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With more and more a bulging wallet, people's material life has been greatly improved, people can eat meat every day, and began to pay attention to eat coarse grains when the lavish meals eat, when people hear the decoration materials can start to worry about how to prevent the harm of their body and lead to cancer. We have no worries about life, but more of a health concern. Those things in the kitchen, said it is simple to do not easily. Now the society more white-collar, little housewife, men are not into the kitchen. But when we buy a house, but also on the kitchen renovation will have a look, with special respect to the kitchen. Visible, whether people do not cook, an indispensable part in our life is the kitchen. The kitchen outside the pots and pans symphony, every nook and cranny march. Pots and pans Symphony refers to our usual cooking. People want to make their own to maintain a healthy body, the normal and reasonable, scientific, balanced diet is unavoidable. Can you eat those vegetables for us, meat, poultry, cook the ingredients for cooking, and how much? You know their nutrients? Clearly they and what the most scientific and reasonable match? Clearly they match and what is harmful to the body? Know what ingredients when cooking for us? Know that these ingredients good or bad for our health? Know we how to store the rest of the food we eat? How to choose the right we need these vegetables, meat, the cooking ingredients? These questions you can answer a few? In every nook and cranny is that we usually on the kitchen cleaner. More and more people pay attention to green decoration, living room -- this is we often need to sit down and chat, watch TV in the bedroom - _ place; this is where we sleep. We believe this is a green world we should most, in fact we should be more green place is the kitchen. What we eat, are processed in the kitchen, or cooked or raw cut, and when the food is cooked or when cut is the most vulnerable to pollution. If our kitchen full of formaldehyde flavor, is full of garbage smell, so the kitchen and a few are willing to go in cooking? If you do not want to Disease enters by the mouth., if you want to give yourself a safe food environment, those things in the kitchen that is you must know, must know. The ancients said, know yourself as well as the enemy can ever victorious. If those things in the kitchen on top of you, how much worry could not play a musical symphony of pots and pans.

If you do not want to Disease enters by the mouth., if you want to give yourself a safe food environment, those things in the kitchen that is you must know, must know. The ancients said, know yourself as well as the enemy can ever victorious. If those things in the kitchen on top of you, how much worry could not play a musical symphony of pots and pans.
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The pot is the most indispensable tool in the kitchen cooking. First pot material is single, iron based, with the continuous progress of science and technology, all kinds of material pot appeared in people's life, which brings convenience to people's life, it also brought some security risks. Because, pot material is an important factor to influence people's health, improper use will pose a threat to human health. If correctly unified good pot material, cooking methods, food itself in these three areas, people can be healthy, safe. (1) aluminum pot. The material pot is the most problematic, it should not be high and with a metal spatula cooking, because high temperature or cooking metal shovel and its impact friction are likely to make the aluminum ion release, also not with iron tableware collocation is used, otherwise they will produce chemical function causes the aluminum ion more into the food. In addition, aluminum pot should not be placed to acid alkali dishes, such as pickled products, because the aluminum in acid or base will form a lot of aluminum ion. If intake of excess aluminum ions, will endanger the human nervous system, cause mental decline, memory loss, accelerated brain aging, senile dementia, will also affect the intelligence development of infants. (2) iron. The material of the pot is currently the most secure kitchenware, safety qualified iron made from cast iron, generally do not contain other chemicals, also won't produce oxidation. In cooking, cooking process, salt, vinegar can react with iron in the condition of high temperature, friction coupled with the spatula, spoon, inorganic iron desquamation iron into 铁末 inner surface, the iron powder with the food into the human body will be converted into inorganic salts in the role of gastric acid, become a hematopoietic raw materials the human body. However, we should also pay attention to in the process of using Pans: wok easy to rust, rust harmful to human liver, should not be in full bloom of food for the