White black red yellow and green colored health law

Date of publication:2008-10   Press: The South China Sea.   Author:Zheng Jingyan   Pages:278  

Twenty-first Century is the human based society, people with health oriented, to keep the health, health education as the century. Now the concept of a new health is: twenty to develop good habits, forty were normal, sixty had no previous disease, eighty had not easily aging, one hundred years old, happy for a lifetime; suffer less, fewer people involved, save medical expenses, for the benefit of the whole society. How to get healthy? The sick doctor of course, but it was too late, but more expensive, high risk. Research shows that: health care accounts for only 8% of national health, annual medical costs as high as ten thousand billion yuan, and reasonable diet need not spend how many money, but accounted for a healthy 13%, so some people said: "not as therapeutic medication". The West also has the proverb: "food is the best medicine", "how to eat, your body will do". What is a healthy diet?

"White black red yellow and green colored health law" from the Chinese medicine, the theory of the five elements of yin and yang balance, combining the latest achievements of modern medicine, the "functional organic white black red yellow green" and "bitter sweet and sour pungent into" and "liver spleen lung kidney" and other five together, lifting, mining, innovation, form the white black colored red yellow green health law unique "". This book is a guide to concrete and practical chief health education expert Professor Hong Zhaoguang "white black red yellow green" healthy diet principle, the author lists some representative of each color of food, and the efficacy, recipes, use method, matters needing attention are introduced in this paper, readers can choose according to their own situation, guidance very. Evaluation of the Hong Zhaoguang book: "knowledge is fresh, easy to read, interesting, practical, strong operability, a good teachers and helpful friends is the health of the people living in the."
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Dr. Zheng Jingyan, South Korea's College of traditional Chinese Medicine University, East China University College of traditional Chinese medicine consultant. Now assume the Dongyuan food and beverage (Food&Beverage) and Korean Chinese cosmetics professional advisory committee, is a South Korean Chinese volunteer medical team (KOMSTA) members, membership of Korea Association of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, a formal member of Korean medicine acupuncture association.
Zheng Jingyan is Samsung Securities, South Korean cosmetics company
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Green food -- order the return to nature "wood" in the color is green, and liver function corresponding Green Tea bamboo plum broccoli Sanson spinach aloe olive green black foods -- to reproduce the young "water" in the color is black, and renal function corresponding black sesame bean kelp and mushroom carbon black bone chicken eel Hokudo grape red food -- black goat beat the cancer "fire" in the color is red, and heart function corresponding pepper pilose antler Ganoderma lucidum jujube raspberry pomegranate red apple tomato spot skate yellow food -- prevention of adult disease "soil" yellow in color, and the spleen and stomach function corresponding honey pumpkin carrot miso ginger ginkgo nuts Qingqu sauce chestnut loess white food -- lowering cholesterol "gold" in the color to white, and lung function corresponding oyster Angelica Platycodon Kun Fish salt vinegar onion garlic yogurt rice
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Green food -- back to nature "wood" in the color is green, and liver function corresponding Green Tea look Qing green tea, whole body fatigue can be alleviated. One sip, taste the unique: clear, astringent, there is a little bitter, and then gradually spread to the pure and sweet. Drink a cup of fresh breath, feel refreshed. As a beverage, Green Tea not only taste, color and taste, more beneficial to health. Tea is the buds, leaves made of tea drink by acquisition and to. After the collection of unfermented is Green Tea, semi fermented is Oolong Tea, fully fermented is Black Tea. In China, South Korea, Japan, Green Tea are welcomed by people. Tea grown in water permeability good, nutrient rich soil, like temperature and humidity, the general distribution of growth along the hillside. As the saying goes "famous tea production", Mount Huangshan, Mount Lu and China Jirisan Korea area is the famous tea producing area. Walking in the garden, can smell the fragrance of tea, feel a kind of freshness. The era of the Korean "tea Fu" records of the Green Tea "five power" and "six de". The so-called "five power" refers to: the thirst, worry, harmony and love, sterilization and