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Date of publication:2003-9   Press: Academic Press   Author:(Qing) Feng Shi note card, Sun Guozhong, towards the direction of the red point   Pages:980   Words:650000  

"Huangdi Neijing" the esoteric, modern vernacular translation, it will be difficult to the sublime words with deep meaning all translation, only a careful study of the scripture reading notes, can feel the mysterious purpose, so as to grasp the holistic concept and treatment based on syndrome differentiation. In other words, reveal the internal mechanism of by "esoteric" Huangdi, which will be made without hair, hair and not meaning emerge in its totality, the ancients said more than today, say more difficult, in the book on this is lose, notes from the ancient, it can make up for this deficiency, thus guide the research we carry on the careful, careful, thorough, systematic, comprehensive. "Plain questions" and "Lingshu" constitution "was" the Yellow Emperor, but the relationship between the second person, may be called "Q" as the body, and the "pivot" to use, because the ancients as "Lingshu", and "Q" real "Lingshu" did not fill the preparation, the source and illustrates the person also. So the later study medicine, have initiative "Suwen", then "Lingshu" Yi ming. Han Yi to case record mark in history, said Huangfu Mi scholars for "plain questions"; the Eastern Han Dynasty Zhang Cujing "typhoid and miscellaneous diseases", over will differentiation of Yellow River Fan, Song said "plain questions" written by "plain questions", we can see the importance of a book. The set of selected from the generation of "plain questions" notes home, pick out the most influential, the most representative, the most authoritative monographs, for today's researchers tutor navigation guide, game breaking refers to doubt, to help readers master the essence of "by the" Huang Di Nei, achievement my Xuanhujishi.
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The sequence order Feng Wang Bao's foreword volume one of the ancient naive on the first four adjustable God second angry sky on third golden words on the fourth Yin and yang to be as big of yin and Yang, yin and Yang fifth clutch on sixth different seventh Ling LAN secret code section eight six viscera state doctrine of ninth volume two five dirty students into fifteenth different eleventh different law Fang Yi. On twelfth changing gas on thirteenth Decoction mash Li on the fourteenth jade version on fifteenth on on to end on sixteenth pulse to microscopic theory of seventeenth people weather on eighteenth volumes Sanyu machine is dirty on the nineteenth three nine twentieth twenty-first wait on meridian doctrine dirty gas method on the twenty-second vision five twenty-third blood gas forms article twenty-fourth treasure life. On the 二十五八 is God on the twenty-sixth clutch failed on the twenty-seventh volume four pass on and on twenty-eighth Tai Yin and Yang Ming on Yangming Meridian angle on the twenty-ninth thirtieth thirty-first prickly heat thirty-second fever assessment thirty-third inverse tone thirty-fourth...... Volume five volume six volume seven volume eight volume nine appendix
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  •   If you want to learn basic questions, I strongly recommend this book!
  •   Suitable for professional reading or love Chinese classical basis, some five lines of nosy people reading, because there are classical, note also. Or look at the good.
  •   The book is very good, very satisfied! Seriously look at the harvest is
  •   Explain the clear and concise. The text as the characters bold, stick out a mile; notes for the characters, Sun Guozhong notes for the small print. A clear hierarchy, logic is clear, easy to read. If is the traditional vertical, will add flowers to brocade.
  •   Q is also good, see notes to help the understanding of the original, good version
  •   This is a really simple! It is suitable for beginners!
  •   Ma Shi notes in the two books, one is "Huang Di Nei Jing Su note card on", another is "Huang Di" in the inner cannon of note cards, for research by scholars, are respected for his "Lingshu" note. But this is also good.
  •   The general. This little book explain profound theories in simple language, not suitable for beginners.

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