Cupping therapy to cure all diseases

Date of publication:2004-5   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Cheng Juetang   Pages:402   Words:329000  
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The first part, the history of a cupping therapy, cupping therapy two theoretical basis, mechanism and function of (a) theory (two) mechanism (three) function three, cupping therapy range four, main and collateral channels and acupoints (a) summary of main and collateral channels (two) acupoint and indication (three) special acupoints and indication (four) locating acupoint selection (five) acupoint selection principle (six) commonly used acupoints and indications of five, tank (a) tank types (two) making tank requirements six, pot method (a) retained cupping cupping method (two) (three) tank method (four) ring pot (five) rotating tank method (six) movable cupping (seven) playing the pot method seven, method of operation (a) cupping preparations (two) exhaust method and classification (three) and method (four) common reaction tank eight, cupping therapy (a) the normal reaction (two) abnormal reaction of nine, contraindications and taboo position (a) contraindications (two) disable parts of ten, the advantages of cupping therapy and the matters needing attention (a ) advantages (two) attention to matters of the cupping therapy disease, Department of internal medicine disease two, pediatric diseases, gynecological diseases, injuries of three four five, the Department of Dermatology disease @##@ surgical disease Revised from the book in the first edition, is divided into two parts. Part one introduces the basic knowledge of cupping therapy, cupping therapy, including mechanism, main and collateral channels and acupoints therapeutic range, tank and operation method, the common reaction and processing; part two introduces the Department of internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, surgery, Department of Dermatology injury, facial features more than 130 kinds of common diseases of cupping therapy experience. This book is the long-term clinical practice of the author and the four generation of the family, teaching experience, and referring to a large number of literature, rich content, strong practicability, reference reading for grassroots medical workers and urban and rural household autotherapy person.
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  •   Professional brilliant, perhaps medical workers reading will be more suitable for a bit, not written in vivid and more rigid, and lack of, will feel more boring to read the general reader.
  •   Iwillbuyagain.
  •   The content is very detailed, but also for the basic knowledge of cupping said well, basic common points are explained, the common cause of disease have spoken clearly, but without any illustrations, for the initial contact with people may find it difficult to accept
  •   I feel worth, after the discount of more than 20 pieces is a color page also have no, no disk gifts, paper is also the general. But the mother feel that the contents of the book. I bought it because society celebrities out of the book. Be like cupping scraping a class book, also written by experts are watching.

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