• Pig disease prevention through science 7

    "7 days" pig scientific control through a comprehensive introduction to the diagnosis and treatment of swine, swine infectious diseases, parasitic disease of swine, swine and metabolic diseases and poisoning disease of pigs with surgical diseases, Department of internal medicine, obstetrics disease in pigs. ,

  • The animal husbandry and veterinary technical manual

    At present, China has entered a new historical period, the people of the whole country in the party's reform, open policy incentives, positive development of husbandry got sufficient play, animal husbandry production development is very rapid, thriving, the situation is very gratifying. In order to meet the needs of this situation, we,

  • Spring song

    Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Lanzhou Institute of animal husbandry and veterinary drug second youth scientific papers and Sheng 彤笙 cup speech contest papers, "Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Lanzhou Institute of animal husbandry and veterinary drug second youth scientific papers and Sheng 彤笙 cup speech contest papers: Spring Song" included Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Lanzhou Institute of animal husbandry and veterinary drug second youth scientific papers and Sheng 彤笙 cup speech contest papers, including: "Chinese Holstein cattle SRY,

  • Handbook of poultry disease diagnosis and prescription

    "Manual" poultry disease diagnosis and prescription is a devoted to poultry disease diagnosis and prescription technical monograph. The whole book to avian variety of common diseases, diseases (infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, common diseases) as the object, in simple language to be concise and to the point introduces each kind of symptom and etiology, diagnosis method, then the,

  • Swine disease diagnosis and treatment difficult question

    The book is divided into eleven parts, the disease infection and prevention, diagnosis and treatment of swine, pig immunization, pig virus infectious disease diagnosis and treatment etc.. ,

  • Pet anatomy and histology and Embryology

    "Pet anatomy and embryo" is in the "Ministry of education to strengthen higher vocational education personnel training work opinions", "on the strengthening of higher vocational education teaching materials construction of a number of opinions", "about improving the teaching quality of higher occupation education views" and other documents under the guidance of the spirit, the agricultural science and China,

  • Animal disease diagnosis and treatment

    "Animal disease treatment" content rich, comprehensive, scientific and practical, easy to understand, to reflect the new achievements, the animal disease research and new experience and new technology, such as endotoxin detection, hormone detection, virus culture, ruminant animal beans poisoning, mad cow disease, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome. Is the theory with practice,

  • Wild animal epidemic diseases

    "Wild animal epidemic disease," the wild animal classification feature, wild animal epidemic disease epidemiology and animal disease prevention and control strategy are expounded, and a serious threat to wild animal diagnosis for major infectious and parasitic diseases from the etiology, epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical symptom, pathological changes,

  • Treatment and nursing of dog disease

    "" dog disease treatment and nursing, basic clinical examination, this book covers the dog's special diagnostic techniques, clinical treatment technology, digestive system disease, respiratory system disease, urinary system diseases, reproductive system diseases, skin diseases, cardiovascular disease, movement disorders, nutritional and endocrine and metabolic diseases, system,

  • The key technology of common pig disease prevention and control

    The key technology of common pig disease prevention and control (color pin version), ISBN:9787802231092, author: Tong Guangzhi, Cai Xuehui,

  • In veterinary medicine

    "The main content in veterinary medicine": China is agricultural big country, is also a big country of the animal husbandry. Since the reform and opening up, China's animal husbandry gained the success that attract worldwide attention, has for 20 consecutive years to an average annual growth rate of 9.9%, output growth of nearly 5 times. ,

  • Veterinary Microbiology

    "Veterinary Microbiology" is the ordinary higher education "level planning eleven five" national curriculum. The book consists of 3 sections and 19 chapters, the first chapter on the basic characteristics of bacteria, viruses, fungi as the main line, and compare with the main characteristics of other microorganisms, including morphology and structure, physiology and biochemistry, genetics and breeding, cultivation and,

  • Practical Handbook of rural veterinary knowledge

    "A practical handbook" rural "and the Ministry of Agriculture veterinary knowledge according to relevant stipulations on the management of animal epidemic prevention law", from the basic knowledge of animal immunity, animal and matters needing attention in the use, technical specifications, veterinary medicine, animal quarantine disinfection of common sense knowledge and sampling technology standards and related laws and regulations and the provisions of the seven aspects, introduced the township,

  • Pet diseases in Department of Internal Medicine

    "Pet" to the Department of Internal Medicine Department of internal medicine disease of disease of dogs and cats, but also take into account the relevant contents of ornamental birds and other pets diseases in Department of internal medicine; the organ system disease at the same time, also pay special attention to the differential diagnosis of symptoms related diseases. This text is divided into eleven chapters, the ten chapter according to the digestive organs before, respiratory organs, blood,

  • The key technique of goose duck disease prevention

    The key technique of goose disease prevention duck (color interpolation version), ISBN:9787802231153, author: Zhang Xiaofei, Zhu Yonghe,

