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"Many aspects of diet taboo and food matching info" from ingredients health, food taboos, affordable food, food, people, taboo, taboo, to buy cooking and storage taboo, provides some food and little knowledge to the readers.
at the same time, the book also aimed at different groups, such as various kinds of constitution of people, the people of different ages, different occupation crowd, sick people and sub-health population and so on in the diet must be given guidance. In addition, the book also from seasonal perspective introduces some suitable season food ingredients.
"taboo food and food matching info" purpose of content of scientific, practical, from the readers point of view, is the food guide you the most intimate.
Author brief introduction

Liu Kun
combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine professional master of medicine
> graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Dongfang College teacher of the year
Beijing Fangshan District Chinese Medicine Hospital Department of nephropathy physician
in "Journal of traditional Chinese medicine" "China community physicians" and other books published in public health and medical articles more than.
Catalogue of books

Understanding and
eating various food taboo and the concept of
the relationship between diet and health.
diet "and" and "partial" taboo
by using the interaction of food with the correct
the diet taboo
constitution is different, there are differences in diet and
the diet taboo has spread the scientific basis for the
food with appropriate and mutually exclusive

millet grains of rice

barley corn, glutinous rice

barley oats, buckwheat
big Dan

Red adzuki beans mung beans beans

Yuba bean curd tofu

vegetable sweet potato cabbage lettuce

cabbage and spinach amaranth
Capsella bursa pastoris

spinach and coriander celery

Sauteed Green Beans bracken......
common disease diet taboo
and prevention of physical beauty, slimming diet taboo
specific occupation dietary taboo
age specific and age appropriate diet
specific constitution in the diet taboo
seasons diet taboo
common compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine and Western medicine.
, Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese patent medicine and compatibility of
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: diet regimen in "and" cheaper, refers to five reconcile; "partial" bogey, refers to the type of food should be diversified. The so-called five reconcile, is bitter, sweet, salty, sour taste symplectic, five intake balanced, only in this way can strong physique, can live long. If long-term partial eclipse a taste, will destroy the nutritional balance, resulting in a lack of human nutrition, thus causing a disease. The so-called food variety, taste, not partial eclipse. This is because if you eat salty, can make blood coagulation acerbity sluggish and the color change; eat more bitter, will make the skin dry dull, hair loss, eat spicy, will make the spasm of muscles, dry nails without light. Eat sour, will make the muscle thickness shrinkage, lip ectropion, eat sweet, can make the bone pain, hair loss. These are the predilection certain harm to the human body caused by the five. The ancients also pay attention to a balanced diet, a diet rich in species, but also means that the diet with a reasonable, according to the nutritional requirements and physiological characteristics of the individual to carry out scientific diet diversity, valley meat fruits and vegetables, are indispensable, in order to ensure a balanced intake of nutrients, the human body can live a long and healthy life.
Editor recommends

"Taboo food and food with quick catalog" Editors: analysis of 160 kinds of common ingredients taboo, introduces 60 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines and 33 kinds of common diseases, interpretation of diet taboo, the inventory of 13 largest group of diet, the 9 constitution diet regimen...... Avoid food and diet misunderstanding, let everybody can become their own dietitian.
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