Medical immunology

Date of publication:2005-10   Press: Science and Technology Literature Press   Author:Zhang Chongjie  

This book is based on the "Medical Immunology" undergraduate teaching, combined with the requirements of the syllabus, convenient for students in medical colleges and universities to learn medical immunology the compulsory course preparation. The book has nineteen chapters, the main content covers material. Each chapter includes teaching syllabus, textbooks, typical of item analysis, self testing questions and answers, the content of the five part, for medical college students and clinicians reference for the postgraduate entrance examination, qualification examination.
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The first chapter antigen and antigen-presenting
second chapter immunoglobulin
third chapters complement system
fourth chapter cytokine
fifth chapter leukocyte differentiation antigen and cell adhesion molecule
sixth chapter major histocompatibility complex
seventh chapter immune cells
eighth chapter B lymphocyte mediated humoral immune
ninth chapter T lymphocyte mediated immune
tenth chapter of immunoregulatory
eleventh chapter immune tolerance
twelfth chapter hypersensitivity
thirteenth chapter anti infection immune
fourteenth chapter autoimmunity and autoimmune disease.
fifteenth chapter immunodeficiency disease.
sixteenth chapter tumor immune
seventeenth chapter transplantation immunity
eighteenth chapter immune diagnosis of
nineteenth chapter immune treatment and prevention of
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  •   Feeling "teaching content of" some chapters too detailed, is to copy the books, some are too simple, only a few words.

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