relieving alcoholism. "Six virtues" refers to: prolong life, illnesses, Qingxin, peace of mind, that God, know. In addition to tea, there is what medicine or tonic can get such praise and praise? In the East, tea has long been used as medicines. "Dongyibaojian" records, Green Tea cold, taste joys, non-toxic, reduce pathogenic fire, removing stagnation, Xingnao Mingmu, diuresis, treating diabetes, eliminate drowsiness, detoxification. Huai Dai area in South Korea for wild asked the natural growth of tea is famous, where people put Buxus tea made of drugs to treat typhoid. This kind of folk custom from hundreds of years ago, has continued to the present. "Buxus tea" refers to the late spring tea mining down to dry in a cool place, tea will be weaken and then into the mat twist, a tea then dried and made. When typhoid, can be chopped ginger, Yamanashi, bamboo leaf, honeysuckle, put the cooked Buxus tea, to boil thoroughly after use. From the tea as a medicinal use of this point, which shows the wisdom of the ancestors. Tea according to the acquisition of a different time, quality is also different. Picking the general annual 3-5 month and making tea, called for the spring. Tea is divided into Mingqian tea, tea before rain, rain tea. "Mingqian tea" is the Ching Ming Festival tea. "Tea before rain" is the Ching Ming after the valley before tea. "After the rain" tea is the tea plucking Guyu after. 6-7 month sampling tea for the summer tea, 8-9 tea for the autumn tea. In these types of tea, Mingqian tea the best, because the rich in the tea leaves in a large number of amino acids, taste better. Green Tea as a health drink is concerned, one of the reasons is that it contains catechins. In the often drink Green Tea mountain, the incidence and mortality of cancer is low. Experiments show that, not only can contain catechins generation, dispel toxin of carcinogens, Helicobacter pylori can cause gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer play certain inhibitory action. Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan because of the rich and famous Green Tea. People living in the county in the root area rarely Helicobacter pylori infection in stomach, "age"Than the average Japanese citizens to 10-20 year old young. Love the habit of drinking tea to the local people from the bacterial infection, played a role in curbing atrophy of gastric mucosa, gastric cancer prevention. At the same time, tea also contains large amounts of dietary fiber, can promote intestinal peristalsis, relieve constipation, but also can adsorb intestinal carcinogens and other harmful substances, promote the body, maintain intestinal health. Therefore, Green Tea edible contains the food helps prevent colitis. According to reports, eat high cholesterol food, you can drink Green Tea cholesterol in normal level. Green Tea components can reduce oxidation rate "bad cholesterol", promoting "balanced distribution of good cholesterol", adjust and prevent arteriosclerosis. Often drinking Green Tea, can enhance the toughness and elasticity of blood vessels, reduce blood fat, prevent blood pressure instability, has the effect of preventing arteriosclerosis and hypertension. Green Tea also contains vitality, enhance immunity ingredients: tea catechins can resist the cold virus, prevent the body cells infected by the virus, to protect the cell membrane damage; vitamin C can relieve fatigue, restore physical function. Drink plenty of Green Tea help cause to the treatment by cold sore throat and dry itchy. There is a saying called "before and after drinking a cup of Green Tea". This is because the Green Tea in vitamin C, amino acid, alanine composition can promote the decomposition of alcohol and diuresis. Not only that, inorganic substances contained in the Green Tea easy to dissolve, alkaline helps to maintain human body fluid, to ensure a balanced diet and reasonable; flavonoids Green Tea contained, and the removal of oral smell role. In recent years, emerge in an endless stream method for skin care, in fact, the health and beauty of the skin is very simple. For the natural rough skin or occupation female mental pressure big, nursing method is different, with different. If you want to become a beauty beauty of words, it is essential to ensure adequate sleep, good mood, eat more beneficial to the skin of the food. Green Tea is rich in vitamin C not only helps to firm skin, but also have an anti-inflammatory effect, can improve the treatment of acne, allergic skin. At the same time, drink Green Tea can promote gastrointestinal movement, alleviate stomach tense, treatment of neurogenic constipation. Constipation patients because of poor The new supersedes the old., nutrients can not be normal in the skin absorption, accumulation of a large number of metabolites, so bad. If you solve the problem of constipation, skin becomes delicate, shiny. Catechin