Human anatomy, Fourth Edition

Date of publication:2000-10   Press: People's health   Author:Wu Xianguo  

This book is for the National Medical College, for the Ministry of health planning materials for clinical medicine specialty. The book is divided into three parts, the first part is systematic anatomy, according to movement system, splanchnology angiology,, the sense organs and nervous system, the morphology and structure of the human body; the second part is the local anatomy, according to the head, neck, chest, abdomen, limbs basin and ministries, from shallow to deep layer by morphological structure the human body and its adjacent relationship; the third part for sectional anatomy, human basic structure of knowledge from the perspective of medical imaging and tomography. The book about 60 words, text and picture in half, with 497 illustrations, for the use of 150 hours of teaching. In accordance with the Ministry of Health Teaching Materials Compilation Committee requirements highlight the ideological, instructive, scientific, advanced and practical.
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Introduction the first part of the system anatomy first motion system chapter second chapter third chapter osteological joint muscle second article splanchnology chapter second chapter third chapter fourth digestive system of respiratory system, urinary system and reproductive system in fifth chapter sixth chapter seventh chapter third peritoneal endocrine system angiology chapter cardiovascular system the second chapter the lymphatic system fourth the first chapter of the second chapter is the feeling of eye ear fifth nervous system the first chapter in the second chapter, the third chapter of the central nervous system peripheral nervous system the second part Bureau section anatomy first chapter second chapter third chapter head neck chest abdomen fourth chapter fifth chapter basin and perineal chapter sixth limbs in third part anatomy
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  •   Good quality, is the black and white map.
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