• Drink a health

    "Drink a health (soft drinks, 128)" the cool drink sweet, acid, bitter, salty, pale, different taste of paragraph 128, cold drink properties introduced in the paper, the heart is divine calm, clear lung dryness cough, Relieves summer heat and dampness appetizer, Qinggan Mingmu hypotensive, clear heat, cold solution Liyan throat except,

  • Medical herbs.

    "The Chinese medical health collection: Medical diet Daquan" combining modern nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine knowledge, selected ancient famous prescription, folk prescription medicated diets for finishing and modification, science diet, make a special health food into thousands of households, to better serve the broad masses of the people. ,

  • Study on nutritional physiology of fish protein

    "Research" fish protein nutritional physiology is the author of Wang Guiqin, based on the long-term teaching, scientific research and doctoral and Postdoctoral Station in the period of the research work and become, is China's first fish protein nutrition and its application on. The book includes basic theory, protein nutrition of fish egg,

  • Eat healthy eating disorders

    Eat healthy eating disorders, "eat healthy eating disorders (DVD-ROM disc 1)" as a DVD-ROM disc. 14 best-selling books carefully collected, 280 experts to create elaborate, Instant Check required knowledge, without any plug-in installation. Note: This product is DVD-ROM CD, does not contain the books. ,

  • The diet of wisdom

    "Great wisdom: diet taboos (formerly the national food security question 100):" when Food temptation and healthy conflict, most people couldn't resist saying, only a few people to control his mouth, results, the health and longevity of the people are in the minority. The diet is about: bogey, bogey, bogey with too much too full, bogey, bogey too good,

  • The diet of cerebrovascular disease control

    This book to popular science books form the basic knowledge of cerebral vascular disease, the relationship between cerebrovascular disease and diet, the relations between the various risk "partner" and cerebral vascular disease, diet regulation can prevent cerebrovascular disease, cerebral vascular disease diet principles and requirements of regulation method of brain vascular disease, diet control, the main nutrition patients cerebral vascular disease in,

  • What constipation eat

    "What" constipation eat mainly narrated: constipation due to heat accumulated in large intestine, or qi stagnation, or cold coagulation, or yin and yang deficiency of Qi and blood, so that the loss caused by Escherichia conduction function division, so that feces too long residence time in the large intestine, large water absorbed by the bowel wall, fecal becomes dry and hard and not easy to discharge in vitro. Constipation person usually should eat rich,

  • Garlic to treat diagram

    "Garlic Qiao cure graphic" love life love one of health series of graphic series, "cure" the garlic Qiao graphic waterproof folding, convenient and practical. Garlic is a natural antibiotic broad-spectrum plant. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, garlic sexual flavour Xinwen, into the spleen, stomach, lung by three, with detoxification, spread the pain, diarrhea, anthelmintic, hemostatic, expelling wind, removing,

  • Popular diets.

    "One of the popular book series of science books written for popular diets collection" organization affiliated Taihe Hospital of Hubei Medical College and the Shiyan Municipal Science and technology association. The main object of reading is the ordinary people and medical patients. "Bible" popular diets by question and answer form, details about the dietary and nutritional science. ,

  • Health Chinese

    "Health Chinese: the main content Chinese residents reasonable diet": health is the normal state of human life existence, health depends on many factors, dietary nutrition is the key. Balanced nutrition is the material basis of health, and a reasonable diet is the fundamental way to balance nutrition. In order to guide residents reasonable dietary practice, won,

  • Food is the best medicine

    "Food is the best medicine: introduction of traditional medicine and food:" for hundreds of years, our ancestors used tree skin and fruit, herbs, leaves and flowers, and even the daily vegetable natural medicine such to be safe and effective in the treatment of. Today, Sarah Moson through the traditional wisdom and knowledge summary, to reveal the tradition,

  • 60 Chinese favorite fruit

    "60 Chinese favorite fruit" featured 60 Chinese favorite fruit, introduces in detail the origin of each kind of fruit, growth environment, health effects, selection methods, storage, food, beauty, and treat the small folk prescription of such knowledge, allow you to the fastest speed become fruit experts. On the basis of evolution,

