 parties including authors and their history of money 韵之, rate of 45 persons, many medical theory, such as ye Tianshi, Wang Mengying, Wang Renan, Xu Lingtai et al. For each of the first prescription can make a careful and detailed analysis, physical and tangible assistance, thorough analysis, such as: Xianglian pill by Ye Tianshi said: Xia Qiuli disease, solid is damp heat accumulation, the ancients called Yue lag, that lag in the gas, the lag in the blood, not only food stagnation because of it. Woody gas stagnation, Coptis cleaning damp heat, phase shall be two, and the beginning of the first side of God and.
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"Doctors" boiling water song Chieh of drug law, medical law a pill Chieh of Volume One Four Gentlemen Decoction Decoction of iron scale Daochi powder of Angelica longhui pills PXD He Renyin Xianglian pill Guipi Decoction projective powder of Banxia Fuling Tianma Decoction of Elsholtzia drinking Yueju Decoction Yu Liyin niuhuangqingxin pills Decoction green bean soup Wei Xi Wan Bu Xindan three Ma Suyin and Tang "Xijiao Dihuang Decoction to kill 鬼丸 Artemisia Bai Weitang Lianggesan ophicalcite powder Shengmaisan Banxia Tang Sancai Decoction of Rhizoma Cyperi Decoction of inula flower qingzhaojiufei Decoction two to pill Zishen pill Dan fire Zuo Jinwan Kanli decoction...... Two, volume two or three, medical doctors Chieh degree of "Wu Chieh volume three compilation of" medical examination "hospital song including"
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