component contained in the Green Tea has compact and calm the skin effect, can make the skin full of elasticity. At the same time, it also can regulate sebum secretion and bactericidal effect, can reduce the forehead, chin, cheeks part of the oil secretion, but also you have a perfect clean face. In addition, Green Tea in vitamin E can prevent melanin deposition, played anti nevus, anti freckle whitening effect; amino acid composition can prevent skin moisture loss. After the water boiled put people Green Tea, the catechins can remove the chlorine in tap water, clean water. In view of this, Green Tea is indeed have a well-deserved reputation health drinks! For thin or cosmetic purposes and drinking a lot of Green Tea, need to pay attention to the following points: if you are taking any medication of patients, taking drugs at the same time, not a lot of drinking Green Tea. Green Tea and a mix of drugs, not only makes the drug reduced, but also due to promote urination and shorten the detention time of the drug in the body. In addition, because Green Tea contains caffeine, so avoid bedtime drink a lot. For severe anemia people, contained in Green Tea caffeine can interfere with the body's absorption of iron, this point should be noted. Especially drinking on an empty stomach Green Tea words, will stimulate the stomach, may produce scraping intestinal like pain. Green Tea beauty method Green Tea mask -- make your face clean and beautiful take two tablespoon of dry tea even crushed, add an egg yolk and the amount of flour, three Jiaocheng paste. Because after a good tune paste volatile dry, so it is best to add a spoonful of honey. After cleansing wipe some convergence of water in his face, and then apply on wet paper film. Will transfer a good mask evenly coated paper film, until dry off the paper after the film, use warm water to wash the face, and then use cold water wash. Because tea contains tannic acid, can remove the skin of metabolites and redundant grease, it can prevent the moles or freckles, and can lock the skin flushing water, keep the skin clean. Green Tea leaves as tender, particles into powder after more delicate, more conducive to skin absorption. Acid components in tea is very small, so the skin sensitive people, face glowing or other side effects not do Green Tea mask. Frozen Green Tea massage -- repair sun damaged skin take two teaspoons of tea into the water and cook for 5 minutes, then remove the tea, cold storage in the refrigerator. After a period of time after removal, wrapped with gauze Fuyu sunburn skin, gently massage. Frozen Green Tea massage can relieve the skin tight, so tight skin becomes easy to absorb moisture. When I wake up in the morning eyelid edema, with Iced Tea bag massage will soon swelling. Green Tea cleansing method -- treatment of acne using double facial cleanser (cleanser, cleanser with a) method will face thoroughly cleaned, and then Green Tea water cleaning side beat the face. Severe acne can be a Green Tea bubble tea out, then the acne prone areas 10 minutes, the effect will be more prominent. The plant contains tannic acid in tea, can make the swelling of the acne can be alleviated and convergence obviously. The Green Tea of vitamin C is 5-8 times the lemon, but also contains a lot of vitamin E. With Green Tea water wash your face, these components will be the direct absorption of the skin, make the skin becomes both elastic and shiny. In addition, the sterilization effect Green Tea catechins can remove pollutants, is very effective for acne. Green Tea bath -- make the rough skin to restore its shine put the tea into the spinning bag, take a shower in hot water. Wait until the precipitation of yellow green tea will be immersed in the body. Bubble 10 minutes, then the gauze bag tea extraction, used to massage the body. This method for a week, but if the treatment of atopic dermatitis or the removal of odor of words, the best use every day. Green Tea has the role of convergence, and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients and flavonoids, which helps the removal of odor, enhance skin elasticity. For excessive sweat secretion and body odor is very good. The bubble has Green Tea in boiling water, cooled properly, then the ankle following part full immersion in water Green Tea. ThisFor Green Tea foot is recommended, it is helpful to promote the body's blood circulation, relieve fatigue and pressure, and make the skin becomes delicate. When the baby take a shower, Green Tea cleaning efficacy than soap is better, especially for the tire heat serious neonatal is more applicable. Green Tea bath can not only remove the baby's body perspiration and milk flavor stains, but also can eliminate the diaper rash, pollutants can and in water, so as to protect the baby's skin. Green Tea mask -- supple hair tips after shampoo, powder and mix