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Date of publication:2004-6   Press: Henan Medical University Press   Author:Li Wei   Pages:266   Words:286000  
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The first chapter of genetic basis of section 1 gene and human genome, the molecular structure of nucleic acids two, the concept of gene three, gene structure and function of four, the transfer of genetic information five, the human genome project six, genomics second gene mutation, two mutation basic concept, classification and effect three, induced agent and DNA repair in third of cell cycle and mitosis fourth meiosis, gamete formation and fertilization, meiosis and meiosis II two, gametes (sperm, eggs) general clinical classification form three, reproduction and fertilization of human chromosome second chapter and chromosome disease first human cytogenetic nomenclature system second normal human karyotype, chromosome karyotype and an anatomical structure two, chromosome banding technique and FISH technique in three, chromosome polymorphism third chromosome disease overview, chromosome disease two, chromosome disease in population frequencies of three chromosome disorders, genetic effect in four, chromosome disease of the estimated fourth section staining body Pathology an abnormal chromosome number, two, the mechanism of chromosomal structural abnormality types and mechanisms of the third chapter of genetic mode of the first section pedigree and pedigree analysis section second fundamental laws of heredity and Mendel genetic classification, basic concepts, basic law of two genetics third autosomal dominant inheritance, autosomal dominant, often features two autosomal dominant type fourth autosomal recessive fifth sex chromosome linked recessive genetic one, X two, X three, Y chain dominant genetic linkage sixth section two kinds of single gene traits or diseases associated with genetic one or two single gene trait or disease free combination of two, two single gene traits or chain and exchange section seventh diseases of non classical Mendel inheritance, genetic imprinting and a single two body two, genetic heterogeneity and pleiotropic gene three, anticipation and dynamic mutation (repeat amplification) four, chimerism with five, X chromosome inactivation eighth mitochondrial genetic...... Calculation of the fifth chapter of genetic disease diagnosis and control of the sixth chapter of the seventh chapter of pediatric common genetic counseling genetic disease and Advisory points eighth chapters of Obstetrics and Gynecology common genetic disease and Advisory points ninth chapters Department of internal medicine common genetic disease overview and Advisory points tenth surgical common genetic disease and Advisory points @##@ chapter fourth genetic risk The book consists of 10 parts of 28 words, on the basis of science and chromosome basic knowledge, classical and non classical genetic approaches, genetic risk genetic detection, introduces the basic knowledge of the human genome, genetics, discussed a series of problems for our high incidence, harm is great, for genetic screening and prenatal diagnosis inside, outside, all the genetic pathology common genetic disease, clinical manifestation, diagnosis and treatment methods, genetic counseling points, and introduces the latest advances in genetic medicine. Book Co edited by Li Wei, Professor of medical genetics and gene diagnosis expert He Yunshao, China's famous geneticists, Medical College of Zhongshan University doctoral tutor Professor Du Chuanshu revision, to help clinical genetic counseling genetic counseling doctor master the basic knowledge and method of clinical routine work center must have rapidly, especially suitable for genetic counseling training tutorial, can also be for other workers, medical genetics, maternal and child health care personnel, clinician medical laboratory technicians and medical students studying reference.
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  •   Is a basis of comparison of the book, perhaps because short, some of the content is too simple, but just want to know about the non specialist genetic counseling, this book is enough

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