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Date of publication:2012-1   Press: Huaxia   Author:Su Chunjun, travel line   Pages:160  

Dietary determinants of health and life of many diseases are eating out along with the people living standard enhancement, diet is also more and more high, more and more kinds of food, but the rich food, eat well, does not represent our nutritional intake is reasonable. Eat rice, flour, chicken, fish, meat, eggs, cakes, drink more, eat whole grains and vegetables, fruit and less. Drink and the pure water containing sugar more, drink tea with boiling water and less. Material abundance, diet structure unreasonable, cause hyperlipidemia, obesity, hypertension and other chronic disease incidence rate rise. According to statistics, because of the disease and the death toll, has accounted for the 70% of the total number of deaths, and high. In recent years, there is a trendy word -- "rich man's disease", including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, Gao Zhi gout (hyperuricemia), fatty liver and a series of chronic disease. Leading to the high incidence of the important reasons, is a lot of people "eat without taboo", the unreasonable meals, eat the scourge. Some emphasis on taste, eat eat salty, but not too much salt intake, can lead to high blood pressure. Eating and exercise less, eat excessive fat class food too much, resulting in excess nutrients are the main causes of obesity, and obesity can lead to diabetes. The total heat which requires people to consume less, the staple food, non-staple food, especially the high calorie food should eat less. The diet should be light with high blood cholesterol, do not advocate eating more meat, but not long-term vegetarian, or nutrients are not comprehensive, but is not conducive to good health. Gout and fat metabolism disorder, high protein diet can lead to increased fat synthesis, if eating high protein, high fat food and drinking at the same time, easy to cause acute gout attack. In addition, intake of fat human liver, bile, pancreatic digestive organs such as the load increased, cholesterol levels are too high, become an important risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The people who have long drink, fatty liver, alcoholic liver disease, cholecystitis, acute pancreatitis rate as the general population several times, but the liver of patients with fatty liver, alcohol, if not controlled, will lead to cirrhosis of the liver, liver ascites, liver cancer. So, rich life leads to "increase the rich man's disease". Not only should beware of "rich man's disease", more attention should be paid to the occurrence of cancer. Is closely related to the occurrence and development of food, diet, living habits and many human cancers. According to the related data, there are about 1 / 3 of cancer and diet related, therefore, active control feeding component and a change of diet habits, plays a vital role against cancer. Long term intake of high oil, high sugar, low fiber foods, such as soda, cola, canned drinks, hamburgers, French fries, the diet for after the occurrence of chronic disease of the hidden trouble. Meat spoilage bacteria will produce, temperature and ordinary cooking can not kill all the bacteria; now with more cows and chickens and leukemia, so a long time to eat these foods have a high probability of leukemia. Hunger breeds discontentment. This is a All the world knows. saying, but to eat also want to eat, eat to science, otherwise it will cause disease in the upper part of the body, have a look it doesn't matter what common disease with food? Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes because eat, eat sweet, cancer is because don't eat properly, etc.. In short, many diseases are eating out, this to the people sounded the alarm, unreasonable diet will become arch-criminal damage the body. The wrong diet groups now fast pace of life, every day people are thinking about how to work, how to make money, have a healthy diet behind us, think to eat is not the most important thing, thought not hungry can, however, this kind of wrong diet view will seriously damage the body healthy. Below we have a look which people need to pay attention to: · vegetarian vegetarian overall average service life than ordinary people a short 10 years, completely vegetarian even more detrimental to health. The lack of vegetarian protein and iron containing substances, can not meet the consumption of protein and update requirements, will reduce the resistance of the body, also affect hormone secretion, easy to catch a cold, the female can appear even menstrual disorders and other symptoms. If not to choose a vegetarian, you should use "Hunsu, in order to prime based" diet, so it is good for health. · don't eat Steamed Rice group some people to lose weight, only eat vegetables, do not eat Steamed Rice, it absolutely no good. Steamed Rice is the main source of energy for the body, the lack of it, the body does not have enough energy, need to have a lot to break down muscle and viscera in the protein to maintain normal metabolism. If things go on like this, not only can not lose weight, but also harmful to health. In fact, obesity is caused by high fat, high protein "dishes", eat the right amount of Steamed Rice and do not cause weight gain per meal. Fast food fast food in general, and fried food are, including meat, vegetarian food, sweets, into food, oily big, fat containing high volume. If it is a kind of animal fried food not eat, eat. Eat foods high in fat can lead to elevated blood lipids, lead to hardening of the arteries, but also easy to make people fat. Want to eat healthy, the best way is to increase the variety of food, try to choose contain more vegetable dish Chinese food, and then add a little fruit, can avoid the "fast food" disease. · cola and cola drinks are sweet, if drink too much, will increase the calories, increase appetite, make people fat. Often drink Coca Cola's body fat, tooth decay, physical change acid, the activity of the mind disturbed, emotional instability. Cola contains every kind of pigment and chemical composition, will damage the function of each part of the body. Cola drinks, almost does not contain vitamin, also does not contain minerals, but contains a certain quantity of heat, can be said that there is no nutrients. · supper family supper usually after 9 in the evening meal. Work overtime, with friends and entertainment, are to avoid this situation. Nocturnal body slow digestion, and a large amount of fat, protein and carbohydrate rarely enter the energy consumption, while the activity of fatty acid synthase night is 8 times during the day, often eat supper, easy to make fatty synthetase of fatty liver formation, accumulation of fat in the abdomen and subcutaneous, if enters the liver, causing insulin will lead to elevated blood glucose secretion obstacles. The thought of eating supper can nutrition for the body, but notTry. · barbecue and barbecue food is not only high in fat, and cholesterol content is very high also. The content of cholesterol in the blood once rise, then let it fall down is more difficult, so in order to stay healthy, we should limit daily dietary saturated fat and cholesterol intake, reduce the frequency and amount of eating barbecue food. Common folly: rely on high-tech and new drugs to protect the life of modern people's life environment and daily life, are unable to return to the ancients idyllic leisurely state, it is also due to the living environment and lifestyle changes, now the new diseases emerge in an endless stream of various types. Because of the fear of disease, a lot of people are not from the body, a little discomfort will take medicine. For more kinds of medication, the incidence rate of adverse reaction was higher. According to statistics, taking 1 to 5 patients, the adverse reaction rate was 18.6%; 5 kinds of drugs and adverse reaction rate increased to 81.4%. According to statistics WHO, nearly 1 / 3 of the death of the patient, the cause of death is not the disease itself, but the irrational drug use, especially the elderly, with age, heart, lung, liver was significantly impaired, kidney, brain and other major organs function, individual difference increases, once the drug adverse reaction the disease, often leads to a sudden turn for the worse, cause irreparable consequences. Quite a few people take the remaining drug or relatives and friends to send medicine, in use process, most people don't pay attention to drug production enterprise, the approval number, batch number of the product, which are safety hidden trouble. As the saying goes: "is the three drug toxicity." Even a very small side effects of the drug, days and months multiplying, will cause great harm to the human body. Some people say that modern science has developed, hope with high-tech treatment, high-tech is good, but the price is too high, and only a few services. Believe that the high-tech and new drugs can save lives is the biggest fool. The fundamental goal of medicine is not only the treatment of diseases, the treatment of patients, the more important is the prevention of disease, and the most fundamental is to promote health, improve the health of all mankind, reduce morbidity, improve health, quality of life, extend the life, make most people achieve physiological life nature, let the human disease-free painless, healthy centenarians, happy and relaxed. P2-8

