Dietary nutrition and health care function manual

Date of publication:2012-3   Press: China Textile Press   Author:Zhang Ying   Pages:792  

This book introduces 37 (Chapter), more than five hundred and forty kinds of natural food nutrients content, function of health care, health care and therapeutic methods, science, and practicability, can be used for family meals health care use, also can be used for hotel nutrition health care, also can be used as a health care professional colleges the student's extracurricular reading material.
Author brief introduction

Zhang Ying, male, graduated from Beijing University of Chemical Technology in 1964, he engaged in teaching and research work, teach general chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry instrument analysis course, published a large number of scientific papers, and some have also been American Chemical magazine, was promoted to associate professor in 1988.
from the beginning of 1970, study and research of TCM, TCM chemistry, TCM pharmacy, in 1990 began producing technology of health wine, in 1993 was appointed chief engineer of the hole source of natural health products company, guiding the production of health wine. Retired in 1995, employed in the Sino US joint venture Beijing Luo method Island auto Chemicals Co. Ltd., the chief engineer, guide cleaner production and development of new products.
main works include:
1. series: "wine production and practical technology" (China Light Industry Press, 2001)
2. editor: "fine chemical formula Daquan" (Chemical Industry Press, 2001)
3. series: "family health care liquor preparation" (Chinese Language Press, 2002)
4. wrote: "popular wine 400 cases" (China Light Industry Press, 2002)
5. series: "Technical Handbook of plastic rubber formula" (Chemical Industry Press, 2002)
6. series: "popular wine recipe 700 cases" (China Light Industry Press, 2002)
7. series: "everyday food diet" (people's Medical Publishing House
8., 2004): "fine chemical formula and technology for metal processing" (Chemical Industry Press, 2006)
9. wrote: "family medicinal liquor prescription selection and preparation" (Chemical Industry Press, 2008)
10. wrote: "in the elderly health tonic wine" (China Light Industry Press, 2008)
11. Author: "Application of plant growth regulation technology in gardening" (China Light Industry Press, 2009),
12.: "elderly tonicHealth protection tea "(China Light Industry Press, 2009)
13. wrote:" family health bath therapy "(China Light Industry Press, 2009)
Catalogue of books

The first chapter of planting vegetables, Chinese Cabbage (
one of Chinese cabbage)
three rape, Brassica
five spinach, celery
seven, how to eat the leek lettuce
nine lettuce and Brassica juncea
. Eleven, hollow dish
twelve, the
fourteen winter edible amaranth mustard and edible amaranth
seventeen, how to eat chrysanthemum with
nineteen, toon practices. alfalfa
twenty-one, fennel Brasenia schreberi
with vegetables twenty-three, second chapter of wild vegetables Wuta Tsai

A, purslane
three bitter Ma food, how to eat shepherd's purse
four, Ma Lan head
five, Plantago
seven, thorn A. edible amaranth
nine, Ching Ming vegetables dandelion
eleven dishes, Ping, bamboo leaf vegetable
thirteen bracken and Chinese wolfberry
fifteen, ash Dongfeng food edible amaranth
seventeen, Osmunda cress
nineteen claw dish, new
third chapter stem vegetables.
A, fresh bamboo shoots
two, how do the asparagus. Br / > three,
four lotus, Lily
six, cactus Zizania
fourth chapter fifth chapter
root vegetables melon eggplant dish
sixth chapter cauliflower
seventh chapter fresh pods, bean sprouts
eighth chapter seasoning vegetables
ninth chapter edible fungus
tenth chapter seaweed
eleventh chapter rice and flour
Chapter twelfth grains
thirteenth chapter 干豆
fourteenth chapter Dioscorea
fifteenth chapter southern fruit
sixteenth chapter northern fruit
seventeenth chapter nuts and kernel
eighteenth chapter of pork and its organ
nineteenth chapter and the twentieth chapter organ
beef mutton and organ
twenty-first chapters other meat and viscera
twenty-second chapter poultry and organ
Chapter twenty-third eggs
twenty-fourth chapter freshwater fish
twenty-fifth chapter freshwater other products
twenty-sixth chapter fish
twenty-seventh chapter marine mollusk
twenty-eighth chapters other seafood
twenty-ninth chapter insects and their derivatives
thirtieth chapter snakes and lizards
thirty-first chapter and thirty-second chapter wild beast

thirty-third chapter flower tea beverage drink
thirty-fourth chapter edible oil
thirty-fifth chapter of sweetening agent
thirty-sixth chapter seasoning
thirty-seventh chapter
thirty-eighth chapter spices nutrition physiological function and food selection guide
reference > appendix
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: in the first chapter, planting vegetables, cabbage cabbage, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, per 100 grams of fresh vegetable nutrient content: water 93.6 grams, 3.1 grams of carbohydrates, protein 1.7 grams, 0.6 grams of dietary fiber, carotene 250 mg, vitamin B10.06 mg, vitamin B20.07 mg, niacin 0.8 mg, vitamin C47 mg, vitamin E0.92 mg, mineral potassium 130 mg, 69 mg of calcium, magnesium 12 mg, iron 0.5 mg, 0.21 mg, 0.21 mg of zinc manganese, phosphorus 30 mg, 0.33 micrograms of selenium. The edible method of food a lot, with the texture of fresh, rich nutrition, meat and vegetarian dishes can, refreshing taste palatability as the characteristic, can be fried, boiled, fried, roast, stew, stewed, boiled, salad, soup, but also with other vegetables, meat assort or arrange in pairs or groups do stuffing, used for steamed stuffed bun, baked pie, jiaozi etc.. Taste of Chinese cabbage sweet, flat, with clearing heat and relieving effect of trouble, Tom Lee stomach, quench thirst diuretic, can be used for upset thirsty, constipation, lung heat cough, stomach yin, gingival swelling and pain. Edible health guide: 1 Chinese cabbage pearl barley soup: can be used for acute nephritis, oliguria and edema. 2 fried big dish: often feed can be used for cerebral vascular disease, hypertension, upset thirsty, two will not free. 3 Chinese cabbage stir fried shredded pork: used for coronary heart disease, hypertension, gingival bleeding. 4 Chinese cabbage onion ginger soup: used for colds, bronchitis cough. The 5 big food mushrooms boiled jiaozi for brain tumor patients assisted sanatorium. 6 mushrooms fried big dish: for cerebral vascular disease, hypertension, chronic nephritis, throat thirsty, size is not the free.7. from Chinese cabbage salad for Fanre thirst, two. 8 Chinese cabbage stalk rice porridge: add seasoning, suitable for urinary tract infection. 9 big dish turnip red enamel drink: for the elderly to colds, stuffy nose runny nose, sore throat and cough. 10 large food tofu jujube soup: for dry cough, bronchitis, constipation
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