  • What to eat nourishing liver

    "What" nourishing the liver to eat the fruit, vegetables, legumes, cereals and aquatic products such as 58 kinds of food, by the analysis from 4 aspects of nourishing liver function, daily consumption, consumption of taboo, dietotherapy nostrum, hope to help patients with liver disease in enjoy cuisine at the same time, effectively control the disease, a strong body. The liver is the,

  • Health food three drive series

    Introduction to the four seasons "health food" content: the four seasons health: Chunhua Qiushi, alternating cold and heat, the four seasons climate different, diet should be! And nourishing: carefully tune up, make to balance the Yin and Yang, but the health effects of longevity in this. Colored health: red (heart), green (liver), yellow (spleen), white (lung), black (kidney), five,

  • If you master the diet

    "Health and nursed back to health: the main content words:" diet "Suiyuan master Suiyuan Shidan" is written by the famous writer Yuan Mei, is China's Qing Dynasty a systematic discussion of important works of cooking techniques and the dishes. "The food is divided into single" for single, single, single ring seafood, fresh river single, single, complex and characteristics of single host, single,

  • Fashion family life Bible ยท diet regimen

    "Fashion family life collection: the main content of diet" is: some people say that family life is not what to eat and drink Lazard sleep, demanding to speak. We say that is not completely right, eat and drink Lazard sleep also have culture, knowledge, grade. Knowledge, culture, taste come from? From learning to. Only the importance of family life,

  • Vinegar to treat diagram

    "Vinegar Qiao cure diagram" love life love one of health series of graphic series, "vinegar" Qiao cure graphic with waterproof folding, convenient and practical. Vinegar, also known as vinegar, vinegar, rice vinegar, bitter, originated in China, has 3000 years of history. The taste of vinegar acid, Gan, Ping, to the stomach, liver after two, the main nutrients for citric acid,,

  • Ginger to cure diagram

    "Ginger" love life love to cure diagram of series of graphic series, "Ginger" Qiao cure graphic with waterproof folding, convenient and practical. Chinese medicine, ginger Weixin, sex is lukewarm, into the spleen, stomach, lung by three, with diaphoresis, vomiting, warming the middle temperature lungs cough, the efficacy of detoxification, attending the cold, stomach cold,

  • Common disease dietotherapy party song formula

    "Common disease therapeutic side verse" to a disease as the outline, introduced the common diseases, pediatric department of internal medicine, obstetrics and Gynecology, surgery, Department of Dermatology and ENT therapeutic side, including the diet composition, usage, function, application and source, and a new verse form to be summarized, easy to remember and application. "Common disease,

  • The food and drug regimen.

    "Introduction to medicine health collection" content that medicine: retrospective investigation, the threat of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the safety of human life and malignant tumor, hypertension, diabetes and other causes are mainly caused by unhealthy lifestyles and behavior. Research shows, and camp about 30% men and 60% women tumor tumor,

  • Grams of food and food the best collocation

    "Food phase grams and food the best mix" (by Ye Xueyi) from the seven selected 200 kinds of common food, scientifically analyzed nutrition, efficacy, and reference the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, to tease out the phase grams of food and the best collocation of food. "Food phase grams and food the best mix" of vessels and,

  • Welsh Onion Qiao cure diagram

    "Introduction to the main content of Welsh onion to treat diagram": main nutrients including protein, sugar, onion, provitamin A (mainly contain in green onion leaf), dietary fiber and phosphorus, iron, magnesium and other minerals. Chinese medicine, spring onions and warm, David Xin Ping, into the lung, stomach two, with diaphoresis, dispersing cold, activating Yang solution,

  • Wine Qiao cure diagram

    Brief introduction to the main content of "graphic" wine: wine is a mixture to cure a variety of chemical constituents, alcohol is the main component of. The wine has a variety of, the effectiveness of taste the same. In general. The wine warm and pungent flavor, temperature can Quhan, Essien can diverge, grooming, so wine can dredge the meridians, Qi and blood, Juanbi Sanjie, warming yang,

  • Nourishing lung nourishing to eat what

    "Nourishing nourishing lung eating what" focuses on: the lung is the organ of gas exchange. Nourishing nourishing lung, in the diet to prevent dryness and protecting Yin, Yin lungs as basic principle. Can eat sesame, walnut, lotus root, pear, honey, white fungus, green beans and other food, in order to achieve the purpose of Nourishing Yin, moistening lung, nourishing; often eat a,

  • The woman physiological nursed back to health recipes in 1688 cases

    "The woman physiological nursed back to health recipes in 1688 cases" according to physiological characteristics of women, mainly introduced the puberty, pregnancy, menopause, menstrual period of confinement, such periods were nursed back to health diet. "The woman physiological nursed back to Health recipe 1688 cases" has the advantages of convenient operation, strong, it lodges in the food, so you in,

  • The health is in the food.

