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Date of publication:2012-7   Press: Xu Lingtai Liaoning science and Technology Press (2012-07)   Author:Xu Lingtai   Pages:174  

Author: Xu Lingtai @##@ (Qing Dynasty) The copyright page: stroke on this stroke partial paralysis and so sick, 100 no more, ten dead nine. Not the disease are not treated, all medical error of. Where the ancient constant disease name, will in fact. The stroke, the disease that belongs to the wind. As the wind disease, the disease, need to treat wind for the. Therefore, Zhongjing Houshiheisan, Fengyin decoction, Radix Rehmanniae Decoction, and the size of continued life, all with wind drug due to disease or. To cover with the meridian, then wind and wind fan, so that the phlegm fire temporary congestion, but should herald the following wind, phlegm fire, and regulating the Qi and blood, meridians can gradually. I saw the stroke disease, namely ginseng, Radix Rehmanniae Preparata, Radix Aconiti Lateralis Preparata, cinnamon and other pure fill warm the product, the hot gas to fill, light weight, or death. Or have the vitality not injury and a sense of evil is shallow, but also cause a long delay, the dry permanent waste people, this non doctor Wu Zhiye! Or goes up by the evil, the gas will be empty. The correction is so evil, this thing is. But it is false and pathogenic factor, especially when urgent drive the evil, to defend the. If the more the evil, then righteousness benefit cannot be supported. Even the righteousness of all virtual, cannot support evil on the outside, but also suitable for carminative, and adding a little centralizer of goods, to help the evil force, never a pure warm tonification person. Like the thieves burglary, will herald the thief, and then fixed the walls; not the thief did not go, but the walls were solid. Or cloud: tonic support evil, and increase to a royal family, is not. Cover wear pure fill medicine, no special corrections do not fill the evil, not if the family for the thieves, is not only driving stolen, and help to steal. The therapeutic method, where a long illness is empty, the disease is true. The so-called empty, that is empty; the so-called real persons, that the real evil also. The stroke is irritable patients, the evil is real. The world is not acting as usual, all of a sudden empty and faint, be not to evil rule? Or there is the Yin and Yang, feeling hot, feeling cold on the other, in the treatment of wind in the party, with the addition and subtraction of the disease. Han and Tang Dynasties law in the club, but also. Therefore every stroke and the like, if no ill of dirty, not curable. More than friends suffering from this disease, as complementary treatment, disease ten or twenty years now is not very many. The only service repair, no survivors. Heave on diaphragm with diaphragm heave great disease, although heave can cure, but not for the diaphragm. Cover heave, organic product, which permits; diaphragmatic, can not accept, the card is false. The real treat, virtual not rule, this often.
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"The Ming and Qing dynasties medicine case series: Xu Lingtai medical words records selected" selected 3 medical monographs Xu Lingtai: "medical origin theory", "disease", "Shen Chu Yan Hui Xi case", KanThat represents many of Xu's works. "The Ming and Qing dynasties medicine case series: Xu Lingtai medical words" selection of liberal arts and medical records, historical facts have syndrome, involving various inside and outside, women, children, treatment is flexible, has unique insight, great influence in ancient medical records.
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On the origin of primordial qi theory in medicine or body meridian viscera theory inside and outside on the movements of yin and Yang Meridian viscera theory of treatment will cure not divided meridian viscera of kidney essence on a dirty one organs must first on fire fire on the death of disease severity on birth pulse pulse syndrome and disease on stroke on the contrary heave diaphragm on cold and heat and internal condition on exogenous on transmission of disease with different on different because of different diseases with the same symptoms of Yin Yang Exhaustion on the disease does not heal. Although more die on death of disease in kidney deficiency of Yin Syndrome on non theistic hematemesis undead cough die on birth on the disease does not need to take medicine on prescription clutch on Cuba and on ancient and modern theory of prescription unilateral no party on the size of ancient prescription drug error not dead medicine with theory with different on rob agent on pharmaceutical on ginseng on medication if only on the side of medicine treatment on disease problems and changes of drug resistance of materia medica of expertise on decocting medicinal herbs on drug law medicine at the party on essential drugs on hot one the most intense on thin paste on seemingly ancient deceive our days on gas on medical treating on five party 异治 on disease with the country on acupuncture and moxibustion on acupuncture on lost water disease was made on disease Treatment of disease and division on transpiration without dry medicine on disease not light cold sweat on refractory on reinforcement and with on Lin asks the patient will do not need to worry about the disease of cure of deep non shallow medicine can cure the disease of the date of the inspection on consistent compulsory or micro theory will know disease the prophet: on tonic flexible on light medicine more on disease resistant inner carbuncle on the encircling the "classic" on "Treatise on the" Golden Chamber "of" Jing "on the" Qian Jin Fang "," Taiwan miyao "living on" book "on" Taisu pulse "on the pox, gynecology the pediatrics on Oncology, Department of incantation on veterinary on four people on doctors on medical sources in the examination of medical theory and not everyone can learn the doctor not to indulge in books on heresy on misleading in theory on medical error not guilty on Shen Chu Yan yin tonic medicine disease stroke cough haematemesis heat dysentery the old woman Yin Syndrome in pediatric surgery treatment preparation decocting medication Yin medicine recipe bizarre Zong Chuan postscript Huixi medical order stroke evil wind Zhou Bi Fei typhoid typhoid fever exogenous feeding showed enough when it was summer disease syndrome souls plague summer heat well malaria malaria and diarrhea dysentery chills Wei wind phlegm Asthma asthma death drink addiction stomach Er long edema elimination worm pain severe hyperactive Yang blood stasis retention meridian intestinal red blood dysentery avalanche stasis Chong Jue fetal poisoning fire Zi Li fetal postpartum wind postpartum blood tympanites postpartum acute appendicitis evil pox streamer appendicitis leg carbuncle arm carbuncle carbuncle to send back to a heart lung carbuncle furuncle sore rib tumor @##@ milk "The Ming and Qing dynasties medicine case series: Xu Lingtai medical words records selected" selected 3 medical monographs in the Qing Dynasty Chinese medicine you Xu Lingtai: "medical origin theory", "disease", "Shen Chu Yan Hui Xi case", as one of the representative works of xu. "Medical theory" of medical many typical problems are briefly summarized, arguments insightful, many chapters such as "medication such as military theory" has become a well-known. "Shen Chu Yan Xu disease" for 75 years in the field, points out the medical malpractice, emphasizes that the disease is fine, the legislation is rigorous, with square pertinent. "Huixi case" for Xu's medical records album, "the through holes on the terminally ill, 神施鬼设 Kabuki, enough to hang medicine in living people." The case after the famous doctor Wang Mengying ", make the finishing point, as the Xu case to add color many. "Xu Lingtai case" liberal arts and medical words selected, a warning, the simple, plain words, suitable for medical professionals and Chinese fans to read.
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