Need to complete many people's contributions in a book, shine is the wisdom of the collective. Which is a lot of hard work, condensed a lot of hard work and sweat. Book in the planning and preparation process, get the care and help of many colleagues, vigorously support and many teacher and author, here to participate in the book the following personnel to express our sincere thanks to: Zhou Shan, Zhao Yi, Zhao Hongjin, Qi, Qi Yanjie, Lu Xiaofei, Xia Zhao Guang Na, Li Xiumin, Wang Chieh, Zhang Baowen, Li Yali He Ruixin, Du Liping, Mao Dingjuan, Liang Sujuan, Zhang, Xu Changrong, Wang Aimin, 艳芬, Li Lin, Li Weinan, Wang Peng, Wu Jingmin, Yan Yanyan, Yang Ying, Luo Tingting, Li Liangting, Yang Yanli, Hai Ying, Shang Guan Zi Wei, Cao Huili, Xiao Dongmei. At the same time, also made reference to "the Chinese diet and taboo Daquan" "health" "health notice nutrition diet taboo" book "100 kinds of health food list" "family health care food production 400 law" and other related contents of the books, thanks! The compilation and publication of the limit of time, as well as the level editor, book deficiencies can hardly be avoided, please readers, especially Chi HuiItaly.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter through the diet health essence of truth grasp
diet determinants of health and life of
you many diseases are common

