High lipid diet from a full code necessary

Date of publication:2008-5   Press: Beijing Publishing House   Author:Liu Keling  

Dr. Liu Keling, born in 1942, is the executive vice president and Secretary General of the association of health education China.
for many years engaged in health administration and health education management. Successively in national journals published more than 10 papers, participated in the scientific research work, won the two prize of the provincial medical science and technology progress prize a, three a, three prize of Ministry of science and technology progress a, 1996 has also won eighth
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Diet for a high blood lipid lowering beneficial lipid lowering reasonable Classroom: Tea Jiangzhi two flavonoids and high blood fat Apple Hawthorn orange buckwheat soy pan greens eggplant cauliflower three dietary fiber and high blood fat shoots barley papaya celery pomelo konjac cucumber potato bean leek Jiangzhi forum two: low fat cooking method to unsaturated fatty acid and high cholesterol oat peanut olive oil carp salmon hazelnut corn oil, almond and walnut saury sunflower oil rabbit Jiangzhi forum three: high fat diet in patients with high blood lipids vitamin taboo ng mung bean sprouts chili lemon orange red dates Kiwi strawberry carrot corn and pumpkin aloe Wine sesame land other foods with high blood lipids laver black beans black fungus kelp oyster mushrooms onion garlic cucumber yam wax gourd skim milk fat forum four: motion clams lipid-lowering appendix lipid-lowering diet selection of food cholesterol content @##@ blood examination in patients with hyperlipidemia Hyperlipidemia is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease, called "silent killer". The high lipemia disease incidence rate is very high, China's existing 160000000 people with high blood fat, it is not a number. This book from the common ingredients in daily life carefully selected, with the function of interpretation and convenient operation of the recipe, make the life of the high lipid diet guide books, also included a lot of hyperlipemia patient concerns, hand turn, can benefit.
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Wumart and inexpensive, scientific and simple, good-looking and easy to use, these common problems very well resolved in the books of. "Commercial weekly publication --" health is a way of life, because the focus, so the health. Health is a kind of attitude to life, because the focus, so the health. Sohu Health -- health is a kind of enjoy the colorful -- "healthy times" the books for each of these is a medicine, is the combination of a good family health. -- "drugs with" magazine sowing health happy harvest, harvest happiness, cherish life. -- famous health education experts Hong Zhaoguang Western proverb says: "you are what you eat, what you will become." Eating the right foods can emerge as the times require, beautiful. The seemingly simple food contains all the elements make the woman become beautiful, as long as the good every day diet, can own do beauty and health. The book collects 100 kinds of cosmetic efficacy ingredients, so women can from head to toe, from the inside and outside the United States together. -- Health Science Communication Agency Photo senior reviewer wall Zhao
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"High blood fat diet had full code necessary" recommended by China health education association.
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  •   Color, not very thick, less content than I thought.
  •   I looked, and several simple method. Or has the effect
  •   Color a lot, but the content of the general
  •   This book I gave my family, very practical, easy to learn, picture like family like Oh fine

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