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The book introduced the properties from the edible grain Cereals, and personal physical selection of coarse grains for the start, select 50 kinds of grain in detail each grain alias, tropism of taste, effect and main nutritional components and key points of purchase, how to eat the most scientific, how to eat the most nutritious and suitable and unsuitable the crowd, dietetic expertise, small folk prescription and whole workshop, providing grains health planning corresponding according to different gender and age.
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"Zhao Ruiqin, editor in chief of the Journal of" medical research, Harbin Medical University, Bachelor of medicine, China Science and Technology Information Institute of management science.
as the first author in national publications published more than 30 articles about sex. People's Medical Publishing House "out of" sub health deputy editor and book, CO authored a publication of Peking Union Medical College "Chinese medical science and Technology Development Report 2005" (project funded by the Ministry of health fund).
1992 by the Ministry of health of the people's Republic of China sent to aid the Chernobyl nuclear accident expert medical team, to work in Belarus] years.
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The first chapter opens grain health code
grains colored clouds
grain five mixed
grain edible character
cereals to your physical
cereals and edible
second chapter cereals help you four seasons health < br > rice spleen and stomach
barley lipid
sorghum rice spleen and stomach
millet Hewei Anshen

how to eat glutinous rice, black rice do blood temperature curing stomach
Gorgon spleen Zhixie
barley enhance immunity.
wheat cultivation kidney
buckwheat anti-inflammatory net intestinal < br >
corn millet do and gastric cancer prevention. The old
oat the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
barley beauty
purple practices. Ziyin Bushen Jianpi Yiqi

hyacinth bean curd brain
heat Runzao
red beans detumescence
Sweet Potato laxative row poison
soybean prevent hardening of the arteries.
black hair beauty
beans of spleen and kidney invigorating
kidney beans do. lower temperature gas
how to cook the mung bean Qingrejiedu

cowpea spleen dampness......
third chapters vary from person to person eat cereals
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: auxiliary therapeutic efficacy, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antitussive, antiasthmatic and expectorant, lowering blood glucose, clean intestinal tract deposition waste, reduce the body fat and cholesterol, soften blood vessel, protect eyesight and prevent cerebral vascular hemorrhage. The protein content of buckwheat flour was higher than that of rice, wheat, sorghum, millet do, corn flour and barley. The fat content is higher than that of rice and wheat. Buckwheat flour containing 18 kinds of amino acids, amino acid composition and legume protein amino acid similarity. In addition, also contains citric acid, oxalic acid and malic acid and other organic acids, trace amounts of calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc and selenium, boron and a variety of vitamins, including rutin, chlorophyll is not other cereal crops. Purchase points to full particles and even better. Buckwheat and cold, greasy yellow croaker do, is not easy to digest food, so try to avoid buckwheat and yellow croaker do with food. Buckwheat food is the direct use of buckwheat rice and buckwheat flour processing. Buckwheat rice used to make buckwheat rice, buckwheat and buckwheat rice porridge. Buckwheat flour and other flour, can be made into noodles, cakes, bread, cake, buckwheat cake, jelly, blood cake and sausage and other folk flavor of food. Buckwheat is brewing, wine clarity.
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"Eat the grain health 100" is one of the healthy diet wisdom king series.
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