Small animal surgery operation nursing techniques and concepts

Date of publication:2010-12   Press: Liaoning science and technology   Author:(United States) Sara J. giving | translator: Li Lin / Zhao Yujun   Pages´╝Ü288  

Author: Sara (America) J. (Sara J.Busch.DVM) giving translator: Li Lin Zhao Yujun, co-author: Manor College (Manor College) and veterinary science and technology project (Program of Veterinary Technology) Zhan Jindun
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The copyright page: illustration: be concise and to the point and be chronologically accurate collection history is a after a lot of practice to get skills. When the owner (the guardian) with the patient (animal) came after the exam room and introduced, medical history collection of the best confirmation from the characteristics of the patient's description of the beginning. Through the description of the owner to determine the patient's age, sex, breed, and then these information and the patient's disease history were compared, can guarantee the accuracy of the disease, also can clarify confusion or any deviation is found. Once established and verified the description of the characteristics of the patient, be willing to listen to complaints (or visits). Complaints are usually short, but very important, is the present condition of complete description. For example, "two days ago by the car, stockBone fracture". Once the complaint was or is determined, you need to make animal master-slave problems to illustrate the course of events. In the collection of the case history, the most important is to avoid trapping asked and asked, because this will make owners feel is to answer questions at the force, "you feed without feed on other things, Is it right??" This will make owners feel forced him to answer a question from a negative point, because such questions to guide the owners replied with a tendency. But the questions in different ways will enable owners faithfully without prejudice to answer questions. "Do you feed your dog on what?" This problem is not an induction, stress, and can provide more than the last problem more useful information. The following problems should be put forward at the appropriate time. Such as are very concerned about the dog nutrition or physical condition, we can ask how long interval feeding, feed what and how much to feed. Subject specific issues as important conclusions can be drawn. The last question, dietary about dogs can ask: "your dog is also eat other things?" This is a no induced problem, and may make the owners to provide help or very important information. In the history of the survey, to understand the current problem to adopt the disposal method which treatment include the owner in the home is very important. In addition, the effect of treatment and patient response to each treatment is also very important. Understand the treatment is currently in use and could be used for animal drugs, including the important content of the survey non prescription drugs and prescription drugs is also a history of. Because some drugs may affect the results of diagnostic tests or Ma ago drugs and anesthetics.
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The first part of the main issues the first chapter animal preoperative preparation before operation 3 history survey of 4 physical examination 4 physical condition and mental state of 4 head and neck 5 thoracic and 5 abdominal hip check 7 forelimb surface inspection 7 consent 8 preanesthetic diagnostic test 8 minimum database 8 additional test of 11 preoperative medication 11 pain management principles 11 analgesic 11 calm and soothe the nerves of 15 anti cholinergic drugs 15 venous catheter 16 items 16 jugular catheter intubation endotracheal intubation in 22 22 23 select the appropriate size of the cannula 23 items were placed in 25 patients and 24 to 27 hair 28 urination 30 operation site preparation 31 second chapter 39 operation room personnel disinfection correct dress 39 scrub clothes 39 operation cap 40 gang of 40 shoes and shoe cover 40 jewelry 41 personal hygiene guide 41 nails 41 arm scrub 41 cleaning preparation 42 antibacterial cleaning liquid on surgical operation arm. 42 the use of antibacterial wipe the lotion wipe wash Mu 43 rub lotion type 43 operation suits and gloves to wear 44 hand wipe 44 wear operation clothes 45 gloves 46 pollution operation service 49 the third chapter operation room and sterilization operation in 51 of 51 at the end of 51 daily cleaning clean after each operation routine cleaning 51 cleaning regulations 52 asepsis 52 surgical operation consciousness no 52 Bacteria were to maintain 52 open sterilization package 54 open band wrapped package 54 (another) one hand opened the parcel 54 open big sterilization package 55 chapter fourth surgical materials and equipment 57 surgical equipment manufacturing group 57 57 Wei 57 common surgical instruments 58 orthopedic device 63 eye surgical instrument 66 anesthesia machine 67 68 leakage monitoring 75 breathing circuit 75 oxygen flow 76 sewing needle 77 tip 78 needle 78 seam binding end 78 suture material 78 suture material characteristics of 78 size 80 packing 80 suture operation during the 81 apparatus 82 patient insulation facilities 82 shadowless operation lamp 83 operation 83 electrosurgical 84 suction 85 electric hair clipper 87 anesthesia monitoring equipment 87 pulse oximetry monitoring only 88 of carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide analyzer 89 90 91 blood pressure monitor ECG surgical power tools 91 second part fifth chapter was considered in the operation the patient 99 temperature keeping technology 99 preliminary preparation and Baoding 100 operation part of the final preparations for the 100 patient in Baoding 101 special operation operation table Baoding 102 to 104 in the operation room sterile area holding 104 patient monitoring 105 veterinary Anesthesiologists Task 105 beats and rhythms of 107 tissue perfusion of 108 respiratory rate and rhythm, 109 nervous system indexes of 110 Ma Table 112 sterilization operation assistant drunk 114 intraoperative analgesia 114 administration methods 115 special analgesic 116 surgical wound classification 116 clean record of 117 clean contaminated wound contaminated wound infection and 117 117 117 peri operation period antibiotic medication 118 sixth chapter 121 nutrition, health, operation assisted wearing 121 operation wear 121 responsibility 121 counting instrument 122 dressing check 122 instrument processing and transmission of 122 tissue processing 124 chapter seventh special rules of 127 surgical technology staff 127 abdominal operation 128 ovariohysterectomy 128 caesarean section 130 laparotomy in 135 gastric body and gastric incision 135 intestinal foreign bodies and enterotomy 138 intestinal resection and anastomosis in 140 gastric dilatation twist turn syndrome in 143 bladder incision of 146 orthopedic surgery 150 technical personnel responsibilities 150 orthopedic terminology and Jane Wo 151 fracture repair preparation before operation 151 fractures Fracture fixation to evaluate 152 153...... The third part of chapter eighth after postoperative ninth chapter tenth chapter animal operation room equipment cleaning and disinfection eleventh chapters to the owners of postoperative nursing instruction fourth part twelfth chapter sterilization: sterilization clinics clinic patient, facilities, @##@ demand and method of operation "Small animal surgical operation nursing technology and the concept of" simply put, veterinary surgery nurse's role is to assist the veterinary surgeon complete surgical operation. However, to become a surgical nurse respect and appreciation, will need to go beyond the minimum requirements as his patient's staunchest defenders. Veterinary technicians, both graduate students have no experience, or have many years of experience but is just and the surgeon cooperation nurse, they may be very timid. However, when their purpose is to protect the patient's best interests, they often find that they must provide the best for the animal health confidence. This confidence and motivate them to become indispensable member of surgical nurses efficient and an operation panel. Once the technical personnel have become members appreciated and valued operation team, technical staff has more advantages, also have reason to look forward to and receive the corresponding compensation. This is a typical example of the attitude decides everything. Once the veterinary technicians have become sick animal activists attitude, they often experience job satisfaction increased and the desire to lifelong learning. With the rapid development of medical technology, and veterinary technicians must continuously improve and perfect their skills to meet the new change and the development of veterinary medicine.
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"Small animal surgical operation nursing technology and the concept of" was published by Liaoning science and technology press.
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