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Date of publication:2002-1-1   Press: Light Industry Press   Author:Zhang Heping, Guo Jun   Pages:268   Words:224000  
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The first chapter immune first immune concept and basic functions of the immune system in section third section second section fourth section fifth antigen antibody immune response to the second chapter in bovine milk immunoglobulin section maternal antibody on neonatal immune transfer section second bovine milk immunoglobulin types, content and source of third day milk's disease globulin and biochemical characteristics of fourth immunoglobulin. The third chapter discusses the concept and development history of immune milk first immune milk concept and mechanism of immune milk second section of the development history of the fourth chapter of immune milk production technology section Stolle S100 immune milk production second HP2000 immune milk production technology for the fifth chapter in immune milk the role of specific milk antibodies specific milk antibodies on the first day of gastrointestinal pathogen infection prevention and treatment of second day milk antibody in complement regulation under the bactericidal effect of the sixth chapter of immune milk on human physiological functions of immune milk on the first day of intestinal microflora regulation of immune milk on the second day of non intestinal diseases the seventh chapter of immune milk anti inflammatory effect and factor in the first day free Phytophthora milk anti-inflammatory effect in section second in immune milk anti-inflammatory factor purification section third anti-inflammatory factor anti-inflammatory properties in section fourth the anti-inflammatory cytokines analgesic and antipyretic effects of anti-inflammatory molecules consisting of fifth section by section sixth has anti-inflammatory properties of immune milk preparation of the technical requirements of the eighth chapter of immunoglobulin in the digestive system of the stability of IgG in the first quarter in the second section of digestive system stability of bovine colostrum trypsin inhibitor third day milk IgG applied to the human body should pay attention to some problems in Chapter ninth, the stability of IgG and IgG in immune milk heat denaturation kinetics in the first section of the stability of IgG second IgG in immune milk heat denaturation kinetics of the tenth chapter milk immunoglobulin separation section milk IgG isolation and purification of second day milk immunoglobulin ultrafiltration separation section third isoelectric point, molecular sieve filtration separation from milk immunoglobulin eleventh chapter microencapsulation Ig section microcapsule concept and type second immune globulin microcapsulation twelfth chapter first immune immune milk products milk powder processing section second specific antibody containing milk whey protein concentrate (IWPC) safety evaluation of second day S100 immune milk regulation of safety inspection thirteenth chapter immune milk immunoglobulin preparation section third immune yoghurt preparation fourth day milk antibody UHT immune milk production fifth immune colostrum products section sixth in bovine colostrum and immune section contains specific IgG baby immune milk powder (powder) immunization safety evaluation in section third of regulation @##@ immune milk powder Entering the 80's of the twentieth Century, the research and development of antibodies from immune milk and immune milk has become the focus of the development of functional dairy products, to 90 time gradually into commercial production stage. At present, in addition to Stolle, the developed countries Japan, Germany, medical, food researchers and related enterprises of colostrum and immune milk research and development is also very active, the oral specific immune globulin prophylaxis and treatment of gastrointestinal tract infection has done a lot of research. With the in-depth study of the development of immunology and immune milk, found that the specific antibody in immune milk in addition to the intestinal pathogenic bacteria inhibition, immune milk also has the role of anti-inflammatory, reducing blood fat, lowering blood pressure, anti aging, anti radiation, but also has the protective effects on cardiovascular system and respiratory system. This book is the author based on years of research and reference of foreign literature written in. The book is divided into thirteen chapters, introduces the concept and development history of immune milk, specific antibody production technology, the role of. Also analyzed the effect of immune milk on human physiological function; separation and purification of immunoglobulin in milk safety; regulation of immune milk and immune. The book is rich in content, scientific achievements, represents the latest technology in our study of immune milk.
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