Dendrobium cure all diseases

Date of publication:2004-1   Press: Zhejiang science and Technology Press   Author:Shen Guanzhen   Pages:227   Words:105000  
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General knowledge of 1 Dendrobium Dendrobium medicinal history of Dendrobium species Dendrobium Plants after processing technology of Dendrobium pharmacological effect of Dendrobium purchase and identify the authenticity of Dendrobium taking methods and unexpected matters 2 Dendrobium Dendrobium luminous pill manufactured goods Shihu Mingmu pill Dendrobium Shi Hulu Mailuoning injection Dendrobium Anshen pill Kunbao pills stomach yin granule 3 Shek Kok health fitness tonic strengthening the spleen and stomach health gluten Zhuanggu Mingmu Yin Liyan Qingshu Yiqi Yangxin Anshen postpartum nourishing moisturizing beauty Run Zaotong control tumor 4 Dendrobium clinical surgical diseases pediatric disease ENT disease gynecological disorders andrology disease @##@ oncology Introduction Dendrobium book is divided into 4 aspects, namely, the clinical applications of Dendrobium, manufactured goods, general knowledge of Dendrobium Dendrobium health diet and Dendrobium nobile. The first three parts is very simple, after the part was introduced in detail, not only have the general knowledge of Dendrobium health care needs, there are a variety of disease treatment contains Dendrobium prescription for a lot of Chinese medicine. This book is not only a science book, but also can be used for clinical medical personnel selection.
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