thoroughly into Green Tea slightly in egg yolk, smear on the comb to comb the hair. Then the hair with hot towel wrap and wear a shower cap, 30 minutes after the water wash hair. Green Tea catechins in shampoo can remove toxins, and prevent dandruff function. Green Tea make-up water -- the skin becomes young secret 400 ml liquor heat for about 2 minutes after the cool, poured into the bottle, then add 2-3 grams Green Tea powder and a slice of grapefruit, sealed after hiding in the shade. A month later, the grapefruit removed, the rest of the liquid can be used as make-up water. After washing the face, pour some Green Tea make-up water in a cotton pad, pat on face, instead of usually used toner. Bamboo from ancient to modern times, people believed that the bamboo symbolizes integrity and character, and compared it with the LAN, chrysanthemum, plum and known as the "four gentlemen". Growth in late spring to early summer fragrance of bamboo is often used to cook, boil congee. Bamboo is used for wine, bamboo stalks, leaves can be medicine, this kind of custom from the ancient tradition of. People use bamboo in preserving food also. For example, common bamboo wine storage, soy sauce and cooking oil with bamboo shoots, leaves skin or packages of meat in some places; young stems and leaves can be put on the bamboo in the winter when the bubble radish block, this block is not volatile acid radish. In addition, when steam New Year cake, people also like to New Year cake wrapped in bamboo leaves and then steamed, so eat up a fragrance smell; boiled beans into some tender leaves, beans cooked not easy metamorphism. The trees will experience growth to decades of timber, but bamboo can be 3 months has been the use of logging. Due to the growth of bamboo strong force, a short period of time will have great yield. Moreover, the bamboo also has incredible vitality. For example, in the World War II, although the Hiroshima hundred by the atomic bomb, but where the bamboo survived; the Vietnam War, leaves agent American seeding resulted in almost all the local plants withered bamboo, but still life and growth in nature. I'm afraid the earth is no longer what plants can have such a tenacious vitality. The leaf, stem, root bamboo can be used as medicine, medical classic "Shen Nong's herbal classic" records, "bamboo tastes bitter, cold, can antipyretic, for cough with dyspnea, tumor, red and other effects." Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the bamboo has very good efficacy in the treatment of infantile convulsion, tetanus, stroke, alcohol toxicity. But in the clinical diagnosis and treatment, according to the need of bamboo (bamboo oil), Zhu Ru (palea bamboo stem), the effectiveness of various parts of the bamboo leaves an antidote against the disease. Bamboo is the bamboo split into the cylinder, with loess and straw indirectly heated extract liquid, also known as bamboo juice, danzhuli. The traditional method for extracting bamboo juice is the bamboo section by section open people's Congress cylinder, by using a small cylinder will export. Then, put the jar upside down, half buried in the soil. Light some beanstalk on cylinder side, with the rice straw haulm ignition, and rice straw Weihuo slowly roasted bowl of bamboo. Such continuous burning for 3 days, will have a thick green bamboo juice to flow to the small cylinder. According to the correct method to prepare juice should be with a peculiar smell, sour taste with slightly paste flavor. Although bamboo juice pH value between 2.7-3.3, acidic residues, but it is broken down in the body after the alkaline, so should belong to the basic food. Since ancient times, bamboo can be regarded as a kind of rare medicinal herbs, which also contains the extraordinary wisdom of our ancestors. Bamboo is one of the important Chinese herbal medicine treatment of stroke, hemiplegia, also can be used to reduce fever and phlegm, for example, because of cough phlegm heat caused by stroke or caused by excessive phlegm, and convulsion, epilepsy, tetanus, hypoglycemia, hypotension, syncope, pulmonary heat caused by shortness of breath. Taken alone bamboo juice, pour some ginger juice in the glass, just cover the bottom of the cup, then pour half a glass of juice, diluted with water after use. However, although bamboo is non-toxic, but because of cold, lack of strength, digestive ability is low and easy to diarrhea, people should not take. Bamboo also has a significant effect on the skin problems. Burned by fire, in the burning sensation disappeared before, will continue to put the bamboo juice apply to the affected area, the pain will subside soon. The bamboo juice and water according to the ratio of 1:10 after dilution to soak the foot, 3 times a day, continuous bubble for a week, capable of treating beriberi. For atopic dermatitis, bamboo juice diluted 10-20 times can be