night; the best fried dish washing a pot, after running out of water to wipe the surface to keep dry, can brush a layer of oil, to prevent rusting, if slightly rusted, vinegar can be used to clean, try to use less detergent, serious rust, slag off black, black iron pot should stop using: Iron soup, boil Chinese traditional medicine, cook the mung bean is not suitable, so as not to protect the iron surface is not rusty layer of cooking oil. In addition, non-stick cookware for high-temperature frying, with an iron shovel is not suitable, such as large fragmentation do not continue to use; stainless steel pot not to boil Chinese traditional medicine, should not be a long time in full bloom salt, soy sauceOil, soup and other salty foods, not available soda, bleaching powder washing, in order to avoid corrosion; casseroles should not dress acidic food, so as not to lead poisoning; rusty copper pot don't use, so as to avoid copper poisoning, do not use no copper pot inner layer or inner layer has been damaged to cook or holding food, also do not take copper pot for decocting medicinal herbs. Need to remind you is, no matter what kind of material pot, just bought back after the best to immerse with white vinegar (vinegar casserole using 4% water) or use hot water cooking, it can not only play the role of sterilization, but also to the pot of harmful substances in precipitation, with more safety. 2 bowls of material also is many and varied, common have plastic bowls and bowls, before use, one should have a comprehensive understanding of the. (1) plastic bowl by polymer polymerization to prepare, in the process adding solvent, plasticizer and coloring, these have certain toxicity. The use of plastic bowls of food, tableware these with toxic trace plastic components can leach into food, harm to human health, and plastic bowls in heating condition, the toxicity will be stronger, the greater the risk. So, suggest you had better not use plastic bowl. (2) the majority of families buy Tableware bowl is preferred. However, those beautiful glazed ceramic surface is very likely to become the "killer", because the colored glaze contains large amounts of lead, mercury, cadmium, radium and other elements harmful to human health. Lead, mercury, cadmium is a heavy metal, lead and cadmium can cause the liver or other organs poisoning, Mercury will induce hepatic, renal sclerosis, and radioactive element radium kill white blood cells. If the use of unqualified bowl, these harmful elements (especially lead) will be integrated into the food (especially acidic food) to be human intake, a long time, can cause chronic poisoning. In addition, porcelain clay should also pay attention to, low-quality clay contains a lot of bacteria and harmful substances, the same harm to human health. So, people in the purchase of bowl do not covet cheap and buy without a formal manufacturers of inferior products, must choose the regular manufacturers. Don't buy the color is too bright porcelain, especially the inner designs painted bowl. In addition, experts said, the stainless steel bowl basically is safe, but the aluminum bowl as far as possible not to use. The pressure cooker, induction cooker, microwave ovens, refrigerators and ovens are common household kitchen appliances, while we are in contact every day and the use of these appliances, but there are still many people exist in the use of this kind of error, the consequences, light brings inconvenience to life, serious harm to human health. In order to improve efficiency in the use of these appliances, to eliminate potential safety problems exist in the process of using, here to introduce the matters needing attention in the correct use of the process of household appliances and the use of. 1 the pressure cooker is not the proper use of the pressure cooker is a dangerous thing, because once the pressure cooker exploded, the consequences are very serious, so in order to protect yourself and your family's personal safety, should pay attention to in the process of using the pressure cooker: (1) before use, must be carefully check valve seat hole cover the center is open, the anti clogging cover is clean, safe plug is intact, self-locking valve is flexible, can be blocked after the excluded. (2) put the food into the pot should not be too full, generally not more than 2 / 3 of the total volume of the pot, or there will be no security buffer space, high pressure, exhaust hole and the safety plug is easy to block, cause explosion. (3) cover, must ensure that the screw slot, clockwise rotation handle, until the pot surface symbols and the pot body under the handle on the symbol alignment, and the handle completely coincide. Cooking time, saw a steady steam from the exhaust vent, and then buckle pressure limiting valve, it can check the exhaust hole is blocked before the pressure limit. P5-7
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