Concise Atlas of human anatomy

Date of publication:2001-6-1   Press: Hubei science and Technology Press   Author:Shu Xiantao Ceng Xianghong   Pages:216   Words:345000  
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The first chapter motion system diagram -1 systemic skeleton diagram -2 vertebrae structure pattern Ⅰ -3 Ⅰ -4 cervical thoracic diagram figure I figure I -6 -5 lumbar spinous process of vertebra tilt -7 sacrum and coccyx figure I figure I figure I -9 -8 sternum rib picture Ⅰ -1O Ⅰ -11 front view of skull maxilla mandible Fig. -12 Fig. -13 orbital diagram of nasal -14 Fig. -15 are bone side view diagram -16 infratemporal fossa pterygopalatine fossa in figure I and -17 are the bottom diagram -18 ethmoid sphenoid figure I figure I -19 -20 Temporal Graph Ⅰ -21 cranial above and behind the view of Fig. -23 -22 clavicle scapula humeral diagram Fig. -24 I -25 of radius and ulna bone of hand drawing diagram -26 Ⅰ -27 Ⅰ -28 hip map of femur and patella tibia and fibula Fig. -29 Fig. -30 foot bone diagram -31 intervertebral connective graph of -32 spine Fig. -33 rib and sternum thoracic and connection diagram -34 temporomandibular joint diagram -35 sternoclavicular joint and the acromioclavicular joint diagram -36 shoulder -37 elbow diagram of Fig. -38 ulna and radius of the link between the -39 figure I figure I hand joint pelvic -40 diagram -41 hip diagram -42 knee joint -43 tibial and fibular Fig. Connection diagram of bone -44 talocrural joint (ankle) Fig. -45 arch figure I -46 back muscle diagram -47 pectoral diagram -48 diaphragm diagram -49 ABS in figure I figure I -51 -50 neck muscle diagram -52 upper limb superficial muscle tendon sheath Fig. -53 shoulder) figure I figure I -54 arm muscle muscle Fig. -55 forearm muscle diagram -56 hand muscle diagram -57 hand -58 lower extremity superficial muscle -59 hip muscle figure I figure I figure I -61 -60 thigh calf muscle...... The second chapter third chapter fourth digestive system of respiratory system, urinary system and reproductive system in fifth chapter sixth chapter seventh chapter sensory organ vasculature eighth chapter meat secretion system the ninth chapter @##@ neural system Human anatomy is a form of science, students in the learning process, needs to grasp and familiar with thousands of terms, each term represents a specific form, if only to remember these nouns is certainly not good. In order to learn anatomy, it is necessary to establish various structure of the "form" of concepts in the mind. Teachers use a variety of visual teaching method in the classroom, all in order to achieve this purpose. Some teachers and teaching while on the blackboard painted sketch, observation supplemented by model and specimen, can receive the good teaching effect. This is because of refining briefly, image clarity, focused, easy to remember. Unfortunately, sketch the blackboard soon be erased, gone we think: if the concise Atlas of every student has a book and textbook and teacher's teaching match, will be of great advantage to the students learn the anatomy. In view of this, we drew the "Human Anatomy" concise atlas, the dedication to the vast number of students. The most realistic sketch map. These graphs, line is concise, silhouette close to reality, can help students establish the correct concept of form; there are some patterns, this class only approximate, not for like, to help students understand the structure of the human body; otherwise diagram, graph and image analogy a little, to active student thinking, deepen the understanding of related structure. The schematic picture concise, easy to imitate depicted by copying, students, not only helps to grasp the morphology and structure of the human body, but also improve the drawing ability. With this capability, the subsequent course of study and future work will bring a lot of convenience.
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