applied to the affected area of severe, symptoms will get better soon. In South Korea, made with bamboo juice wine called bamboo paste, it is split into bamboo charcoal on the grill, the exudation of the juice, then add in the wine made in. Gan Honglu of Pyongyang (the jujube, persimmon, ginger, apples and pears and other raw materials for brewing, into the purple grass in the distillation, and add some honey, and then is filtered into shochu, color red, sweet taste), Quanzhou pear ginger wine (rice and barley as raw material, through adding pear juice, fermentation and distillation ginger juice, honey a soju) and bamboo extract and known as the three famous Korean era. Since ancient times, bamboo paste is the famous wine, used in the treatment of sudden loss of language ability to diseases such as stroke, now South Korea Jeongeup region and the traditional method of making bamboo paste. The end just chopped fresh bamboo stem, gathered up the other end out of the liquid, we can get the bamboo liquid. Bamboo liquid containing amino acid, magnesium, iron and other easy absorption of water-soluble nutrients, is widely used in health food. The release of gas in the carbonization process of bamboo after cooling will form a liquid, the liquid by distillation can be made from bamboo char liquid. The main constituents of bamboo char liquid acetic acid, long-term use can compact the skin, activate cells, remove the aging of the stratum corneum, so that the skin becomes soft and delicate, and alcohol ingredients contained in bamboo liquid also has the role of sterilization and disinfection. Therefore, adding some bamboo char liquid words in take a shower bath water, can not only beautify the skin, also contribute to the treatment of atopic dermatitis. Bamboo charcoal is the bamboo in 1000Heating ℃ which made. In recent years, bamboo charcoal is more and more popular. Bamboo charcoal has the function of purifying air, can release negative ions, so that people can live in the comfortable environment; adsorption is strong enough to absorb odor, and the indoor humidity is adjusted to 50%-60%, protecting hair and skin. The conductive properties of bamboo charcoal is good, can prevent static; it also can absorb sweat secretion during sleep, far infrared radiation, promote blood circulation and The new supersedes the old.; its rich minerals can also purify water. Bamboo is the fresh bamboo stalks peeled, the greenish middle layer into a scrape, or cut into thin strips, also known as bamboo skin, bamboo two green or light bamboo shavings. Bamboo shavings sweet, cold, can reduce the lung fire, phlegm, eliminate stomach heat caused by vomiting, nausea etc.. Bamboo is a bamboo root, has since ancient times been used for the treatment of heat and dry mouth. Bamboo can reduce stomach fire, is a very good medicine, can be used for the treatment of hot flashes caused by boredom by dry mouth, mouth sores, if at the same time with Scutellaria, Coptis chinensis, the effect will be more obvious. Because the stomach caused bad breath, can be in 1 liters of water into the 10 grams of bamboo leaves, cooked as tea drinking, or the leaves on the water used to rinse off after. Bamboo leaf tea is picked by 5-6 month leaves pounded dried, placed in 90 ℃ hot water made. Suffused with light bamboo green tea, a drink, mouth suddenly appearing a strands of fragrance and sweet, slowly enjoy bamboo incense and mind will gradually become sober. Because bamboo has the fire effect, has a good effect on have a fever, facial swelling, oral ulcer. Bamboo shoots, eat a lot, can be cooked, fried food, can also be baked skinned dipped in salt to eat. Because bamboo aroma, unique taste, rich in bamboo place, people to eat bamboo shoots are looking forward to the coming of spring. There is such a story: a man although ate only one bamboo shoots, but miss the taste of it, at my father's funeral, cane (sometimes in South Korea, will use his wand. His staff with canes and Tong staff not, father mourning with canes, she was in mourning for her mother with a tong rod). Cook the food. Therefore, bamboo shoots taste is how unique, attractive. Rich in carbohydrates and protein in the bamboo shoot, low fat content, is a very healthy food. But people are often known for its delicious, but very few people know that it is the rare health food.
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"White black red yellow and green colored health law" is the chief health education experts Hong Zhaoguang preface recommended. Complete refinement of Professor Hong Zhaoguang's "white black red yellow green" healthy eating, super simple! Special utility! Red food -- to fight cancer, black foods -- return young, yellow food -- prevention of adult disease, white food -- lower cholesterol, green food -- return to nature.
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