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In Japan, from the beginning of the Meiji era, that eat less rice in the three meals a day, eat coarse grains, soybean, as much as possible when season vegetables, fish and other high fiber, high protein food, is to build a healthy diet system through food, therefore, the Japanese average life expectancy of 83 years in China, to become the world's first longevity.
the daily life in the ill health food as "medicine", "the food conditioning body and mind" -- this has spread down the health wisdom, and respect "food homology" China agree without prior without previous consultation. This book is to convey to you is how to use in daily life, food conditioning physique, harmonious, healthy to spend every day. This goal requires only in our daily meals on the work you can achieve.
Author brief introduction

Ito Cui
years, Rikkyo University graduates, after graduation as a medical editor, has always been a very in-depth study of traditional medicine in japan. In has been engaged in the publishing industry, the focus of the work has been centered on "diet and health" in the direction of. Mainly responsible for the book of "herbal tea, let the woman glow from the inside out" charm "coarse grain type health wisdom".
Catalogue of books

The Japanese medical history of the development of the
the legendary doctors were
Japanese books and characteristics of
Japan since modern folk therapy

the exercise in water treatment
first chapter body chronic disease prevention.
gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer

> hypertension heart disease

arteriosclerosis in diabetes prevention of cancer.

neuralgia bronchitis gout in

cholelithiasis hypotension rhinitis, sinusitis
degenerative knee arthritis rheumatism

prostate hypertrophy

orchitis, epididymitis cystitis

second chapter is effective in the treatment of allergic diseases and improve

gastritis shoulder ache backache

tooth pain, diarrhea, periodontal disease,

headache energy loss coughs,

visual fatigue, leading to anemia

ringworm of the foot edema, constipation

fatigue hemorrhoids hangover

tinnitus, deafness dementia

third chapter improve insomnia The female physiological health therapy.
dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, menopause syndrome

chloasma, freckles, hair loss, hair

fourth chapter snacks chapped skin nourishing basic therapeutic health
the kitchen health food
do brown Steamed Rice pre prepared
Brown Steamed Rice cooking method
making unpolished rice soup
brown Rice noodles making method
making rice porridge New Year cake
make brown rice bud
making rice wine making brown sauce

Basic miso soup with pickled prunes barbecue miso soup

exquisite exquisite plum prunes tea
root powder sugar cake
> radish soup bean pumpkin
Jinping burdock
herbal therapy.
a herbal teas
herbs bath
loquat leaf therapy.
making hot compress
frozen powder fast
making jelly powder
Western health law
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: heart is the guarantee of the whole body blood circulation organs. Although the heart only man's fist, but so little heart in every contraction, will be able to the aorta and pulmonary artery sent out about 60 ~ 100 ml of blood, and learn from the amount of blood from the vein. Heart minute can shrink to 60 ~ 80 times, so the day is about to shrink 100000, it means that every day there are about 10000 ml of blood out of the heart. If the heart dysfunction, blood circulation is not normal, this will cause the heart disease. Is the most representative, and cause of angina and myocardial infarction of coronary atherosclerosis heart with oxygen and nutrients. Atherosclerosis can lead to coronary artery narrowing, so that oxygen can not successfully reach the myocardium, and make the heart in malnutrition, this produces angina. This happens when the pain may be composed of 1 to 2 minutes until the 20 ~ 30 minutes, all the chills, sweating, pale face, at the same time, weak pulse, vomiting and incomplete yawning symptoms, further development of arteriosclerosis, thrombosis and fat mass will accumulate in the blood vessels, blocking blood circulation, a portion of the myocardial necrosis phenomenon, this kind of situation is myocardial infarction. The clinical manifestations of heart and chest will have severe pain, and sometimes even cause heart failure caused by sudden death. Last hours attack to 2 ~ 3 days. The time of angina pectoris and myocardial infarction, must go to the hospital to look for special medical treatment. People often take the heart compared to the pump body, since it is the pump, the valve if not properly switch, the role of the pump will be impossible. Heart valve, known as the heart valve, and its role is to prevent the blood flow, blood out of the heart to ensure smooth. If the heart valve problems, there will be blood out of poor circumstances, if the blood isTo press, will appear countercurrent phenomenon. This is the so-called valvular heart disease, its main symptoms as palpitation, dyspnea, edema, arrhythmia, etc.. Its formation has inflammation, mucoid degeneration, degenerative changes, congenital malformation, trauma and other reasons, ischemic necrosis. In addition, internal carditis rheumatic fever appear sometimes lead to hardening of the arteries.
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"A country of longevity health Juexue" Editors: why do the Japanese longevity, 300 common ingredients for your secret kitchen health secret. For 20 weeks the Japanese life books list! Chinese version shocked the market. Japanese average life expectancy of 83 years of the world's first long country, loquat leaf wet compress -- is thought to be the essence of Buddhist medicine, pine needle therapy -- oral juice, hot compress, effective prevention of neuralgia, wormwood hand bath -- let the stasis in finger blood to circulate, jelly powder fast -- stimulate the gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation Japanese arcane, brown rice was praised as "-- Japanese essential daily food perfect food".
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