    "Health is in the food nutrition" decipher the password: food is for those who want to understand the food, enjoy Food, maintain a healthy people with the correct method of health food. Let you learn the diet regimen, right away from the disease, a healthy life. The book is divided into 9 chapters, including: nutrition and health food,,

  • Food restriction maps

    "Food" content: Introduction: grams of food with a reasonable, in order to eat healthy, as the saying goes: hunger breeds discontentment. Each person every day to eat, how to eat healthy, is a very important problem. Rich in material, social science and technology increasingly today, how to eat more scientific and more useful,

  • Food appropriate restriction in 2011 cases

    "Food for 2011 cases of" allelopathy tell you the basic knowledge of food and nutrition. Different foods, cooking method is different. Every kind of food to eat what? Eaten raw or cooked? How to cook the most scientific? Don't eat not to eat on. Good food, but also a scientific method of eating. People in the selection of food,,

  • Eat the vegetables row poison

    "Shang Jin culture, eat the vegetables row poison" carefully selected 80 kinds of vegetables, green leafy vegetables, delicious fruit, wrapped eat root vegetables, fresh broccoli and other health value of vegetables, illustrations, details of the season, each kind of vegetables listed nutrition composition, edible,

  • A dietetic therapy of traditional Chinese Medicine

    This book is a large series of "Chinese medicine" series "one pass" dietetic therapy of traditional Chinese medicine. The first book from the ancient secret of health and medicine food homology were discussed, the diet constitution type self assessment. The core content is divided into the therapeutic regimen should dietotherapy formula and five zang organs and the four seasons health, science,

  • Grain dried Health Handbook

    "The series of Modern Life Encyclopedia: introduction and dried fruit health manual" content: life is a multi-dimensional canvas, the series of modern living life is a gorgeous colorful brush; life is a passionate symphony, jump of modern life is wonderful music encyclopedia series of notes. Open the books, you will find things half,

  • Fruits and vegetables cure all diseases

    "Nutritional value, medicinal value, fruits and vegetables cure all diseases" includes fruit vegetable and flower treatment prescription, introduced nearly 200 kinds of fruits and vegetables from root to shoot, from branch to leaf, from flower to fruit, from the skin to the valuable role on human health, with nearly 3000 prescription. Hope that through the "cure all" fruits and vegetables,

  • So eat better

    "So to eat better" by Beijing food and nutrition research group, each box in the picture are matched with the surrounding text. "So to eat better" arrangement for graphic mix row, easy for readers to understand. ,

  • Fat to eat what

    "What" Jiangzhi eat mainly narrated: Patients with high blood lipids should be with a thickness in the daily diet, increase the amount of corn, oats, naked oats. Eat less sugar, sugar and sweets, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, pay attention to increase the dark or the intake of green vegetables, often eat dairy, beans and their products. Milk contains rich,

  • Three nursed back to health and healing.

    "" three high "Encyclopedia" to guide the nursed back to health and healing in diabetic patients with stable physical and mental conditioning, lowering blood glucose; let the hypertension thought smooth step-down, headache, dizziness and other symptoms of distress; make high blood lipids in the blood of patients gradually become clean and smooth, so that the "three high" the patients return to a healthy life. Diet therapy, to provide both beauty,

  • Postoperative diet food

    "Patients diet food" according to the different characteristics of different dietary requirements of all kinds of patients after operation and all kinds of food, scientific and reasonable mix into 60 dishes. The concise text and fine arts, and exercise nutrition, pharmacology and efficacy, material ratio, production methods, product features of each dish,

  • The family.

