"Huangdi Neijing" Yin Yang and the five elements of personality

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"Yin Yang and the five elements of personality" combined with the basic theory of the background of Chinese culture and Chinese medicine psychology, think that causes difficulties and disputes the personality psychology Western incomplete personality among psychologists is the reason, the key lies in its philosophical foundation itself. For example, western psychology usually need a "definition and research object". The definition is that the "what", if you describe a static object or scene is more easily defined. But to people's physical and mental state description, will find that it is always changing. Using a static "is" to describe the change of dynamic object, it will seem awkward. Therefore, to study the personality of such a complex object, may always have a "do not know the true face of Mount Lu, just because in the mountains" feeling.
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Some aspects of personality psychologists emphasize from the observed behavior to understand personality. Humanistic psychologists Rodgers (Rogers C.R.) will be personality is defined as: a person to act according to their own understanding of the self realization of the outside world. Trait theorist Cattell (Cattel RB) thinks that personality is the prediction of an individual in a particular situation behavior. Trait (trait) is on a person's behavior is relatively long has decision effect, factors. Psychologists from observed behavior inferred qualities, can predict individual's behavior.
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