Chicken disease disease identification and control

Date of publication:2009-1   Press: Shanxi science and Technology Press   Author:Xue Junlong   Pages´╝Ü185  
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A clinical pathologic identification (a) stool color (two) respiratory symptoms (three) eye disease (four) leg diseases (five) head nerve symptoms (six) facial and head edema (seven) comb, wattle abnormal (eight) egg drop (nine) acute mortality (ten) of two lesions were rectocele pathologic identification (a) liver lesions (two) splenic lesions (three) myocardial lesions (four) lung lesions (five) renal lesions (six) subcutaneous hemorrhage (seven) oral mucosal necrosis (eight) gastric ulcer membrane (nine) and glandular stomach lesions (ten) lesions in small intestine (eleven) (cecal lesion twelve) of thoracic and abdominal air sac lesions (thirteen) tubal malformation (fourteen) yolk peritonitis (fifteen) bursal lesion (sixteen) bone marrow yellow three common diseases prevention and treatment (a) common viral diseases (two) common bacterial diseases (three) main nutritional and metabolic diseases and poisoning disease (four) testing technology of common fungal diseases and four practical laboratory (a) autopsy diagnosis of chicken diseases (two) hemagglutination and hemagglutination inhibition test and application (three) agar immunodiffusion test (four) blood flat Plate agglutination test (five) isolation and cultivation of bacteria (six) bacteria to antimicrobial drug sensitive tests (seven) of chick embryo culture and virus isolation (eight) of general equipment use and maintenance of five common disinfection and use of Technology (a) definitions of disinfection method of disinfection of chicken (two) commonly used (three) common disinfection liquid and guide (four) methods for administration of drugs (five) (six) the effect of combined application of medication errors and Countermeasures (seven) reference @##@ commonly used antibiotics and guide "Chicken disease disease identification and control" from the clinical symptoms of the disease and with similar anatomic pathological changes, help farm staff identification of chicken diseases, and to briefly popular words, main points of diagnosis, etiology and prevention methods. Hope that the majority of farmers and grassroots veterinarians in the diagnosis of the disease have some help.
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