    The origin of the "family" tonic tonic traditional Chinese medicine with elegant, yin and Yang Qi and blood as the key link, five empty waiting for orders, about all kinds of deficiency signs, TCM tonic five internal organs and explain the four seasons health knowledge, lists the 200 kinds of commonly used drug ingredients of the effectiveness of taste, in 14 healthy people, 5 people, 26 kinds of common diseases,

  • Qingxin Runfei nutrition meal

    "Qingxin Runfei nutritious meals" describes the Vegetable & Fruit, poultry and eggs, aquatic products, food drink this soup four categories, more than 100 dishes, are selected to benefiting qi, nourishing blood, nourishing heart and tranquilizing mind food production, and reasonable proportion of food, nutrition food with reasonable, balanced nutrition, is the heart moistening lung nourishment meal,

  • Food and drink of Esoteric Buddhism

    For you to solve puzzles, "food and drink of Esoteric Buddhism: as you confused" in the form of proverbs, summarizes the life people for food knowledge, explains the different effects of some common food on the human body, in the prevention, cure the function and the side effect caused by eating. Remember the proverb, in their daily lives to eat food,

  • Eat wisdom

    "Eat wisdom: Chinese healthy eating advice" first introduced readers a variety of hazards repletion, focus on healthy eating habits, leading the reader into a new healthy vision: in the four seasons rotate respectively should be careful eating what food, matters needing attention in season four dietary regimen and different years,

  • Gout diet therapy

    "Gout diet therapy" on the basis of introducing the basic knowledge of gout, focuses on different types of patients with gout diet principles, specific diet plan, three meals a day diet and related matters, including: Gout diagnosis standard, gout patients food choice etc.. ,

  • Can you drink milk

    "Can you drink milk: milk 66 asked" security introduces security drink the milk of knowledge. Sanlu milk powder incident, let the whole China again concerns about the safety of milk powder, milk and other dairy products, panic and crisis so that the people of the dairy market future worries, parents and even talk about the "milk" pale...... However,,

  • Beans Health Handbook

    Open the "bean Health Handbook", you will get twice the result with half the effort of daily life tips, you will find a way of keeping good health, longevity of sports you can learn, you can develop self health care massage...... Life is a series of multi-dimensional canvas, modern living life is a gorgeous colorful brush, life is a passionate,

  • Common diet mistakes diagram

    "The main content of common diet mistakes graphic" include: pure natural food without harm, pickled food is not edible, frozen food is not bacteria, millet plus alkali cooking more healthy, fresh baked bread and fresh, crisp dot instead of staple food is more delicious, eat only food not to eat bread, vegetables can lose weight after cutting wash the quick and clean,

  • Water should drink

    "Water should drink" the main contents include: Water is the Source of Life, is an important part of all living creatures, "water should drink" by the form of Q & A, focuses on the relationship between water and human organs, the water in various body material carrier, metabolism, the role of regulation, and too little, excessive drinking,

  • Tea to cure diagram

    "Tea to cure diagram" love life love one of health series of graphic series, "tea" the Qiao cure diagram waterproof folding, convenient and practical. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, tea taste sweet, bitter, slightly cold, non-toxic, can be clear leader, in the digestion lag, under available urine, natural health drinks. Tea therapeutic effect as early as in ancient times,

  • Liver meal

    "Nutrient food" is the liver diet books, which included are some with Hugan Yanggan dishes. Three aspects from the material, manufacture, editor comments made a detailed introduction to the dishes, and according to the different needs of readers and focus. The book will be a traditional diet regimen and the modern nutriology organically, comprehensive, fig.,

  • Flower Health Handbook

    "Introduction" flower Health Handbook: life is a multi-dimensional canvas, the series of modern living life is a gorgeous colorful brush; life is a passionate symphony, jump of modern life is wonderful music encyclopedia series of notes. Open the books, you will find more daily life tips;,

  • The complete diet taboo

    The diet taboo "complete" style is clear, rich content, scientific and practical way of compiling, explain profound theories in simple language, easy to understand, illustrations, is an essential life reference books, is a book about scientific diet guide. The diet taboo "complete" covers food diet and 500 kinds of common life, nearly 200,

  • Food matching appropriate chart

    "Food with appropriate content: Introduction:" food with a reasonable, in order to eat healthy, as the saying goes: hunger breeds discontentment. Each person every day to eat, how to eat healthy, is a very important problem. Rich in material, social science and technology increasingly today, how to eat more scientific and more useful,

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