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Date of publication:2003-10   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Meng Xianwei   Pages:146   Words:229000  
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The first chapter solution first solution concentration second colligative properties of dilute solution in chapter second, the ionization equilibrium and the acidity of the solution first weak electrolyte in solution ionization section second acid-base proton theory in section third buffer solution composition and function of section fourth of buffer solution pH value calculation section fifth buffer capacity and buffer solution the preparation of sixth buffer solution in medical significance of the third chapter of colloid solution section 1 basic concept and classification of second sol properties of third polymer solution, fourth gel fourth chapter overview of organic compounds in organic chemistry study section second characteristic of organic compounds third extranuclear electron state of motion and the configuration section fourth the structure theory of Organic Chemistry Section fifth electronic effect of sixth organic reaction process in section seventh, the classification of organic compounds in Chapter fifth, alcohol, phenol and ether section second section third day alcohol phenol ether fourth section of mercaptan and thioether in Chapter sixth, aldehyde, ketone and quinone section of aldehydes and ketones in section second, chapter seventh first quarter quinone organic acid carboxylic acid second hydroxy acid section third The eighth chapter first oil acid lipid second phospholipids third steroid compounds ninth chapter first section second section two monosaccharide sugar sugar third polysaccharide tenth chapter of nitrogen-containing organic compounds section one amine second day third Festival amide nitrogen heterocyclic compounds fourth alkaloids in Chapter eleventh amino acid, protein and nucleic acid amino acids second protein third nucleic acid @##@ Festival This book must have basic knowledge of medical students of medical chemistry. The content includes solution, colloid solution properties, characteristics and application in medicine; overview of organic compounds, and the organic compounds and biological chemical structure, naming, classification, physical and chemical properties were discussed. The contents of the book is concise, clear concept, and is equipped with a graphic illustration, with examples, in order to facilitate learning and mastering.
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