Histology and Embryology

Date of publication:2002-01-01   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Zou Zhongzhi   Pages:311   Words:429000  
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The first chapter introduction of histology histology in second chapter third chapter fourth epithelial tissue, connective tissue of blood, lymph and blood cells in the fifth chapter of cartilage and bone in sixth chapter seventh chapter eighth muscle nerve nervous system. The ninth chapter eye and ear tenth chapter eleventh chapter twelfth chapter circulation system of skin immune system, endocrine system in Chapter fourteenth, chapter thirteenth the fifteenth chapter digestive gland digestive tube sixteenth chapter seventeenth chapter eighteenth respiratory system, urinary system: the male reproductive system of female reproductive system in the nineteenth chapter, Twentieth chapter, twenty-first chapter of introduction of embryology and human embryogenesis and early development of the face and limbs of the twenty-second chapter twenty-third chapter development of digestive system in Chapter twenty-fourth, urinary system and reproductive system twenty-fifth chapter twenty-sixth chapter of cardiovascular system, nervous system and eye and ear of the twenty-seventh chapter teratology outlines the main reference index @# #@ English NOUN In addition to this book on the content of the new order, especially emphasizes the following characteristics:
1, utility. Considering the material of the main users of the clinical medical students, so in the selection of contents, the first prominent for the most number of students behind other courses of study and future clinical work the most useful knowledge and then keep the basic integrity of the subject.
2, concise. Remove overlap on students' useless or with other subjects, simplified the non key content.
3, vivid. The common methods of international basic medical textbooks, joined the 1-2 independent insertion frame in the vast majority of chapter, its content and the main contents related to the famous experiment, new achievements in scientific research, and clinical related problems, the unsolved problem, each.
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