  • Veterinary pharmacy and experimental technology

    "Veterinary Pharmacology and experimental technology" is divided into nine chapters, including animal status, application of traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine study on the extraction and purification process, preparation research, test, stability test, quality standards and safety evaluation of drugs, toxic effect, also added several veterinary synthetic natural chemical drugs the,

  • Pet pathology

    "Pet pathological" consists of twenty-three chapters, the first chapter to the fourteen chapter is the basic pathological section (the two part pet pathophysiology and pathological anatomy); the fifteenth chapter to the twenty-one chapter is the theory part of pet clinical pathology; while the twenty-second chapter and the twenty-three chapter for the production of pet autopsy technique and pet pathological specimens, not,

  • The panic

    "Century panic: introduction of mad cow disease anthrax" content: the last century, mad cow disease spread rapidly in Europe, spread to more than 20 countries and regions in the world, has forced the countries to mass slaughter of the emergence of mad cow disease in cattle. Mad cow disease is spread to humans, so far, has killed more than 100 people. Now,

  • Both traditional Chinese orthopedics examination

    This book is based on the national plan of TCM colleges and universities teaching materials and teaching syllabus, engaged in Chinese teaching by famous experts, professors, and have rich teaching experience and proposition of the prepared. The content includes: the brief history of the development of Orthopaedics and traumatology of Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese orthopedics foundation, fracture, dislocation, tendon injury, injury, bone inside the card,

  • Comprehensive experimental technology of animal medicine specialty

    "A brief introduction to the main content of comprehensive experimental technology" animal medicine: "comprehensive experiment" animal medicine specialty in ordinary institutions of higher learning in twenty-first Century, animal medicine and Animal Quarantine (plant), (Veterinary) pharmaceutical engineering talents in animal medicine undergraduate new training program reform and perfection of an independent and important,

  • Veterinary Department of Internal Medicine

    "Veterinary Department of internal medicine" higher education is facing the reform of teaching content and course system in twenty-first Century the research results of 04-15 project. This textbook is written in accordance with the composition of groups of three with the old principle, invited a number of domestic veterinary department of internal medicine experts, especially a group of young experts, cut a striking figure full of wit,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of disease in dogs and cats

    Dogs, cats and dogs diseases, diagnosis and treatment of disease and disease in dogs and cats, dogs and cats diagnosis, disease diagnosis, Southwestern Normal University press

  • Diseases of poultry

    "Poultry diseases" was first published in 1943, the early version was written for America veterinarians, but after many years, the author expanded to many experts in many countries, the world, so that the book no matter from the theoretical perspective, or from the actual production, it is indeed the field into international monograph. This book by,

  • Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases

    "Animal disease diagnosis and treatment guidelines" is divided into seven chapters, mainly relates to livestock (pigs, cattle, sheep, poultry (chicken), duck, goose), birds (pigeon), pet (dog, cat) 4 categories and 9 kinds of typical disease of one hundred kinds of animal. The Porcine Circovirus Disease, porcine epidemic prone in recent years eperythrozoonosis, Haemophilus parasuis disease,,

  • Environmental Hygiene Experimental Animal Guide

    Experimental animal environmental hygiene with theory teaching to strengthen the main links of practical skills. Through experiment and practice, theory can better understand environmental science, subject system, and gradually master the environmental test technology, then make a correct evaluation of the field. In order to promote China's",

  • Animal epidemic prevention

    "Animal epidemic disease prevention and control (Second Edition)" on the basis of continuing education of animal husbandry and veterinary professional teaching plan writing after the technical secondary school, aims to enable students to master the new knowledge and new technology of animal husbandry and veterinary professional, has the capability of management of moderate scale farms, to adapt to the development of agriculture and rural economy in new stage of husbandry and veterinary extension,

  • And Disease Prevention Manual

    "Dogs and cats Disease Prevention Manual" is divided into eighteen chapters, the book provides a comprehensive account of dogs, cats and other infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, Department of internal medicine disease, surgical disease diagnosis, prevention and control technology etc.. ,

  • The sheep disease prevention and control technology

    "The sheep disease prevention and control technology" to promote the healthy development of sheep industry, production of green food for human purposes, with straightaway language, thorough, systematically introduces the sheep disease diagnosis and treatment technology, raise environmental health system in sheep production, application of micro ecological preparation, sheep virus disease, often see the bacteria disease, parasitic disease,

  • Dog meat in disease prevention

    "Prevention of disease" dog meat in detail meat dog disease diagnosis and treatment technology and meat dog routine health operation etc.. "Prevention of disease" dog meat is suitable for general meat dog breed, on-site technical staff, clinical veterinarians and dog lovers of reading. ,

  • Dogs and cats of bone and joint operation into the road map

    "Dogs of bone and joint operation into the road map (Fourth Edition)" of small animal operation in the most authoritative works, on clinical is very useful, favored by the vast number of readers. The book is divided into introduction, the head, spine, scapula and shoulder joint, pelvis and hip, forelimbs, hind the 7 chapter, a total of 81 hands,

