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Date of publication:2009-1   Press: China press of traditional Chinese Medicine   Author:Xing Si Shao   Pages:200  

1983 Spring Festival, let the students old went to his house to pay New Year's call. A door, see Ren Lao is playing with his pot of flowers in full bloom of clivia. In the middle of the green broad-leaved, stretched out a orange red flowers, a beautiful flower trembling, house a fragrance. Ren Lao never flower, he does not relax on time every minute, but the love with potted clivia. He said to the students, Clivia have thoughts, human. You see it how stubborn, just from the leaves out of flowers. Also should have the spirit of learning, since ancient times, many people become Buddha chanting, fewer people, not the struggle will be eliminated. Clivia doesn't love to show off, its flower is the most beautiful, but it is not easy to blossom, open only once in many years; it is unity, more than 20 stamens make concerted efforts to form a large Hydrangea, it is also a good clean, thick leaves are always so glossy dark green glossy dark green. The dead of winter, flowers wither, and Clivia is to the people brought the hope of spring. He is always ready to give Clivia for Fu, but unfortunately, not long after, he was sick. His students said, if he had time, Clivia Fu can be, because his character how like Clivia he sincerely praise! Ren Lao's early education in Sichuan famous doctor Liu Youyu, after studying in Shanghai Chinese Medical College, he can all recite many classics of traditional Chinese medicine, childhood in exegesis, textual criticism etc., and lay a solid foundation. In the new China was founded, he published "Zhongjing pulse law case))," Ren's infectious diseases such as "the 4 book, has great influence in the field of tcm. The campaign's Chinese community representatives, elected him, but because he is just a school doctor, eventually was designated the crowded. Therefore, many Chinese be indignant, went to Nanjing to sit.

Xing Sishao, male, born in 1993 in Shengfang town Bazhou city Hebei province. Former director of State Administration of policy and regulation department to know, Chinese Chinese medicine office director and chief editor. Now retired.
Author brief introduction

I, Xing Sishao, a retired ten years, over seventy years of age. Born in 1933 in Shengfang town of Bazhou City, Hebei Province, in my small home, the crab is there, is a land of fish and rice. The villagers claimed: "there is heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth, a Jervois south, North Shengfang." Although born, without earth gas. All my life I had been engaged in two kinds of occupation, a civil servant, the reporter. Before retirement, former director of the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine Department of policy and regulations, China Chinese medicine office director and chief editor. In a 15 year career as a journalist, do only two things, one is to spare no effort to promote Chinese medicine policy of the party; two is to report the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, medical ethics, medical ethics, popular education and edification. I never learned Chinese, self-study and far from success, though, was appointed a senior titles, in layman's eyes like a professional, but I actually is a "layman expert in", I Too Big for Her Skin, will be engaged in the work of management of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese Medicine News objective course work 10 years for news record down, the real love of the motherland medicine this national treasure, the book collection of works are 1981 ~ 2003 in newspapers published articles, in order to maintain the original history are not modified. I will book to inspire me in Chinese medicine post progressive scholars: Cui Yueli, Lv Bingkui, Ren Yingqiu, Dong Jianhua, Guan Youbo, Zhao 炳南, Liu Duzhou, Zhao Shaoqin, Zhu Chenyu, ha Li Tian ten old, as to their report, may ten old in bed rest. Large album book part of the photo from the national administration of traditional Chinese medicine (Chinese editing and publishing (Chinese medicine ", part of the photo by people's Daily reporter high food and health news director and reporter Ms. Li Zuhui provided. Book in the editing process, get my friends Wang Fengqi, Liu Yanling, Ma Jihong, Sun Yongzhang, Yang Man, ladies and gentlemen, vigorously support, in this heartfelt thanks.
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A generation of famous doctors Shi Jinmo and Dong Jianhua Zhao Bingnan all dying words now sets pupils everywhere young wave and hepatitis treatment under Liu Duzhou's way of doing scholarly research in culture of Chinese and Western medicine through which are fine Wang Mianzhi three generation, after Zhao Shaoqin expert of Department of gynaecology ha Li Tian shigu not muddy road is good at treatment of tumor research harvest year thanks Duan Fengwu Zhu Renkang Haizhou Miao and Guo Weiwei Pingle orthopedic treatment of eye acupuncture expert Peng Jingshan "big medicine sincere" he Puren Beijing has a "chiropractic Feng" exploring Department of internal medicine fever million 友生 enterprising and Chen Keji Shang Tianyu and renowned in the world of small splint pediatric urology experts Liu Bichen living room Liu Youfang Zhou Dachun and five clever asphodel cream rheumatologists 兆铭 @##@ King "Big medicine road" part of the photo from the national administration of traditional Chinese medicine, editing and publishing of large album "Chinese Chinese medicine", part of the photo provided by the people's Daily reporter high food and health news reporter and director Ms. Li Zuhui. "In the editorial process big medicine road", get the author's friends Wang Fengqi, Liu Yanling, Ma Jihong, Sun Yongzhang, Yang Man, ladies and gentlemen, vigorously support, in this heartfelt thanks.
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Keep on carving, stone from the reference books, Zhijian, refined study professional, avoid leaning to either side. -- Shi Jinmo makes no teacher as a ladder, Fen will shoulder arm when the order of chi. The young climb the peak, willing to learn silkworm Tujin wire. -- Ren Yingqiu Jingmen thirty years in charge, as it often sleepless dawn dusk Li Yuying, lack of a filial children depend, a wife. Ten years of unrest life, turning a third plenary session. One old heart is not old, Gan Xian heat continued the old story. -- Wang Mianzhi pulse three, color diagnosis nine candidate. For the Mo way, the future first. Concentrated articles backward, to engage in scientific research. Sixty people end old, this dream - yesterday. Haizhou vaguely old stone 棱边 -- thanks, love Jin water snow window, Shengjin tower as medicine after exploration, Bailuzhou Park old ship. Kratie Shannon Shu Zhen, Kyorin spring warms Yuzhang day, peach garden ground water, analysis of Qihuang shown in his later years. -- Wan Yousheng
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