Handbook of poultry disease diagnosis and prescription

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The first chapter of clinical diagnosis of poultry disease clinical diagnosis of basic knowledge of avian disease generally include three aspects: the anatomy of epidemiology, symptoms and pathological. The clinical diagnosis is generally only made an initial diagnosis, diagnosed by laboratory diagnosis. Some disease with characteristic lesions, the clinical diagnosis were confirmed. Epidemiological survey, epidemiological investigation one can be divided into two kinds: preventive investigation and diagnostic investigation. Preventive investigation focus on the understanding of the history of the diagnosis; and for the purpose of investigation includes history, epidemic prevention, including the observation of the present, through the epidemiological investigation, provide the basis for the diagnosis of the disease. The investigation mainly has the following contents. 1 history of epidemic situation and understanding of poultry or poultry specialist flocks of what happened in the past major epidemic, there is no similar diseases, the process and result of how such situation, to analysis of the relationship between the incidence of diseases and the past. If the past fowl cholera, infectious laryngotracheitis, but not thorough disinfection of chicken, chicken without vaccination, can consider is have a recurrence of an old illness. Investigation on the epidemic situation of poultry farms near. If the field, household poultry source infectious disease, such as Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, influenza, chicken pox and other diseases, can quickly spread to the field. The introduction from the eggs, poultry areas for epidemiological survey. There are many diseases are spread by the egg and poultry. Poultry and local bird such as carrier, with the virus in mixed flocks, often cause some infectious disease outbreak. 2 condition and development process of the main query time of onset, disease Avian daily age, the incidence of symptoms, disease transmission speed etc.. In order to speculate that the disease is acute or chronic, is bacterial or virus and doubt is what disease. Such as the use of antibiotic treatment for symptoms reduce or stop quickly die, that is a bacterial disease; sudden large wholesale disease death prompts is fulminant viral diseases or poisoning disease. 3 usually epidemic prevention measures for the implementation of epidemic prevention system and understand the implementation. There is no strict disinfection measures; the sick birds vaccinated what vaccine, what time of vaccination and inoculation route; if you have a drug prevention and regular deworming, thus to etiology analysis. 4 feeding and management condition mainly about stocking density is too large, the ventilation is good, temperature, humidity and light is appropriate, whether the full price of feed, there is no mold. To find the cause under these circumstances.
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The first chapter of poultry disease clinical diagnosis, epidemiological investigation on two basic knowledge, symptoms were observed in three, pathological examination and the second chapter of avian infectious disease first avian virus disease, avian influenza, two, Niki Mi, chicken infectious bursal lame four, infectious laryngotracheitis five, infectious bronchitis six, seven Marek disease eight, fowl pox, chicken egg drop syndrome in nine, avian encephalomyelitis, eleven ten duck, duck viral hepatitis, thirteen twelve gosling plague, hemorrhagic enteritis fourteen, Turkey faced enteritis fifteen, turkey meningoencephalitis in sixteen, Turkey rotavirus infection of avian bacterial disease, section second Escherichia coli disease two, chicken three, self dysentery fowl typhoid, paratyphoid fever, five of four avian bird Arizona disease six, avian Pasteurellosis seven, avian listeriosis avian mycoplasma disease nine, eight, ten, eleven avian aspergillosis tuberculosis, avian pseudo tuberculosis lame twelve, thrush, fourteen thirteen streptococcus disease, infectious coryza fifteen, Pseudomonas aeruginosa chicken disease sixteen, seventeen of campylobacteriosis, staphylococcosis in chickens eighteen, necrotic enteritis in chickens, chicken nineteen Klebsiella disease twenty, cockscomb Twenty-one, ringworm infectious serositis of duck, duck, goose twenty-two erysipelas twenty-three gonococcal disease twenty-four, avian chlamydiosis twenty-five, avian spirochaetosis twenty-six, quail, the quail ulcerative colitis twenty-seven double coccus disease twenty-eight, turkey rhinotracheitis chapter third avian parasites disease section of a lame, prosthogonimus two, echinostomiasis three, notocotylus disease four, after Gao fluke disease five, eosinophilic eye fluke disease six, duck blood fluke disease seven, duck owl fluke disease tapeworm disease second, Riley two, Devine three cestodes lame Taenia taeniasis, sword four, Hymenolepiasis five folds, tapeworm the third section nematode disease, Ascaridia lame two, Heterakis disease three, avian stomach nematode disease...... The fourth chapter references @##@ avian common disease "Manual" poultry disease diagnosis and prescription is a devoted to poultry disease diagnosis and prescription technical monograph. The whole book to avian variety of common diseases, diseases (infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, common diseases) as the object, in simple language to be concise and to the point introduces each kind of symptom and etiology, diagnosis method, and then introduces some treatment prescriptions or some other treatments for this disease mainly, and the in correlation matters needing attention. The most prominent feature of the book is, in the premise of introduced diseases, in order to medications and prescription as the emphasis and main body, introduces in detail the use of various drugs, dosage, medication time, very intuitive and clear. Its purpose is not only to the professional veterinary technicians have a useful tool, and more convenient for some non professionals (such as raising households) can also choose simpler regimen according to the illness and disease of poultry.
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