  • The key technology of livestock and poultry diseases prevention medication

    The key technology of animal disease control medication (color pin version), ISBN:9787802231085, author: Yang Zhiqiang, Zhao Zhaozhong, Zheng Jifang, Luo Chao, Yang Ruile,

  • Chinese snakebite Science

    China snake bite, ISBN:9787537732598, author: Yu Peinan et al,

  • Operating procedures for the detection of veterinary drug residues

    "Standard practice for veterinary drug residue standard operating procedures contained" detection is based on the current standard of our country, in accordance with the requirements of the EU 2002/657/EC technology, by testing personnel based in this room in method validation after 3 years completed. The book contains standard operating procedure 48, involving,

  • Animal quarantine

    "Animal Quarantine" to the animal quarantine advisory, quarantine, slaughter and quarantine, quarantine and supervision work for the task of learning situation, the animal quarantine knowledge and skills were re construction, emphasize the training of Occupation Competence, including single, single task information, information, plan, material single list of tools, implementation of single,,

  • The cattle disease disease identification and control

    "The cow disease disease identification and control" is to safeguard the healthy development of the cattle industry, improve technical personnel, cattle scale cattle farmers and grassroots animal husbandry and veterinary staff technology level and work ability, we organize related personnel to compile, in order to help the reader in the practice of science and differential diagnosis of disease of cattle, do early prevention and early treatment,,

  • Rabbit disease disease identification and control / science and technology to become rich series / new rural construction of Library

    "Prevention of rabbit disease disease identification and control" disease in part to rabbit bacterial infections, viral infectious disease, other infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, nutritional and metabolic diseases, toxic disease, gynecology disease, genetic diseases, cancer and other diseases, a total of 126. Introduced the pathogen (or cause), the typical symptom,

  • Chicken disease disease identification and control

    "Chicken disease disease identification and control" from the clinical symptoms of the disease and with similar anatomic pathological changes, help farm staff identification of chicken diseases, and to briefly popular words, main points of diagnosis, etiology and prevention methods. Hope that the majority of farmers and grassroots veterinarians in the diagnosis of the disease have some help. ,

  • The essential guide to study veterinary practice

    The veterinary practicing learning points guide, ISBN:9787502253387, authors: Zhu Fengxia, Li Hongbin eds.,

  • Fast speed diagnosis treatment technique of rabbit disease

    Fast speed diagnosis treatment technique of rabbit disease, "rabbit disease diagnosis treatment technology of fast speed" is divided into four chapters, the first chapter mainly introduces the warren of sanitation and epidemic prevention. Because of the scale, intensive aquaculture sites face disease, must establish "combining prevention with control, prevention before cure" thought, in this chapter are also introduced breeders should be familiar with the habits and characteristics and the prevention of rabbit,

  • Rabies prevention and control guidelines

    "Rabies prevention and control guide" for the grassroots medical staff, disease prevention and control as well as ordinary readers to use and reference. ,

  • Small animal surgery operation nursing techniques and concepts

    "Introduction of small animal surgical operation nursing technology and concept of" content: simply put, veterinary surgery nurse's role is to assist the veterinary surgeon complete surgical operation. However, to become a surgical nurse respect and appreciation, will need to go beyond the minimum requirements as his patient's staunchest defenders. ,

  • Veterinary Medicine Handbook

    "Veterinary Medicine Manual (Revised Edition)" the first edition was published in March 1993 in 1992, second printing. Ever since its publication, the animal husbandry and veterinary workers welcome. In order to meet the need of the animal husbandry and veterinary science and technology development, the revised. This revision, the spirit of "innovative, practical, accurate, comprehensive",

  • The major animal disease and its risk analysis

    "A major animal disease and its risk analysis" includes the import risk analysis of infectious disease in 18 kinds of animal in the world at present the most important ", covering the 15 entry regulations of the people's Republic of China entry animal one or two kinds of infectious diseases, parasitic diseases of animals" in a Class infectious diseases and 3 kinds of imported animal,

  • Birds field control of multiple diseases manual

    "Introduction of rare birds and field control multiple diseases manual" content: in order to control the epidemic of rare birds breeding birds, to escort, Guo Hongwei presided over the preparation of "birds field control multiple diseases manual" a book. "Birds field control of multiple diseases manual" combined with the author's clinical experience rare diseases for over ten years, and access,

  • Small animal surgery operation cases of atlas

    "Some of the treatment process and method of small animal surgical operation cases of" Introduction (including success and failure), some not completely in accordance with the method described by classical data for diagnosis and treatment, but also the lack of laboratory data of clinical conditions, but according to the condition and the personal contact processing. ,

  • Prevention and treatment of mixed infection in dogs and cats

    "Dogs and cats of mixed infection control" the dog, cat mixed infection incidence, etiology analysis mainly includes status, main symptoms, pathological changes, diagnosis, drug sensitive test, emergency measures, effect and experience summary of content, rich and colorful. In order to make the "disease prevention" and mixed infection play a greater,

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