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The human body without, choice of fruits are different. How to eat fruit is exquisite, selection of fruits to eat in order for the health. If you eat right, may bring a lot of discomfort for you. For example, the heat of the physical person a consumption of large amounts of longan, that effect is tantamount to "add fuel to the flames". After reading this book, I believe you will be able to select their own fruit, the near future, you will become healthy fruit Master!
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He Bing, in 2004 graduated from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Department of clinical medicine, Graduate students. After graduation, worked in Dongzhimen Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, has been in the line of work, engaged in the prevention and nutrition counseling children's disease, accumulated rich clinical experience, and the application in teaching and scientific research, has unique insights and Research on nutrition, health function.
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control physical intimacy of fruit
thermal physical & cool fruit
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middle-aged men aged
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to socialize often drinking

smokers computer according to the season to eat the fruit
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appendix 1:11 anti-cancer fruits Revelation
Appendix 2: Fruit functions lookup tables
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: vitamin C content of jujube jujube, per 100 grams contains 243 mg of vitamin C, vitamin C content of fresh jujube was 14 mg. The vitamin D content of jujube is also high, 70 times higher than apple, therefore, fresh jujube is called "live vitamin pills". Jujube also contains glucose, fructose, Zizyphus saponin, nutritional components. Red dates taste sweet, warm, spleen and stomach, bu Zhong Yi Qi, nourishing and soothe the nerves, moderate resistance function. "The words:" Lord confidant evil, Anzhong raise spleen, helped by twelve. Flat stomach, through the nine orifices, filling gas, less fluid, body was insufficient, frightened, limbs, and 100 drug. Folk are more "day to eat three date, no significant old life", "grain and jujube, like owning Ganoderma grass" theory. Scientific research that a fructose composition, jujube, has the function of immune suppression, can improve the body's resistance to disease. High content of flavonoids, rutin in jujube, flavonoids can protect vascular, rutin has the effect of lowering blood pressure, so the fresh jujube is health food cardiovascular patients. Pharmacological research found, red dates can promote the formation of white blood cells, reduce serum cholesterol, serum albumin, protect the liver, red dates with three terpenoids and two amp. Three terpene compounds mostly can inhibit cancer cell function, this substance can make cancer cells to normal cell transformation. It has strong antioxidant, anti free radical formation, therefore, anti-aging, enhance immunity effect often eat jujube. Eye swollen or feet, bloating the menstrual period of women is not fit to eat red dates, or edema of the situation will be more serious; the body heat of the female is not fit to eat jujube in menstrual period, otherwise it will cause excessive menstruation. An edible jujube should not exceed 20, eat too much will damage the digestive function, causing constipation. Because of the high sugar content of red dates, eat more, also easy to get fat. In addition, red dates of epidermal hard, very difficult to digest, eat must fully chewing, otherwise it will damage the gastrointestinal.
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"The fruit, so eat right" character impatient person, if the choice of strawberry, can help you to cultivate patience, you know a banana uglier and more cute? The banana skin spots more and more mature, the activity will be more and more from the free. Persimmon for terribly fatigued people, is the best supplements. After eating greasy carnivorous, eating pineapple or papaya, give your gut wash take a shower! Apple to lose weight, people do not often eat, just eat apples, play slowly, weight loss will increase.
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