wrong eating people eat out folly: rely on high-tech and new drugs to protect life
health and prolong life can eat out
forever the vitality of life and eat and drink "
the eat three meals a day, what do we eat
water is good, but the six water do not drink
beverage, double-edged sword
the health of these people need to be careful to drink
" beautiful color food "
seasoning pick, activity also increased
eight unhealthy eating habits to prevent
second chapter diet is the healthy longevity lock life
dietitians and health foundation
nutrition on quality of life and the life length is
magical protein
the most durable energy source -- fat
the most affordable energy -- sugar, vitamin
the secret
key to life -- mineral
seemingly ordinary but extraordinary nutrients -- water
nutrition, a new member of the family -- dietary fiber
food is the best nutrition warehouse
camp To raise from the daily diet
let food to maximize the effectiveness of
yellow red green blue violet black, "lewd" healthy eating "
Four", "Five" not sick
eat wrong, let you hurt "heart" and "brain damage"
don't abandon "unremarkable" valuable food
third chapter balanced diet is a healthy life from the
healthy balanced diet to start.
a reasonable diet seven rules of
for Chinese balanced diet guide
homely fare ≠ coarse + vegetarian
a balanced diet to eight five
mixed with fine Bada balance balance of
cold and heat balance of
eating before and after dynamic and static balance
C and nutrient balance of
raw and cooked the balance of
acid and alkali balance
coarse and fine balance and balance of

fourth chapter detox diet, a relaxed
Shanghai compulsory detoxification diet
effective detoxification of three elements: water dietary fiber, vitamin,
fasting detoxification, in environmental protection the most natural method,
detoxification for 13
Health detoxification meals
as their professional detoxification division
remove Supian.
improve the blood concentration of
reduce body fat.
reduce bad gall
fifth chapter four steroid replacement, eat like what all important.
a year, "eat" is the spring
Yanggan spring four
eight diet "Star" to allow your body to usher in the spring
spring eat leek can enhance human immunity.
spring eat honey against cold
food help you sniper "Chunkun"
eating more fruit can help you avoid spring disease
it yourself, let the fragrance filled the entire spring
summer eating healthy
summer, "fire", "fire" to prevent
often drink green bean soup, indoor radiation do not panic.
summer fit to eat cold, sterilization and melons and vegetables
light diet, easy midsummer
summer jealous can effectively prevent intestinal infectious disease.
summer will often drink cool beverage
summer protect your stomach
autumn dryness "fire" correct and
voice caught fire, dry lips are dry autumn provoke action curse
drink honey eat ginger, "an eventful year" no bother.
autumn Sibao: Lily, jujube, Chinese wolfberry, sweet potato
autumn eat dates, not with what food to eat the same
autumn, and is close to the
autumn eat lotus root benefits
winter to spring, recuperate and build up energy
winter diet should focus on "yin tonic",
winter table indispensable Food -- Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits
winter nursed back to health "old disease" diet points
a bowl of soup, but plagued
winter tonic principle of preventing disease.
tea can get rid of winter itch: eat more partial warm food
winter appropriate and what fruit intimate contact
sixth chapter the whole family healthy eating plan.
the child is a treasure, the most important growth
baby food every day required
White boiling water is the best for the child to drink
good nutrition the child, how also anemia
liquid can nourish the children's delicate organs.
for children to drink milk three pay attention to ensure that children grow sturdily.
three diet key
children how to eat the most healthy
adolescent nutrition cannot less
brain depends on good nutrition material
"serve" the good brain to work effectively,
don't forget to give the child calcium zinc can not be casually complement

