The key technique of goose duck disease prevention

Date of publication:2006-1   Press: Chinese Three Gorges Publishing House   Author:Zhang Xiaofei, Zhu Yonghe   Pages´╝Ü116  

The problems of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, the key to social stability and economic development, the realization of the relationship between building a well-off society and building a new socialist rural areas of great strategy goal. The party and government have always attached great importance to the "three rural issues". In recent years, the CPC Central Committee has issued 1 documents, emphasizing to solve the "three rural" problems especially the extreme importance of increasing farmers' income. Shortly before the closing of the sixteen session of the fifth plenary session again, want to had solved "3 farming" problem as the priority among priorities of the party's work, make every attempt to increase the income of farmers. In order to help the migrants from the Three Gorges and the vast number of farmers' income, the State Council Three Gorges led, organization published "farmers' income 100 key technology", in order to provide strong technical support for farmers to increase income. Experts at the National hundreds of active in agricultural research institutes, universities and agricultural technology extension departments participated in the series of compilation, which distinguished the agricultural scientists, and many young scholars have made outstanding contributions to China's agriculture. They not only have a solid theoretical foundation of agricultural science, but also has abundant practical experience, and fully guarantee the scientificity, practicability, reliability of book content, development level represents the current agricultural technology.
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Yuan Longping, academician of the Academy of Engineering China, outstanding rice breeders, the chief adviser to the United Nations Food and agriculture organization. The current National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center and Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center Director, Professor, doctoral supervisor, and Hunan Academy of agricultural science, Tsinghua University professor and Dean emeritus professor of Hunan Agricultural University. Yuan Longping is the servant of our plane hybrid rice research and development, is also the first in the world on the successful use of rice heterosis scientist. He first bred the first practical rice male sterile line and its maintainer line two nine South 1, A and B, the realization of the "three lines" supporting, and bred the first combination with strong heterosis, and then conquer hybrid rice production.
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The first chapter of ducks and geese, prevention and treatment of common diseases of goose and duck disease prevention and daily observation two, duck and goose disease classification and symptoms in three, duck and goose disease diagnosis, the second chapter duck disease identification and prevention, the popular duck disease type two, Duck infectious diseases, parasitic diseases three duck, duck four poisoning five, duck, duck nutrient deficiency of six other diseases third chapter goose disease identification and control of a goose, disease prevention and control is very important two, goose infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, three of four other diseases fourth chapter of ducks and geese use a reasonable way, dose and dosage two, delivery methods, procedures three four, the use of rational drug use in five, nutrition of rational use of drugs six, feed additives, veterinary drug use note seven note the use of the
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The first chapter of ducks and geese, prevention and treatment of common diseases of goose and duck disease prevention and daily observation (a) of duck and goose disease prevention measures to strengthen prevention and control of duck and goose often disease is the duck goose an important guarantee to gain high yield. The epidemic. The flocks of ducks and geese in large number of death, cause huge economic losses. Therefore, we must implement the "prevention first" principle, to take various measures, do good precaution work, make the disease occurrence or non occurrence. If there is a disease, but also a timely discovery, timely treatment, try to reduce unnecessary economic loss. To sum up, we should do the following.......
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