Treatment and nursing of dog disease

Date of publication:2012-5   Press: China Agriculture Press   Author:Wei Suocheng   Pages´╝Ü389  

"Dog disease diagnosis and treatment and nursing" covers a dog basic clinical examination, special diagnostic techniques, clinical treatment technology, digestive system disease, respiratory system disease, urinary system diseases, reproductive system diseases, skin diseases, cardiovascular disease, movement disorders, nutritional and metabolic diseases, diseases of the endocrine system, nervous system disease, poisoning disease, tumor, eye and ear diseases, viral diseases, bacterial diseases, parasitic diseases, autoimmune diseases, surgical diseases, especially nursing content in dogs. Including the definition, illness, prevalence, clinical symptoms, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, treatment and preventive measures of each kind of disease.
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The first chapter preface the clinical diagnostic techniques commonly used method of section second in Baoding section second basic clinical examination method in section third and section fourth the general examination system examination fifth day special inspection chapter second commonly used techniques in the treatment of first delivery second injection third catheterization fourth enema fifth gastric lavage in section sixth to seventh oxygen therapy section eighth blood transfusion therapy technology section of the ninth anesthesia section tenth endoscopic therapy eleventh gene therapy twelfth euthanasia chapter third digestive system diseases of upper digestive tract diseases first day second day third day of gastrointestinal diseases of liver and spleen, pancreas, peritoneal disease fourth hernia fifth section dog vomiting sixth dogs of dehydration fourth the first section of Chapter diseases of respiratory system diseases of upper respiratory tract second lung, bronchus and pleural disease is the fifth chapter of urinary system disease first urethral diseases second bladder disease of kidney disease in sixth chapter third section of diseases of the genitourinary system first male reproductive organ disease second female reproductive organ disease third day before delivery and post natal care nutrition, seventh chapter metabolic and endocrine disease first metabolic diseases, second day of vitamin metabolism disorder disease third Festival of minerals and trace elements metabolism disease in fourth sections of other metabolic disease, endocrine system diseases eighth chapter fifth section poisoning disease first aid measures in section second, chapter ninth common poisoning disease cardiovascular disease first heart disease blood disease in tenth chapter second section of nervous system diseases in the first quarter of the central nervous system diseases in second sections of peripheral nerve disease third peripheral nerve injury in eleventh chapter skin disease section section second parasite examination third common skin disease of the twelfth chapter 1 Introduction section second tumor tumor common tumor in thirteenth chapter injury and surgical infection first day second day third day injury surgical infection canine shock in Fourteenth chapter infectious diseases section of viral infectious diseases section second bacterial infection in section third fungal diseases fourth Rickettsia canis diseases and chlamydia, the fifteenth chapter of parasitic disease first protozoal disease second worm disease chapter sixteenth eye, ear disease first Department of Ophthalmology medicine and treatment technology section of the second common eye disease seventeenth chapter third section common motor system disease first muscle inflammation second section fracture third day the fourth section dog dog osteochondrosis rheumatism section fifth section sixth joint dislocation of knee joint In seventh day subcutaneous bursitis eighth canine lumbar intervertebral disc herniation in Eighteenth chapter canine care section of neonatal dog care second day lactation canine care section third puppies nursing knowledge fourth day gestational canine care fifth day delivery nursing of sixth day old dog dog dog diet nursing section seventh item eighth Festival seasons management features ninth pet dogs routine nursing tenth ordinary diseases nursing eleventh infectious diseases of digestive system diseases nursing care in section twelfth section thirteenth parasitic disease in dogs care section fourteenth claw disease and nursing care of fifteenth section dog tooth care section sixteenth eye care seventeenth section dog ear care eighteenth Festival otoplasty nineteenth day tail of twentieth section dog's cosmetology references Appendix A of canine normal physiological indexes of appendix two appendix three dog dog blood routine indexes in blood biochemistry normal appendix four dog urine component normal appendix five canine cerebral spinal fluid component normal appendix six dogs commonly used in clinical drug appendix seven canine vaccine procedures in Appendix eight appendix nine canine deworming ancient dog cultural phenomenon and its impact on social life
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