adolescent diet tips "armed" the health of middle-aged
strong middle-aged body Six Dabao
the supplement of vitamin
middle-aged heavy diet
is a middle-aged man must fill. Renal
nutrients help middle-aged anti-aging
middle-aged diet treasure box
diet to help the elderly health and longevity of
ten elderly don't covet the longer
the elderly should be arranged four meals a day.
the elderly should be "breeds"
the most simple food is good for longevity of
the elderly the best tea to "bias" for men with healthy diet from

in the winter, how a man should haveLiver protecting splenic
man hangover Baogan seven top secret weapon
men should eat what food
why men can not be 100 days without ginger
men drink milk in order to protect the prostate
oysters -- men's health Jiapin
let men daunting food
these foods make you full of life ""

woman pregnancy nutrition care of nutritious food for pregnant women.
the best food on the mother and fetus during pregnancy is beneficial supplement of copper on

edema of pregnant women diet
not suitable for pregnant women to eat food
postpartum nutritional supplement is more important
seventh chapter specific dietary regimen
several physical food regimen
blood deficiency physique diet regimen
the constitution of qi deficiency diet regimen
physical deficiency diet regimen
Yang deficiency constitution diet regimen
phlegm dampness constitution diet regimen
Gore constitution diet regimen
Yang Sheng's diet regimen
stagnation of Qi health diet regimen
different dietary strategies for

manual workers face the computer every day IT worker
"white-collar" workers
Often in the car driver friend
overtime "night owls"
noise environment worker
teacher occupation disease diet
eighth chapter of traditional health care
or good body
Qing mix bean sprouts

pine pear porridge porridge porridge
sugarcane juice drink
candy Mei Su Yin
Schisandrae Decoction
trichosanthes root soup
expelling wind and cold drink ginger sugar

bamboo liquor
haggis soup
fennel porridge stewed pig brain

four onion pepper Decoction and decoction
mutton soup

tiger bone wine Epimedium wine
Yin old
divergent solution table
perilla porridge
silver flower honey dew
immortal porridge
root > leaf of porridge brown sugar drink
chrysanthemum tea drink

Lohan spent sweating drum porridge
Jiang Su Yin

ginger scallion ginger sugar drink porridge
< br > glutinous rice porridge cold jellyfish
shredded lettuce wire
Longevity porridge tremella soup

Lily yam soup honey honey pear

purge Zhixie
mushroom Steamed chicken
Yellow Wine walnut soup
perilla seed porridge

Schisandra Astragalus Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae congee with
export Mushroom fried wild rice stem
crucian carp soup
Lily drink

stewed pork Ziyin impotence.
leek soup
dog meat porridge

hippocampus young chicken Cordyceps duck
rhizome > wolfberry oxtail stew stew meat
sea cucumber porridge spleen

> lotus root soup mutton Hanging noodles pork stomach
rhizome porridge
sheep bone onion ginger porridge

carrot porridge crucian soup
pig's trotters porridge
White japonica Steamed Rice
benefit Buqi blood
five whole chicken
fungus Angelica Decoction
mushrooms cooked cauliflower
ginger spinach
Braised Pork Trotter with Soya Sauce
Astragalus stew hen
steamed ginseng chicken soup

Angelica pig's trotters replenishing the virtual
butter and honey porridge
medlar young pigeon soup
fresh lotus seeds minced chicken
Babao lotus root starch
Astragalus Tremella stewed chicken
chestnut roast duck block
kidney > sea cucumber porridge porridge
circle pepper fungus
sheep lumbar
glutinous rice lotus root
sheep surface
wheat bran Glutinous Rice Balls
porcine pancreas soup
kidney @##@ of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. This book is a healthy diet tool designed for China home building. "Eating the right foods not sick" describes in detail the family health diet common sense and to protect family health diet guidance scheme, including: the health diet will know the details, traditional medicinal diet recipe, diet seasons, the best diet for a secret family, is a let the whole family from disease, eat more healthy family diet book.
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Healthy eating guidelines exclusive China family. Su Chunjun and tour line, "eating the right foods not sick" tells you how to eat to stay healthy, let the whole family from diseases. Physiological characteristics for every age family members, to develop a healthy diet plan in detail. 800 healthy diet details, 390 traditional medicinal diet recipe, the 32 seasons is the secret, 6 sets of the family diet plan.
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