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Date of publication:2004-1   Press: China business press   Author:Tsutsumi Yoshiro   Pages:219   Words:140000  

"Acupoint health law" is in fact a health gymnastics, it is to maintain a healthy body and mind, from the full, will be prone to disease nip in the bud to consider this point made. It can activate meridians, which usually don't use muscles and meridians to get plenty of exercise, to the sleeping body tissue with vigor. Through the activities of "fingertips", can promote blood circulation, to the main and collateral channels and acupuncture points to stimulate, it also can improve the function of internal organs, eliminate stress, Xiaoyu zhitong. This is the "feature point health law", but also the reasons for its people. For the sake of your health and longevity, to find their own physical weakness, every morning and evening massage, just to have a look for 3 months. The source of strength, here is a space on the "source", and refers to the starting point of the "when asked". Gas, to enhance the energy power. And the strength of the dollar words, mainly refers to the face, waist and legs, so as long as you keep these three no problem, should be able to maintain a healthy. If a book can be the promotion and popularization of Oriental Medicine in a modest words, I feel very honored. At the time of writing this book, a lot of predecessors and the medical community about acupuncture, massage and yoga friends, books and speeches, thanks.
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The first chapter why acupoint therapy is useful for 1 points on why and what is called main and collateral channels will play a role of 2 3 what 4 Acupoints Stimulation points in the hands of what would be the effect of the 5 foot acupoint stimulation will have what effect 6 proper acupoint therapy have a look your hand carefully premise 7 feet 8 analysis on the hands and feet main and collateral channels 9 if such symptoms of 10 finger tip motion the second chapter if the pain would massage here 1 treating headache acupoint 2 treating stomachache acupoint 3 reduce arm pain points 4 eliminating toothache acupuncture point 5 soar throat point 6 cure shoulder acid neck pain acupoint 7 treatment in the elderly shoulder pain point 8 point 9 fingertips numb treatment to cure backache acupoint 10 curing lumbago acupoint 11 treatment of knee pain points 12 treatment of calf cramp points 13 treatment of sleep stiff neck acupoints 14 treatment of mild concussion point 15 cure hemorrhoids points third chapters body uncomfortable when you massage here 1 for a hangover point 2 point 3 cure carsick cure nausea acupuncture point 4 to eliminate body fatigue points 5 treatment of eye fatigue points 6 to eliminate arm fatigue points 7 to eliminate foot fatigue points 8 to eliminate the fatigue of the waist of the acupuncture point 9 point 10 for elimination of fatigue Therapy level points 11 enhanced the cold hardiness of 12 acupoints therapy muscle stiffness point 13 point 14 cure dizziness palpitation, breathless point 15 to eliminate sleepy points fourth chapters depressed massage here fifth chapter some ailment massage here. The sixth chapter if you have chronic disease please massage here seventh chapter trouble women please massage here
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