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Gao Yang, graduated from Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, engaged in clinical medicine, is now engaged in Chinese medicine journals and editors work. Editing and publishing a variety of health care books.
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The copyright page: calcium addition is the basic raw material of bone development, directly affect the height, has other important physiological functions in vivo. Calcium can promote the body to the activities of some enzymes, activity regulation of enzyme; involved in nerve, muscle activity and neurotransmitter release; regulation of hormone secretion. The contractile activity of coagulation, cell adhesion, muscle of blood also need calcium. Calcium also regulation of rhythm, reduce cardiovascular permeability, control of inflammation and edema, maintaining acid-base balance and other functions. The rapid increase in postprandial insulin secretion start depends on the calcium concentration, and later by protein kinase C activity to maintain. Calcium deficiency causes pancreatic artery sclerosis, reduce the secretion of insulin induced increase in blood glucose. Sources of calcium in cattle and sheep milk and dairy products is the best, not only the rich content, and the absorption rate is high. Calcium shrimp head shell shrimp is very high, up to 2000 mg per 100 g, good solubility, is a kind of biological protein calcium crystal, is the ideal calcium compounds. There are also many high calcium vegetables varieties, potherb mustard 100 grams of calcium 230 mg, Chinese cabbage, rape, fennel, soybean foods high in calcium, the calcium content is very high. 500 ml Soybean Milk 120 mg of calcium, 150 grams of calcium tofu is as high as 500 mg, good products and other soy products is calcium. Seaweed and dried small shrimps are high calcium seafood, eat 25 grams a day, can be 300 milligrams of calcium. Parsley, celery and other calcium content per 100 grams is about 150 mg. Note that, Soybean Milk need to repeatedly boiled 7 times, can edible. The tofu is not to eat some vegetables, such as spinach. Spinach contains oxalic acid, which can combine to generate and calcium oxalate conjugates, which hinder the body's absorption of calcium, so the tofu and other soy products are not cooked together with spinach.
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The first chapter how to eat, diabetic hypoglycemic diet tips
reasonable diet control, the specific content of
food for treating diabetes first step
diabetic patients need to understand the therapeutic principle of
diabetes dietotherapy exchange, notice dietary content < br > glycemic index of diabetics, diabetic diet "wind vane"
dining and snacks, glucose lasting balance guarantee common diabetes diet therapy principles of
liver derived therapeutic principles of

thin type of diabetes with hypertension diabetes dietotherapy principle
gestational diabetes therapeutic principles of
diabetic nephropathy therapeutic principle of
35 diabetes diet myth
the second chapter make up what, nutrient elements
vitamin A in patients with diabetes mellitus need most, prevent body infection "guards"
B, reducing sugar and anti disease good helper
vitamin C, protecting blood vessels "scavenger"
vitamin D, prevention of diabetes in children "hero" / > vitamin

trace elements zinc, chromium insulin synthesis cannot do without, Paul Lithium
element to glucose tolerance factor activity, accelerator
Mn cell replication, islet P cells "escort"
se, improve the material
mg insulin C peptide level, improve the elements of
vanadium glucose utilization, can change the material
glucose absorption power source,
phosphorus insulin secretion, prevent hypotension phosphorus
Ni insulin resistance, Shima Sonakaichisuke factors of composition of
iron, can improve the immunity of
copper, can balance the insulin and glucose
iodine, can promote the secretion of insulin
third chapters to eat anything, good hypoglycemic food first,
wheat bran, can reduce the high fiber food
drug dependence of buckwheat, sugar and fat food
oats, fatty acid rich hypoglycemic staple
millet, stomach dryness Jin injury type diabetes preferred
fourth chapter eat incense, diabetic patients carnivorous selection doorway
fifth chapters to eat plain, homely vegetables in the natural "agents"
sixth chapters are good to eat, have a hypoglycemic wonders of Chinese medicated diet
seventh chapters to snack, these fruits and snacks can fall blood sugar
eighth chapter drink two port, two not mistake thirst hypoglycemic health drinks
ninth chapter so eat, patients with diabetes diet plan @##@ dialectical Diabetes can also be viewed as a "lifestyle diseases", the pursuit of food is too fine will induce and aggravate diabetes, diet imbalance. In addition, diabetes and genetic sex is very strong, and the family eating habits have a great relationship.
the current medical level still can not thoroughly cure diabetes, so as a people, we can not just rely on the deterioration of controlling diabetes drug, should pay more attention to change the bad life style, changes in eating habits to maintain glucose homeostasis, to control the disease. Attention is required, the control diet is not equal to simply eat less or do not eat the staple food and other extreme dieting, but for diabetic patients to adhere to a healthy, scientific way of eating.
so, book by diabetic patients with special body condition, introduces how to reasonably control diet, how to formulate their own recipes. Concretely, we fit a staple food, eat meat, vegetables, fruits, drinks, food and other one one were introduced from diabetic patients, not only for patients with diabetes to provide a list of food raw materials, introduces the hypoglycemic efficacy ingredients, and nutrition encyclopedia, edible taboo, recipes and related to disease control. Intimate tip, can be said to be a book about diabetes diet practical collection.
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"What to eat" diabetes editors: "Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine" in the cloud: "drug treatment, ten to six; often drug treatmentTen, to the seven: small drug treatment, ten to eight, ten to nine of its non-toxic treatment,: Valley Meat fruits and vegetables, fresh support to the; without that, it is also hurt. Diabetic patients how to keep healthy. Choose reasonable collocation, use of food, fruit and vegetable meat Kang body.
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